KKK Grand Wizard David Duke Teams Up with OWS Protester Patricia McAllister

“Are all the people mad?” – Sebastian, Twelfth Night

Last week, I was chatting online with a friend of mine who’s a conservative blogger, and we realized that we both occasionally have moments in which we wonder whether a large portion of the world has gone completely insane. “Every few months I have this same dilemma – accepting our bizarro-world reality,” she wrote. And I couldn’t agree more. We do, indeed, live in a bizarro-world reality. How else can you describe a world in which African-American leftist Patricia McAllister, the Occupy L.A. protester and LAUSD teacher, partners up with former Grand Wizard of the KKK David Duke? Yes, I said David Duke, that unapologetic former leader of an organization that gleefully murdered, oppressed, and terrorized black Americans (and others) for well over a hundred years.

Earlier today, McAllister was on Duke’s podcast to promote her new website, which mixes Jew-hatred with Holocaust denial, self-pity, pleas for money, and more Jew-hatred. And Duke is her number-one fan and supporter. It was a genuine podcast love-in (metaphorically speaking, of course. The KKK lynches miscegenators).

Patricia McAllister

Of course, Duke isn’t her only supporter. The “Occupy L.A.” leftists steadfastly refused to denounce McAllister’s anti-Semitic comments. Doing so would be, like, judging her, man, and that’s, like, so totally not cool. NOT COOL, MAN!

Of course, the entire point of the Occupy protests is about “judging” people. Judging “the rich” for being too “greedy,” judging “corporations” for being “fat cats.” But judging someone who makes a comment like this one (which McAllister wrote on her Youtube page) – no way, man. That would be, like, fascist or something:

These lying dog Jews. Jews have started wars throughout history. I believe that they exploded the World Trade Center, in order to start a war….yes for money. Jews are evil, and throughout history they have been “run out” of 109 countries. The United States will be the 110th country that they will be run out of! Eve the Asians hate the Jews. The Jews are evil.

So I’m sitting here, in my living room, on Halloween, waiting for the early-bird trick-or-treaters, and contemplating the bizarro-world reality in which I find myself enveloped.

The Occupy protesters judge Americans based on their income level, but they refuse to judge their own members who preach racial or religious hatred. They demand that “the rich” act with a “social conscience,” but they can’t even display enough of a social conscience to denounce outright Jew-hatred.

A black Occupy protester decides that a shared loathing of Jews is enough to justify partnering up with the former leader of an organization that visited violence, terror, and death upon black people for over a century. And the majority of black Americans continue to reflexively vote for the party that originated, defended, supported, and comprised that terror organization.

The NAACP accused the Tea Party of hurling racial epithets at black legislators, even after video evidence proved that charge to be false. Meanwhile, an NAACP leader co-organized an event at which President Obama was repeatedly called “nigger” and “coon” (on video), but even though the NAACP called upon the Tea Party to expel any “racists” from its midst, the NAACP has refused to take any action against the official who co-organized that event, and who pledged NAACP support to a man who insinuated that Obama should be killed.

“Are all the people mad?” No, not all of ‘em. But enough…enough to make me want to forget about politics for at least one evening and indulge in some good, old-fashioned Halloween horror movie-watching fun. Maybe I’ll start with Night of the Living Dead – you know, that film in which the U.S. is overrun by mindless zombies devoid of logic and reason.

Damn…so much for forgetting about politics.

Happy Halloween

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