Terrorist to the AP: “Stop Making the ‘Arab Spring’ Look Pro-Democracy!”

By David Stein

It’s “opposite week” here at CounterContempt! I’m on the opposing side in a debate with Robert Spencer over Rick Perry and his ties to the Aga Khan Foundation, and now I find myself on the same side as the vicious Arab terrorist Ibrahim Alloush!

Disagreeing with Robert Spencer? Agreeing with Ibrahim Alloush? What gives? Have I entered a blogosphere bizarro world? Or maybe I’ve been a closet “dhimmi” this whole time.

Nope. Spencer and I continue to fight the same good fight against the threat posed by Islamists, even if we rather strongly disagree about Perry. And Alloush? He’s still the same scumbag I’ve tracked for years, in post after post after post. And if you don’t want to interrupt the flow of my beautiful prose to check out those links, I’ll give you the shorthand version: Ibrahim Alloush is a Jordanian terror supporter. For over fifteen years, he’s been a leading and unapologetic advocate in the Arab world for the murder of Jewish civilians. He has used his website as a rallying point for would-be suicide/homicide bombers. He’s appeared on Al-Jazeera to call for Israel to be attacked by “mini-nukes” that could be smuggled into the country in briefcases. And, on top of that, he’s the leading disseminator of Holocaust denial materials in the Arab world, having forged ties over the years with Western Holocaust deniers and assorted anti-Semitic lowlifes.

The Jordanian government has attempted to imprison him for his frequent calls to violence, but – wouldn’t you know it – groups like Amnesty International always come to his aid!

Alloush has been very active over the past nine months, leading protests designed to topple the Jordanian government (you know, as part of that whole “Arab Spring” thing). Alloush is 100% fluent in English, and quite articulate. As a result, whenever the Western media covers the “democracy” movement in Jordan, Alloush is often the person the reporters interview for comment (Alloush has been a leading figure at almost every anti-government rally in Jordan this year).

Of course, our beloved “mainstream” media never identifies him for who he is. They prefer to call him a “democracy activist” or a “journalist.” I’m surprised he hasn’t been referred to as a “community organizer” by now. But the one thing they never do is refer to him as a terror supporter who wants to overthrow the Jordanian government and royal family so that Jordan can be taken over by Islamists who seek to destroy Israel.

Mind you, that’s exactly how Alloush describes himself. He’s no “stealth jihadist.” He’s never shy about stating his goals: overthrow the Jordanian government, and destroy Israel.

Well, little did I know that as I’ve been doing a slow burn this year over the Western media’s refusal to properly identify Alloush and his objectives, he’s been angry about the exact same thing.

Hence, he and I actually find ourselves on the same side of an issue – we BOTH want the media to start reporting accurately about Ibrahim Alloush!

Recently, Alloush became so fed up with the fact that the American press refuses to report the reality of what he and his fellow “Arab Spring” protesters actually want, he penned a letter to the editor of the Washington Post! Alloush was furious that an AP story carried by the Post misrepresented the nature of the Jordanian protests, and fabricated a quote that made it seem as though he is a harmless “democracy” activist.

Alloush was also enraged that the story eliminated all references to the fact that one of the main purposes of the demonstration was to force the closure of the Israeli Embassy in Amman.

Instead of telling the truth about the nature of the demonstration, AP reporter Dale Gavlak spun the event into a “pro-democracy” rally. Gavlak did acknowledge that the protesters expressed anger at America, but he spun that, too, making it appear as though the protesters’ anger emanated from a desire to end U.S. “meddling” in their fledgling “reform movement.”

Nowhere in the article was Israel mentioned.

So, it was up to Alloush to set the record straight. And frankly, when he claims that the AP fabricated his “pro-democracy” quotes, I believe him. I know this guy’s work inside and out. He never pretends to be anything other than what he is – a man on a mission to kill Jews and destroy Israel. He’s completely unashamed of his views, and damn proud of every Jewish life that his incitements have helped end.

And now he’s had enough of U.S. media hacks misrepresenting him to help further their narrative that the “Arab Spring” is all about peace, love, and democracy.

To follow is Alloush’s letter. The Washington Post did not run it (but it can be found here, on Alloush’s site):

Dear Editor of the Washington Post,

On July 22, 2011, your esteemed internet site carried a report from the Associated Press titled: “Jordanians Seeking Democratic Reforms Burn US Flag, Denouncing Interference in Movement”.

Unfortunately, that report misquoted me as having said that we, the demonstrators, “want a real functioning democratic structure to emerge following free and fair parliamentary elections.”

In fact, I said no such thing.

But this is not merely a misquote, it’s a falsification of what our protest was about, to make it fit the “pro-democracy” stereotype.  Our protest was NOT about striving to achieve U.S.-style change, without the help of the U.S.  Our protest was against the very policies and structures which yield dependency on the U.S., and normalization with “Israel”.  We also demanded the closure of the “Israeli” Embassy in Amman, and none of that was cited.

The point was that we are not interested in periodic electoral festivals, which the U.S. Government seems to call “democracy”, and which always yield the same set of policies beneath the rotation of “new faces”.  We clearly stated that we wanted an end to the dependency, including following the dictates of international economic institutions like the World Bank and the IMF, and political, military, and security cooperation with the U.S. Government.  That was a big part of our message, mostly lost in the media coverage, perhaps because the U.S. media has opted to portray all Third World protests as “democracy” and “human rights” protests with an American, inside every Third Worlder, trying to come out!

By the way, unlike what your report claimed, we were much more than 300.  Photos in local Jordanian media are easily available to verify that claim.

Ibrahim Alloush (One of the organizers of the July 22, 2011, protest in downtown Amman, Jordan)

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