CAIR “Hate Video” Goes Viral – Here Are the Facts That CAIR is Hiding

By David Stein

On Friday, March 4th, as people were getting ready to start their weekend, a viral video was burning its way across the Internet, propelled by high-profile liberal websites, and spread by thousands of Facebook users.

The video, released by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and titled “Hate Comes to Orange County,” appeared to show a group of angry pro-American protesters outside an event held by a Muslim organization in Yorba Linda, CA. The choppy video shows the protesters yelling and chanting “U.S.A., U.S.A.” and “no sharia” as Muslim families in traditional dress enter the venue. Footage from earlier in the day shows Villa Park Councilwoman Deborah Pauly pointing at the Muslim event and telling the crowd that “what’s going on over there right now….is pure, unadulterated evil.”

The way in which the video is edited, it appears as though the crowd of protesters, Councilwoman Pauly, and several other politicians in attendance, were targeting the Muslim event for no other reason than that it was a Muslim event. As presented by CAIR, the video seems to show a bunch of bigots targeting Muslims merely because they’re Muslims.

Immediately, liberals on the web began reposting the video with titles like “Proof of Islamophobia” and “Don’t tell me Islamophobia isn’t real!”

No one seemed particularly troubled by the lack of context in the video. Muslim-American organizations have events all the time. Why were so many people protesting this one?

Wasn’t anyone on the left even a little curious?

Certainly not at the Huffington Post, where writer Zaki Hasan accepted the video as-is, writing:

Videos like the one above remind me of the bracing reality that sometimes folks hate just to hate. Because they can. Because it’s all they have.

And regarding Councilwoman Pauly’s “pure, unadulterated evil” comment:

She’s saying it about women, children, and families who are there to help the poor. You take rhetoric like this, draped in the trappings of patriotism but anti-American to its deeply-bigoted core, and you wonder if people like Pauly and her ilk, be they the protesters or her fellow politicos, would even grasp the clear irony that her speech and those like it embody the very same hatred and bigotry she seems to think she’s railing against when calling her fellow citizens — her neighbors — “pure, unadulterated evil.”

So, according to the HuffPo, a local politician got up one day and decided, for no particular reason, to go to a Muslim charity event and call children evil. And the HuffPo sees no need to dig deeper for context? There’s the muckraking spirit that won the hearts of the powers-that-be at AOL!

In The Washington Post, “faith” columnist Eboo Patel wrote that there can be only one possible motive for the protest:

The only fluid we know for sure that motivated the protesters in Yorba Linda was hate…. The only thing equal to the sadness of watching these children be derided at a fundraiser for a women’s shelter is seeing the American flag be used as a weapon of scorn.

CAIR put out a press release (recently scrubbed by CAIR, 5/7/11) to accompany the video, which stated:

The Greater Los Angeles Area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) today released a video of a rally organized by anti-Muslim bigots to protest a February fundraising event held by an American Muslim relief group for relief work and charity in the U.S.

The event — held at Yorba Linda Community Center, a facility that has been frequented by Muslim families and businesses over the years — first became a target of anti-Muslim bigots over two of the fundraiser’s speakers, who were to speak on the importance of charity in Islam. Initial attempts of some groups to have the Yorba Linda Community Center and the Yorba Linda City Council cancel the fundraising event failed, followed by the protest.

Ah-ha, a clue. Apparently, the presence of two particular speakers at the event sparked the protests. But CAIR didn’t see fit to name the speakers (repeated emails to CAIR-LA communications manager Munira Syeda asking why the two speakers were not named in the press release went unanswered).

Of course, no answers were needed. Anyone (that is, anyone except the geniuses at the HuffPo and WaPo) would have known to simply check any Orange County newspaper for more complete coverage of the protest.

It turns out that the two speakers whose presence at this “charity” event created such outrage were Siraj Wahhaj and Amir Abdel Malik-Ali.

Wahhaj is an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing that killed seven people and injured over one-thousand (Wahhaj is also a staunch defender of the bombing’s mastermind, Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman). Wahhaj is an advocate for bringing sharia law to the U.S. In the past, he has spoken about replacing the U.S. Constitution with the Koran, and installing an emir or a caliphate to run the U.S. (it should also be noted that he’s a former CAIR advisory board member).

However, Wahhaj (much like the Cordoba House imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf) is a fairly cautious man, usually managing to avoid serious PR gaffes when in public (one notable exception: in 1992, he threatened to personally burn down a gay-friendly mosque in Toronto, according to the Al Fatiha Foundation, a group that monitors anti-gay discrimination in the Muslim world).

The other speaker, Amir Abdel Malik Ali, is not cautious at all. He is arguably one of the most well-known, shameless, and unapologetic extremists in the American Muslim community. Malik-Ali vocally advocates the murder of Israeli civilians and the total destruction of the state of Israel. He supports Hamas and Hezbollah, and he openly encourages Muslims to “martyr” themselves by becoming suicide/homicide bombers.

I could go on, but it’s probably more effective to let Malik-Ali speak for himself:

This is the man (along with Siraj Wahhaj) who the protesters were targeting. This is the man to whom Councilwoman Pauly was referring when she spoke of “pure, unadulterated evil.” This is the context that so many on the left felt no need to inquire about. 

And this is the man who CAIR didn’t want to mention in its press release.

Because the one thing that a group like CAIR doesn’t want anyone to ask is, “why invite a supporter of murder and terrorism to a simple fundraising banquet?”

A legitimate point can be made that the protesters outside the event should have moderated their tone when children were entering the venue. However, we should also ask why parents were bringing their children to an event featuring an advocate of racially and religiously-based murder

What did those parents expect their children to learn from that man? And what effect will it have on those boys and girls to have seen Malik-Ali – a man who praises children for becoming suicide/homicide bombers – treated as a respectable Muslim leader?

What good can possibly come of that?

UPDATE: About four hours after the preceding story was posted, CounterContempt finally received a reply from CAIR-LA’s Munira Syeda. Comments in parentheses are mine.

“David, my apologies for not being able to get back to you sooner. As we have said before, Americans have a right to voice their opinions, dissent, even engage in hate speech. Everyone who knows about the ICNA Relief fundraiser knows about the controversial speakers involved (That’s simply not true. Many of the liberal websites that initially covered this story relied only on CAIR’s press release and video for information, and therefore were not aware of the identity of the two speakers. And while that kind of sloppy journalism isn’t CAIR’s fault, it can certainly be suggested that CAIR did its part to ensure that anyone who didn’t take the extra effort to find out the speakers’ identities, would not find out from CAIR). Protesters can and have a right to protest speakers they deem controversial or disagree with. This is an American tradition that should be preserved. In the case of the Yorba Linda protest, the video clearly shows protesters engaging in hate rhetoric targeting women and children, rather than the speakers themselves. In fact, one of the elected officials, who is charged with upholding the Constitution, advocated killing of Muslim attendees at the fundraiser (Councilwoman Pauly directed her comments about “sending terrorists to an early meeting in paradise” not to the event’s attendees, but to event speaker Malik-Ali, who believes that Muslims who martyr themselves while killing Jews will receive a great reward in heaven). What is preventing the protest organizers and elected officials from condemning the hateful rhetoric of the protesters, regardless of whether they were a ‘fringe’ element or not?”

31 Responses to “CAIR “Hate Video” Goes Viral – Here Are the Facts That CAIR is Hiding”
  1. E.J. says:

    Good work — solid reporting.

  2. gary fouse says:

    Thank you for the post which I have cross-posted on fousesquawk. I was a speaker at the event. I can tell you we did all we could to keep hotheads away including an elderly couple with a sign that said, “Muslim not welcome in Yorba Linda”. Our message was against the speakers and radical islam-not Muslims in general as many of the speakers including me made a point to say. Unfortunately several people broke away from the main activity to go over to the barricades and voice their anger. Some thingssaid were not appropriate especially when the children arrived. I regret what they did, but make no apologies for what we the speakers and organizers said or did. We stand by our message against the radical speakers, shariah law and radical Islam.

    Gary Fouse
    Irvine, CA

    • Michelle says:

      Hotheads? Is that what you call the racist people who support your speech? Is that what you called the people that were screeming at me “terrorist” and to go back to my country and that I was not welcome in the city I was born and raised in. My father, born and raised in the US fought for this country in the US Army did not deserve to be called a terrorist. I was there, you and Deborah Pauly did absolutely nothing but encourage that racist rally. You and Deborah Pauly are completely racist!!! I live one street over from Deborah Pauly and she needs to read her scriptures and learn to love her neighbor!!!

      • akw says:

        You had better either PROVE that they encouraged the hateful speech, or be quiet. By the way, what did you think of the hateful speakers INSIDE the event – the ones who embrace America’s enemies and promote terrorism? Huh?

      • I doubt that anything you assert here is factual. If you really are a resident of Yorba Linda, then you were most likely the only one. If your father fought for the US army I doubt he would support you attending an event by people like REAL RACISTS who were invited to speak.

  3. Good info. Thank you for that.

  4. Marcus says:

    This article is like Nazis trying to cover up concentration camps by pointing towards bogeymen concocted out of myths.

    This report is anything but sold reporting. It is a shame and stain upon the mark of America.


  5. Ted Faison says:

    @Marcus: Typical idiocy from an Islamist troll like you. So, a man who advocates the murder of Jews is a “myth” and a “bogeyman,” while a group that protested that man is akin to “concentration camps?” Wow, you have absolutely no moral compass at all, do you? Advocating murder is fine, but being loud and abrasive at a protest is like being a Nazi? If your moral compass were any more ass-backwards, only a proctologist could see it.

  6. Aman Singh says:

    2 questions: If Pauley was pointing to these speakers then why wasn’t she just pointing these people’s name rather than generalizing to the event.

    Also why were the protesters screaming terrorist at the people who were attending the event and disrespecting their Prophet Mohammed?

    • Ted Faison says:

      @Aman Singh: Oh, so you know for certain that Pauly never mentioned Malik-Ali by name? You know this for a fact? That means you’ve seen the complete, unedited video of her speech, right? So please, good sir, let us all know where we can see it too. C’mon, “birdie num num,” tell us how and where you were able to see the entire speech.

      • Aman Singh says:

        @ Ted Faison, do you have a unedited version of Pauly’s speech? And how do you know it was edited for sure? You all seem to defend her but not providing the link/proof of her speech. Also I find Louise Farakhan to be a radical as well but I haven’t seen any rallies outside his events or terrorist shouts?

        • Mary says:

          You know to all you who think you know what happened at the rally, unless you were there you have no idea. This rally was put together to try to inform the people of Orange County about these two Muslim Imams who support radical Islam. Purportedly to be a fund raiser for “women”. That’s seems a little oxymoronic to me considering Islam has the utmost disregard for women and even Muslim women. Have any of you Muslim women seen the movie, “The Stoning of SoroyaM”? The amount of fund earned for this rally would barely cover the cost for the ticket, food and the cost of renting the hall. Now where do you suppose all that money that they were raising for “women”s causes” was going to
          go to. . Maybe to support Hamas or Hezbollah, maybe?
          You know I have noticed one of many things about the differences between Islam and Christianity. Islam in the Koran
          allows you to steal, lie, cheat, and even murder if it is done in the name of allah,(lying is certainly what they have done by editing the video) by the way did you know that allah was actually a pagan moon god long before Muhammed discovered him. Anyway in the Bible our God says it is a sin to cheat, to lie, to steal, to commit adultery and to kill or murder someone. That’s quite a difference now isn’t it. Islam allows young men and women to strap bombs to their bodies and blow not only non-muslims up but muslims as well. If you are a Shia you kill a Sunni, if you are a Sunni then go kill a Shia. But as you Muslims die for your god, in Christianity our God died for us, sacrificing himself upon a cross, where He died, He was buried, and He rose again on the third day. You talk about the 70 virgins waiting in paradise for your young men who kill the infidels (meaning us Christians and Jews) but what does the woman have waiting for her in paradise or does she not go? I think it is about time that you so called moderate Muslim open up your Koran and really read what it says. I think you are having the wool pulled over your eyes by a bunch of madmen looking for a theocratic-political ideologic dictator to run the world. Do you see Christian father’s putting their daughters into taxi cabs and turning around and killing them? do you see Christians (true believers of Jesus Christ) forcing their 12 and 13 year old daughters to marry some man in a far away country while they are still little girls? I think that we call that “pedophilia” here. Do you see Christian men lopping off the head of their wife because they no longer want her anymore, or they accuse her of committing adultery, or stoning them to death? I could go on and on with examples but really what for. I have a neighbor who is from Pakistan, he had twin boys and one became a Muslim and one became a Catholic, and then he had a daughter. She was a little on the wild side in her teen years. You know what he did with her. He put her on a plane and shipped her to Pakistan for a year, I guess he wanted his Muslim Pakistani brothers to straighten her out? I really should have reported him but I didn’t want to get involved. Well that will never happen again. Now back to the rally, there was nothing said by Debra Pauly that was offensive in anyway to muslims. Our beef is with the two radical Islamic Imams who are spreading their vile vitriolic poison to the young people in this country, and it must be stopped. I don’t believe in Mormorism but I don’t go around seeking to destroy a Mormon, I don’t believe in Jehovah’s Witnesses either, but I dont’ go around trying to destroy them, as i don’t believe in Islam and i don’t seek to harm them, but I want that same respect that I have a right to believe the way I want to without the threat of having some religious sect try to destroy me, now do I. I think I rest my case. You took a rally that was basically peaceful with the exception of a few loud (they weren’t arrested now were they)boobs and twisted what people said to your own fictious fantacies, to try to get as much mileage as you could, but you failed miserably and like I said before, “you lie in the name of allah”…Wonder why the press couldn’t be in the community center and film what the Imams had to say after the public relations verbage????

          • nan says:

            You are right on Mary, citizens of this country need to stand up against these radicals and Pauly is one of the few that has the guts to do that – the radicals hate women and especially those of us willing to stand up for whats right! That “fundraiser” was a front for the two radical Imams to have a platform to spread their filth and I believe they planted the group that was yelling at the people going inside, all part of the plan to present Americans as bigots and try and get rid of our freedoms –

  7. gary fouse says:

    The below-linked post on fousesquawk has an hour long video of the speeches-minus my own, which was at the end. It contains Pauly’s speech, which I believe is unedited.

  8. Munira Syeda says:

    Here is the quote that was provided to David Stein on Monday, March 7 (no information on deadline was provided when the request was made):

    “David, my apologies for not being able to get back to you sooner. As we have said before, Americans have a right to voice their opinions, dissent, even engage in hate speech. Everyone who knows about the ICNA Relief fundraiser knows about the controversial speakers involved. Protesters can and have a right to protest speakers they deem controversial or disagree with. This is an American tradition that should be preserved. In the case of the Yorba Linda protest, the video clearly shows protesters engaging in hate rhetoric targeting women and children, rather than the speakers themselves. In fact, one of the elected officials, who is charged with upholding the Constitution, advocated killing of Muslim attendees at the fundraiser. What is preventing the protest organizers and elected officials from condemning the hateful rhetoric of the protesters, regardless of whether they were a ‘fringe’ element or not?” – CAIR-LA Communications Manager Munira Syeda

    • akw says:

      So, you deceitfully edited the tape to make one speaker appear to be being hateful to innocent Muslims rather than terrorists, and you are indicting speakers who had no part in the smaller splinter group of protesters who were being hateful.

      You have YET to answer the question of why CAIR thought it was appropriate to entertain two supporters of terrorism and the destruction of our way of life at one of your fundraisers, or why you failed to alert the press to the TRUE reason for the protest in the first place.

      CAIR knew why the protesters were there – you’re not stupid people. You’re just manipulative liars.

  9. Paul says:

    I might agree with you if I thought you had any credibility. Starting with ‘Wahhaj is an unindicted co-conspirator” – in other words, you hold him as “guilty” even though he hasn’t even been indicted much less convicted. That’s fundamentally un-American and then you put words in the mouths of the people you are attacking – as if I should believe you know what they say and believe in then they do. Looks like BS, smells like BS, reads like BS. It’s BS.

  10. Jonathan says:

    The fact is, both speakers have a pronounced anti-western message and promote violence and the establishment of Sharia law in America. As an American, I have NO OBLIGATION to support freedom for those who would use that freedom to enslave me. I will not hand they keys to my own jailors. It’s that simple. As an American, I have a MORAL OBLIGATION to fight fascism on my own soil and defend against ALL ENEMIES, whether foreign or domestic.

    I mean, REALLY; how DARE THEY utilize THEIR freedom of speech to promote sedtion and hate, and then accuse OTHERS of hate when their message is criticized??!!! Such hypocrisy is not worthy of American soil. These liars should be thrown out of America post-haste.

    ANYONE who uses freedom of speech to say that I should have NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH, and then calls me a bigot for crying foul, is an evil hyporcite. This strategy is part of what’s called the ‘soft Jihad,’ where radical Muslims don the mantle of victimhood, and by doing so recruit ‘usesful idiots’ from the Left. It’s part of the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy. And they’ll keep doing it until it doesn’t work, whereby they will resort to violence. Read the founding documents of the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s all there in black and white.

    Allowing these idiots to spread their fascist propaganda in the name of ‘freedom of speech’ is NO DIFFERENT than allowing a KKK Rally or supporting a Nazi parade in your town. I, for one, will not let these Jew haters and murdering theocrats off the hook if they come to my neigborhood. You can count on that.

  11. gary fouse says:


    If you were there, you must have been inside because you obviously didn’t hear my speech. Most of it was recalling previous hateful statements that I had heard Malik Ali (your speaker) make AT UCI. I also said, and I quote, “I don’t hate Muslims. The Muslims I know love America and appreciate the freedoms they enjoy here-freedoms they did not enjoy at home.’

    I don’t support what those screamers did, but I am quite comfortable with what I said. You should research some of the statements made by Wahhaj and Ali and then lecture me about hatred. It would also be great if ICNA released the complete videos of what they said on Feb 13. CAIR won’t even mention their names when they complain about hate.

  12. Jihad Slayer says:

    Islam? Radical Islam? Is there a difference? Those were the speakers words, right?

    He is even saying there is NO difference! Those are his words (Amir Abdel Malik-Ali)said himself.

    Islam loves “labels” like Zion and Zionist, can any of you geniuses tell me the definition without looking it up? If one group or religion wants the demise of another group or religion, then THEY are the evil ones. Islam does not hide their hatred for Jews and Christians. I don’t hate Muslims, I hate the fact that their religion is filled with double standards and violent behavior. They may “love their own, but they don’t love others” that is a fact! If these were Christians in Pakistan or Yemen walking into a meeting, those gates would have come down and those blasphemy loving infidels would have been slaughtered! There is only one side of the story with Islam and its always theirs!

  13. Culture in Crisis says:

    As an organizer of the anti-ICNA protest, I am gratified to have help spotlighting the real hate that came to Orange County on February 13th in the persons of Abdel Malik Ali and Sirhaj Wahhaj. It is so important to have an open and critical discussion within our communities as to how we will respond to radical Islamists. Congressman King’s hearings are just the beginning. We must be allowed to identify and denounce radical agents in our own communities. There is no question that these two imams deserved public repudiation — and I will point out — while acknowledging that many Muslims affirm our American constitutional way of life

    “The real protest” video:

  14. nan says:

    Culture in crisis is exactly RIGHT!!!!!

  15. gary fouse says:

    CAIR is currently waging a PR campaign to smear the organizers and speakers of the Yorba Linda event. This past two weeks the Orange County Human Relations Commission, a tax-payer funded white elephant led by an empty suit named Rusty Kennedy, held a meeting to discuss the event. Fortnately, some of the YL speakers got wind and showed up to tell their side (3 minute limit) The OCHRC issued a statement anyway that did CAIR’s bidding.

    Tonight the Villa Park City Council is holding a public meeting at CAIR’s instigation to decide if one of their members, Deb Pauly, who spoke at YL should be censored for what she said. There will probably be hundreds of people there from both sides. Like the OCHRC, this will be a kangaroo court.

    • VP Patriot says:

      Yes is was a joke, a bunch of ignorant college and high school kids screaming racist because that’s all they are taught in school and they’re too stupid to think on their own. These protesters are a bunch of cowards,otherwise they would all be over in the middle east screaming at the terrorists but we all know they are way too wimpy for that, they all went back home to their Mommies last night so she could tuck them in.

  16. Robert says:

    Cool blog. I’ll check back here often.

  17. nunya says:

    If you are going to try to present proof, then make sure your links lead somewhere, and like, actually prove something other than that you are full of hot air.

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