“This is not your father’s GOP. Welcome to the world of the Republican Party Animals.” – The Washington Times

“The Republican Party Animals – more than 4,000 strong on Facebook – are getting ready to rave!” – Politico.com

The RPA is something very unique. We take our politics as seriously as we take our commitment to showing the world that conservatives can have just as much fun as liberals (frankly, even more so, because our women are hotter!). Our events are unique mixtures of serious political discourse and rip-roaring fun. We have attracted a wide-range of important and influential speakers, including sitting United States congressmen, officials from the administrations of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, and some of the most important conservative intellectuals and media personalities in the U.S.

Part of what makes our group distinctive is the fact that we can pull in huge attendance figures in traditionally liberal cities like L.A. Our events are always closed to the public – everyone in the room is “one of us” – and we always reach a capacity crowd for whatever venue we use. As Larry Elder said about us on his radio show, “It’s just massive. These events are shoulder-to-shoulder.”

Along with our distinguished speakers, we also offer the very best conservative rock n’ roll on the planet!

The RPA has held events in over a half-dozen cities, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Venice (CA), and Washington, DC. Please become a part of our ever-growing network! Email us at info@republicanpartyanimals.org to see how you can become involved.

2012 will be the most important election year in our lifetime, and the RPA has the ability to marshal troops and attract members in large urban centers that have sometimes lacked effective outreach to that all-important demographic of people who are conservative or conservative-leaning, but who just don’t know it yet. The ones who think being a conservative, or voting Republican, isn’t “cool.”

We are here to change that. Please join us for the ride!

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  1. Josephus says:

    I can’t wait to join. No bible thumpers for me.

  2. Eric L. Chan says:

    Hello, David Stein! You owe me a call. Thanks!

  3. Tracy says:

    It’s an honor to be one of you. Can’t wait for the next event.

  4. Patty says:

    My friend just directed me to your site. I like what I see… THANK YOU for being vocal and rallying the conservatives! Let’s hope the new RPAs will party-it-up come election day!! 🙂

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