Maxine Waters’ Goons Rough Up Progressive Filmmaker for Recording Her on a Public Street (video)

Poor Edward Lyman. The self-described “socially responsible” filmmaker, who has directed documentaries about the fight against malaria in Africa, and the environmental activism of uber-liberal actor Ed Begley Jr., was only trying to do some good in Watts this past Saturday afternoon. Lyman was at the Imperial Courts public housing project working on behalf of a very worthy organization called Help-Portrait, which enlists the services of professional photographers to go into impoverished neighborhoods to take high-quality holiday portraits of low-income families. The photographers donate their time, and the resulting portraits are given to the families at no charge, so that even the poorest of families can have beautiful, studio-quality holiday portraits.

Ah, but leave it to I will socialize all of your companies Democrat Maxine Waters to muck up a good thing. As Lyman was looking for families in need of holiday portraits, Ms. Waters and her band of “community organizers” set up a voter registration table – on a public sidewalk outside the project. Naïvely, “socially responsible” filmmaker Lyman thought it would be a given that Ms. Waters would be okay with a photographer taking pictures on a public street. From a legal perspective, he was doing nothing wrong. But, sadly, Maxine Waters and the law are not always on the best of terms.

Now, maybe it’s because Lyman happened onto the scene just as one of Ms. Waters’ volunteers was asking a newly-registered Democrat whether she put down her own address on the registration form, or that of the volunteer (as is clearly seen and heard on the video). But, for whatever reason, Waters’ goon squad assaulted Lyman and tried to grab his camera, insisting that he had no right to record a Congresswoman on a public street corner.

Below the video is Mr. Lyman’s detailed account of the event.

From Edward Lyman’s Youtube page:

Today I was doing some documentary work for Help-Portrait, an organization that takes free professional photographs of people in need. The event took place at Imperial Courts Recreation Center. Imperial Courts is a public housing project in Watts. U.S. Representative Maxine Waters (D) decided to show up with a voter-registration table in the middle of the sidewalk, right in front of this non-political, non-partisan photography event. I personally asked Water’s if she would like to say anything on video about the charity work all of the volunteers for Help-Portrait have been doing. I was surprised when Water’s told me, “No, and you are not allowed to record me. You can only take my photo.”

I was quite surprised that an elected official would say to the media that she’s not allowed to be recorded in public. So I waited a little bit then started to record her. As a result, I was assaulted by two people. In this video she plays it cool in the background, acting like she doesn’t object to being recorded, but her supporters carry out her orders and attempt to confiscate my camera while beginning to assault me. It’s shocking that Waters sits back, pretending like I’m not even there, and does nothing to protect my 1st Amendment rights yet is the impetus for them being violated.

Maxine, it’s really a shame that a wonderful volunteer organization was out there today and you exploited the event, stealing its foot traffic, to hold a self-promotional voter registration drive. The more I think of it, the more absurd it is that you set a desk in the middle of the sidewalk, blocking people from coming in and out of the event, for your own political gain.

The sad thing: I thought you’d have something nice to say for the camera about the charity and its efforts. Clearly not, you just wanted to exploit the foot traffic.

Please note, that I am not a representative of Help-Portrait and my opinions and views certainly do not reflect that organization whatsoever.

4 Responses to “Maxine Waters’ Goons Rough Up Progressive Filmmaker for Recording Her on a Public Street (video)”
  1. Occam says:

    Ha! I think he caught her in the act of voter fraud! Oopsy! Why would a Waters volunteer be asking a new registrant if she used the volunteer’s address on the form? What Maxine Waters and the Dems do, they don’t like videotaped!

  2. Art Essen says:

    This should be a lesson to the left. The Constitution-hating Democrats won’t cut you any slack if you get in their way. They’ll bully and censor you, and suppress your rights, just as quickly as they will a conservative. These people are a menace to freedom for ALL of us. Imagine…”you can’t film a congresswoman on a public street.” What bullshit.

  3. pajama momma says:

    I wonder how many people are registered at that “volunteer’s” address and are receiving absentee ballots there?

  4. gary fouse says:

    I saw Maxine in February when she, Judy Chu and Loretta Sanchez were “panelists” at the town hall held by the Islamic Center of Orange County mosque, which was a whitewash of sharia. Lee Baca and Michael Downing, chief of the LAPD Counter Terror unit were also on the panel. It was scary. Anyway, when it came time for Sanchez to speak, she immediately lashed out at an elderly gentleman in the audience who was filming and ordered him to cease. Who do these people think they are?

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