OWS Spokesman: Protesters Should Follow the Example of the Iranian Hostage Takers

As OWS protesters around the country are served their eviction papers, many Americans are wondering what comes next in the OWS war against those who dare to bathe, pay taxes, and work for a living. Well, according to Occupy Vancouver spokesman (and virulent anti-Semite) Joshua Blakeney, the next step is to emulate the Iranian students who took American Embassy personnel hostage in 1979.

Speaking to the Iranian government’s propaganda organ PressTV during a news program highlighting a day of Iranian OWS “solidarity” protests held on the anniversary of the 1979 hostage crisis, Blakeney was crystal clear regarding the course of action that OWS activists should follow:

(This is an excerpt. If you think you can stomach 15 minutes of this garbage, the entire program is here)

“Indeed, this is connected in many ways to the U.S. Embassy situation that we’re eulogizing and remembering today. The actions of the students in Iran in 1979 serves as an example for global students who want to know how to resist colonization, both domestically and abroad. And the Iranian revolution is symbolic for the world as a beacon of independence from the U.S. and the Israeli imperialist agenda.”

Blakeney also took the opportunity to blame Israel for 9/11, and to accuse Jews of bombing Egyptian Coptic Christian churches and “framing” Muslims for the crime.

Now that the OWS protesters are losing their little enclaves of rape and raw sewage, will the protesters follow the example of the Iranian students in 1979, as Blakeney desires? As we saw in the case of the Discovery Channel hostage situation last year, it only takes one dedicated leftist loon to jeopardize the lives of dozens of people. But at least, in that instance, the Maryland police had the common sense to go for a headshot as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

Will Mayor Bloomberg, or Mayor Quan, instruct police not to use violence if any OWS protesters “occupy” a building or take hostages?

I’m sure we’ll find out in the weeks to come.

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