Unintentional Subtext in Official White House “Small Business Saturday” Photo

My guess is, the folks in charge of President Obama’s photo-ops don’t read much beyond The Huffington Post (and perhaps the occasional Paul Krugman op-ed). Because if they had any knowledge of current literature, they probably wouldn’t have given the thumbs-up to the official photo of Obama taking his daughters shopping at a bookstore in D.C. to celebrate “Small Business Saturday” this past weekend.

The picture, featured prominently on Obama’s website, shows the president standing forlornly over copies of the book “Then We Came to the End,” Joshua Ferris’ bleak, darkly comedic novel about the cataclysmic human toll of a collapsing economy, rampant layoffs, and vanishing jobs.

Perhaps the president was checking out the book to see if it might give him a few suggestions regarding how to fix an unemployment problem that has gotten progressively worse under his tenure. I hope he didn’t end up buying it for that reason, because it offers no such solutions. In fact, this is the kind of book that would likely better resonate with the millions of Americans who can no longer fool themselves into thinking that there’s an economic light at the end of the Obama tunnel. The protagonists in the book know that there’s no salvation coming. As the economy dries up, they sit around trying to keep from going insane, as, one-by-one, they receive their pink slips.

It’s like “Ten Little Indians” meets “Lord of the Flies” meets, well, Obama’s economic record.

In the end, Obama and his daughters opted for less challenging reading, purchasing “Everyone Poops” (I’m not joking…I wish to God I were), and “Descent Into Chaos,” a book that attacks “neocons” for using the term “war on terror,” and for daring to say that the current enemies of the U.S. are Islamic.

Pretty familiar stuff, to the president.

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