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Liam Neeson’s Impending Conversion to Islam Prompts “Schindler’s List” Re-Cut

Occupy Wall Street Finds Its Defining Orator

 The title says it all. The voice of a generation is born!

Democrat Fail Video

Ranked in the top ten most-watched political videos of the 2010 election by the Viral Video Chart (and featured as a top video on “The Hope For America” for seven straight months), this collection of Democrat double-talk, misstatements, and outright lies (all in the style of the popular “Fail Video” genre) continues to be reposted and seen anew every day.

17 Years of Media Ignorance and Denial – a Musical Tribute

A toe-tapping tribute to the MSM’s nearly two decades of pretending Islamic terrorism doesn’t exist, pieced together with real news footage (including a clip from NBC News that’s been unseen since 1993).

Obama Called the “N-Word” at Leftist Rally

Obama repeatedly called the “n-word” and “coon”…at a leftist event co-organized by an NAACP official! Also, the organizer of the event makes thinky-veiled violent threats against Obama…which the NAACP was very concerned about until they learned of their official’s involvement.

CAIR Video Part I

Everything that CAIR is trying to hide about the Orange County “hate fest.”

CAIR Video Part II

Who’s a “hater” and who’s a “hero?” It all depends on who’s being criticized.

The President Brings His Call for Civility to the Cartoon World

President Obama attempts to bring civility to Popeye and Bluto…unfortunately, his attempts are hampered by his own party’s refusal to cooperate.

The Real Face of the Tunisian “Revolution”

Not funny at all. Actually, just damned scary.

“Smug Alert:” Tina Few Screws Up

She’s so very, very bright. At least she likes to think so. Here’s an opposing viewpoint.

“Tonight Show” Bandleader Cheers the Democrats on Election Eve

And NBC tries to pretend that nobody heard what everybody heard.

Why Aren’t Voters Eager to Support a Millionaire Comedian’s Welfare-Receiving Sister?

We are SO very selfish, expecting millionaire Hollywood celebrities to support their own families, when we can do it instead with our tax dollars.

Bill Maher Beats a Woman to a Pulp

Liberal hero Bill Maher has issues when it comes to women (nothing surprising there). But what IS surprising is this newly unearthed footage from a “comedy” of his in which he apparently thinks it’s hilarious to beat a woman with his bare hands until she’s bloody and disfigured. What a comedic genius.

“I’m Voting Republican,” the Fact-Checked Edition

Fully fact-checked demolition of the leftist viral video “I’m Voting Republican,” which first surfaced in the 2008 election, and (much like the return of a long-dormant venereal disease) began spreading again like wildfire in 2010.

“I Wouldn’t Stop Screaming in a Tea Party Activist’s Ear, and He Pushed Me Away! I’m a VICTIM!!!”

A pro-labor ninny explains how she entered a protest area specially designated by the police for Tea Party activists, and began shrieking in a Tea Partier’s ear until he pushed her away. Yet she describes herself as a victim of “right-wing” brutality!

A Liberal Tries to Blame the Tea Party for the Shooting Rampage in Tucson

Quite unsuccessfully (not that that’s ever stopped the left from making the argument).

On the One-Year Anniversary of the BP Oil Spill, Three Videos Exploring Obama’s Actions During the Crisis:

Complete Obama oil spill response timeline.

Why have questions submitted on the Internet if you don’t actually research the answers?

Obama exploiting a tragedy?

“The One Thing”

PSA we produced for a couple of congressional races in the Midwest in 2010.

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