EXCLUSIVE: Van Der Sloot’s “Guardian Angel” is Leftist Author, Activist

UPDATE: In an exclusive telephone interview with David Stein, van der Sloot’s “guardian angel,” Dr. Mary Hamer, confirmed that in the tidal wave of media coverage following the revelation that she is van der Sloot’s benefactor, Stein was the only journalist to cover her history of left-wing political activism. She told Stein that, starting in 2009, she began moving away from her medical practice to focus more on “progressive” politics. She believes that her involvement in leftist causes gives her the “qualifications and confidence” to assist the imprisoned van der Sloot, who, she claims, will “win the Nobel Prize in ten years” as a result of the “Gandhi training program” she has created for him. She told Stein that she plans to stay active in leftist politics while assisting van der Sloot along his path of becoming the “new Gandhi.” 


Dr. Mary Hamer, a 55-year-old divorced Florida radiologist, has been looking for the new Gandhi for years. A prolific author on the far-left website Countercurrents.org (the “anti-globalization, anti-capitalism, and anti-consumerism” site that promotes causes ranging from global warming and feminism to “Palestinian rights,” “anti-Imperialism,” and “peak oil”), Hamer has written lengthy essays about finding a human being who can become the “new Gandhi” – someone who can lead the world to true peace and togetherness.

And damned if she hasn’t found him…in a Peruvian jail cell.

Yes, Hamer, the self-described humanist, feminist, human and animal rights advocate, and “anti-violence” crusader, has decided that confessed murderer Joran van der Sloot is the new Gandhi. She told Radaronline.com that if ven der Sloot can muster up the strength to “walk away” from the anger inside of him (you know, the anger at the fact the world didn’t sit back and let him rape and murder women), he will have proven himself to be the Mahatma she has been seeking.

Dr. Mary Hamer

For his part, van der Sloot has been eating it up, whispering in Hamer’s ear every sweet nothing her fevered mind desires to hear.

To help usher in the “second coming” of Gandhi, Hamer has spent tens of thousands of dollars on van der Sloot. She sends him money and care packages, she makes regular visits to Peru to be with him, and she even wants to be able to move into the prison with van der Sloot, if Peruvian authorities will allow.

She believes van der Sloot only killed that woman in Peru because he’s suffering from “post traumatic stress disorder” from being hounded by the vengeful family of the first woman he allegedly killed, American teen Natalee Holloway. Hamer calls herself van der Sloot’s “civil rights advocate, spiritual guide, and guardian angel.”

This story is being covered heavily on other websites, so I wanted to concentrate on the angle no one else is covering – Hamer’s political activism. She has written extensively about the need to make friends with Muslim terrorists, to show them “love” and “compassion,” and to never engage in “violent retribution” for acts of terror against the U.S. She demanded that the U.S. bow to the divine spirit of Osama bin Laden. She has long advocated ending the practice of “caging” convicted criminals, and she has compared the killing of animals for clothes and food to the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews.

She has also repeatedly claimed that the very act of human reproduction is an act of “murder,” because the human population pushes other species to extinction.

Lastly, she has declared herself a new species,” offering her “resignation” from the human race:

DECLARATION: As a result of Homo Sapien cruelty, I declare my withdrawal from the human race. This Homo Sapiens species is far too cruel for me. I am a new species: Homo Earth. I will not participate in this human madness of murder, torture, slavery, pollution, human overpopulation & bombings that humans commit against other living beings & the Earth. I am Homo Earth – a New species that is partners with & that treats humans, animals & the planet Earth with respect.

The Homo Earth philosophy is Not about condemning or criminalizing the human race; It is Not about Me –vs- You. This philosophy Is about taking a Non-Violent stand against Homo Sapien cruelty; It Is about a paradigm shift in thinking from: The old Caveman, emotional, revenge, domination & violence ethic to a new Spiritual ethic of equality, respect, restraint & partnership with humans, animals & the Earth. Also, this concept Is about about a paradigm shift in thinking from: The old Status quo & Mob/crowd/groupthink mentality to a new ethic of independent thinking, critical self-examination & self-improvement.

The Basic Principles of the Homo Earth philosophy include: Do No Harm, Love, Education, Rational Thinking, Responsibility, Peacemaking & Truth Seeking, Awareness, Awareness of the Dangerous Human Ego, Alternatives to Revenge, Environmental Justice & Green Accounting, Animal Rights & Responsible Human Reproduction. The most important principle of all is the Do No Harm ethic & offering a humble Apology if one does harm to others.

Mary Hamer is a minor figure on the political scene, to be sure. And only a fool would deny that she obviously has some serious mental issues. But I think, in her, we see an extreme version of the hypocrisy that defines the left. Leftists claims to be for “nonviolence,” yet they champion those who routinely commit violent acts against the U.S., Israel, and the West. Hamer claims to be committed to nonviolence, but she champions and supports a man seemingly incapable of nonviolence. Hamer’s relationship with van der Sloot grotesquely mirrors the left’s fawning relationship with Palestinian terrorists; the leftists criticize Israel for using violence in self-defense, but they don’t criticize anti-Israel Muslims for their unprovoked acts of aggressive violence.

Leftists claim to be about “mercy” and “compassion” as they fight the death penalty, as they promote “rehabilitation” over punishment, and as they hamstring law enforcement in its fight against violent crime, yet they never answer for all of the violence that befalls innocent people as a result of their “compassion.” Hamer claims that her support of van der Sloot is rooted in her “harm none” ethos, yet she has tormented the families of the innocent women he is accused of killing, with vile message board postings full of venom and personal attacks.

Finally, Hamer represents the sick relationship between self-described “feminists” and the men on their side who harm women. Just as Hamer doesn’t mind that van der Sloot is a murderer of women, as long as he keeps saying the things she wants to hear, similarly, the abomination that calls itself the American “feminist” movement will allow liberal and Democrat males to get away with any transgression, from marital deceit and infidelity to actual violence against women, as long as the transgressors bow before the alter of the feminist political agenda.

This point was driven home to me last month, when Will Ferrell and his lefty friends debuted a video on Funny or Die in which Mike Tyson parodied Herman Cain, mocking the former CEO’s policies and experience. The video was lauded in The Huffington Post, which praised Tyson’s performance.

No moral revulsion at the fact that the man mocking Cain is a convicted rapist and repeated spousal abuser. Cain, a conservative, will never be allowed to live down completely unproven accusations of non-violent sexual impropriety, but Tyson, acting as a pitbull for the left, is completely forgiven for his violent, criminal acts against women.

Is Mary Hamer the mentally ill one for overlooking van der Sloot’s violent misogyny in the name of her leftist beliefs? Or is the entire left insane, and is Mary Hamer simply a representative poster child?

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  1. Art Essen says:

    “Is Mary Hamer the mentally ill one for overlooking van der Sloot’s violent misogyny in the name of her leftist beliefs? Or is the entire left insane, and is Mary Hamer simply a representative poster child?” The latter, Mr. Stein. Definitely the latter. Good post.

  2. JamaicaJoe says:

    Somewhere out there exists an EX+Mr. Dr Hamer who is sighing in relief that he dumped this looney tunes!

  3. JamaicaJoe says:

    She looks a lot like Nurse Ratchett. I would be checking for dead patients in her wake.

  4. DANEgerus says:

    A “Feminist” supporting a mans right to rape. Yes… LibRules are so… sane.

  5. Ceecee says:

    How is she going to promote nonviolence with a violent murdering psychopath? And what’s with that strange thing of human reproduction being an act of violence? Huh? Has she seen that abortion is an act of violence? Probably not. I like nonviolence myself, but this lady is just plain nuts. She’s as nuts as the weirdo sitting in the Peruvian jail. If she gets too close or spends too much time with him, he might kill her too. But I doubt he’ll ever be a Ghandi.

  6. gary says:

    mary haner is everything that is wrong today….get a life lady…you are nuts!!! use your $$$$ to help needy people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love to meet you

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