“Occupy” Loons Swarm San Diego Lowe’s to Protest “All American Muslim” Ad Decision

A motley crew of “Occupy San Diego” protestors swarmed a Mission Valley Lowe’s this weekend to protest the home improvement chain’s decision to pull its ads from the controversial new TLC show, “All American Muslim.” A scruffy looking “chanter in chief,” continuously shifting his weight back-and-forth in a manner that suggests severe bladder issues, led the group in a “people’s mic” condemnation of “hate” and “Islamophobia.”

Holiday shoppers inside the store wisely responded by going about their business with complete disinterest in the spectacle. After failing to bring down the corporate giant, the protesters filed out while chanting about being “the 99%.”

The video is below. The last protester to leave the store does a precious little pivot while bidding adieu to “the corporate world.” Casting directors take note –  this guy really deserves to be on “Glee.”

3 Responses to ““Occupy” Loons Swarm San Diego Lowe’s to Protest “All American Muslim” Ad Decision”
  1. Grouchy4areason says:

    WOW, the Faux Revolutionaries strikes again. The Fey bespectacled Asian fellow was pretty awesome at the end. THe rest were the usual UberNoble riff raff types. BTW, Lowes is owns dby the Koch Bros!

  2. gary fouse says:

    This is the same issue as when the Israel Boycott movement invaded Trader Joe’s. The answer is simple: Shop at Lowe’s.

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