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  1. dean sponseller says:

    You guys rock. I live in LA and will be joining. So many damn Che t-shirts!

  2. Jim says:


    landed here from a link Michael Yon posted on his Facebook page. Very interesting and I have added this site to my Favorites. Up until about 3 years ago I was a life long Republican (I’m now 48), but became so fed up with the political intransigence and overbearing religious influence that permeates the Republican Party, that I switched and am now a Libertarian. In fact I voted for Gary Johnson in the last election.

    I wish to hell that the Republican Party could gets its act together politically, tone down the religious stuff, stop saying mindblowingly stupid rape comments and find some true conservatives who are willing to recognize that compromise is important. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

  3. El says:

    Hi Jim

    Our problems are not political, they are technical. The problems we face will never be solved through politics, the state will never put human well being as 1st priority. Soon automation of industry will be in full swing and the millions made unemployed will remain unemployed, the future requires technical thinking, the politicians cannot solve the problems we face.

  4. Berkeley says:

    Best wishes on this new adventure, David.

    Your book will probably be the first thing I’ve ever read about Republicans that I’ll find interesting.

    They seem to expend a lot of energy trying to be “respectable” within the meaning of the word as defined by Liberals.

    Otherwise, would your recent difficulties have been so severe?

  5. Robert Litoff says:

    Dear Mr. David Cole: The rabbi of the synagogue of which my family was a member was a Hungarian Jew who was interned in Auschwitz. His wife and 2 sons were interned in Bergen-Belsen. His 2 sons were children incapable of doing any work. So, the claim that the Nazis killed anybody incapable of work is false. I will write to you in more detail if you reply to this e-mail. Thank you. Sincerely yours, Robert Litoff

  6. Eve says:

    Do you know if the book will be published/sold in the UK?

  7. A says:

    Whatever You do Mr. Cole always say the truth !

  8. William says:

    Dear David,

    You seem to to be a partial Holocaust denier, but by no way, a true revisionist. Still we love you for your (partial) honesty.
    Concerning Treblinka (Belzek and Sobibor), we revisionists are not responsible for the true story (what really happened).
    We only can say that the official story is NOT TRUE.
    Those camps were way to small for those gruesome testimonies to be true. We want FORENSIC PROOF for all those absurd claims.

    By the way, another very, very intelligent Jew, Bobby Fisher, went all the way in his denial, and you see what happened to him.
    Study his life, it is very revealing.


  9. Andrew Smith says:


    Thank you for all of the work that you have done with Revisionism. I enjoy watching your talk show appearances on Youtube, and I love listening to your interviews as well. I have watched your appearance on Donahue about ten times because it is absolutely fascinating. He was a mess. Very impressive that you more than held your own at such a young age, and on such a large stage. Man, the Marlo Thomas comment was awesome. On one of your interviews you had mentioned that you made an appearance on 60 Minutes. I can’t find this anywhere. Is this something that you can send me a link to? No worries if you don’t respond to this, as I know that you are a very busy man. Thanks again, and take care!

    Andrew R Smith

  10. elconderic says:


  11. Rhanny says:

    above. I’m pretty ctiaern that these pieces are somewhat sensationalized by censoring out the dissenting individuals. Even still, my day to day experience with the average kwan in this country isn’t far off from what is portrayed in this video. This is why I have advocated for some time, and will continue to do so, abandoning the thought of waking up the masses. The nail that sticks up gets hammered down. What we need is what history has always shown to be effective in making political/social change: a small group of hard-core, committed, disciplined individuals that are very aware, prepared and know when and where to strike.

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