The RPA’s David Stein on American Thinker!

Robert Spencer drew first blood…and now Stein draws last blood (I’m not actually sure that makes any sense, but you get the idea).

Read the article here!

2 Responses to “The RPA’s David Stein on American Thinker!”
  1. zane says:

    I am glad David Stein reponded to Spencer (and Geller) on the same website they have been spreading 1/2 truths on. Perhaps when people start questioning their motives (such as Geller giving a shout out to Sarah Palin to get in the primary when she first ran her article) or question their refusal to acknowledge that pro-Israel, Jewish centric Commentary Magazine, along with Daniel Pipes and Frank Gaffney’s organization disagreed with them.

    I have no use for radicals, on either side. Geller sees jihadists under her bed, Spencer is simply selling books. But it is obvious that they were out to discredit a conservative contenter, and what best way to do that, considering their background, but to rely on a Salon article written by someone who has claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood is not radical or jihad minded. I wonder if Spencer agreed with that article by Elliot.

    Geller has her Hanes all in a wad because she was denied a venue in Houston and had to find another site to giver her “all Muslims are jihadists” speech. So she will continue to rail on the governor of the state Houston is located in. After all, she and Spencer (both of whom I once admired, but no longer) make their living installing fear. It is the same philosophy that made people think that if the Nazis were German, then ALL Germans were Nazis.

    Rick Perry is a good man, and I don’t think that someone like Marcus Luttrell (Lone Survivor) would be supporting a governor who was pro-Shiria.

  2. workingclass artist says:

    Pam Geller is a bellicose loon impressed with delusions of intelligence and self-importance.

    Gov. Perry is a staunch supporter of Israel and has been an able and fair conservative governor.

    Texans laughed at Geller & Spencer’s smear (Alex Jones level lunacy)….Only the gullible would believe Perry is pro-sharia.

    Thank you Mr. Stein for speaking the truth and exposing the liars.

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