Iran Nuke Honcho to Turkish Official: “Fighting Israel” is the Top Priority

The Western press has failed to pick up a story that, taken alone, is ominous enough – but, when viewed alongside two other stories from the same day that did received media attention, is absolutely horrifying.

Let’s start by looking at what has not been reported: On Monday, Saeed Jalili, the head of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (he’s the man in charge of the country’s nuclear program, and he’s also the country’s chief nuclear negotiator) hosted a Turkish official in Tehran – Murat Yildirim, General Secretary of the Turkey-Palestine Parliamentary Friendship Committee. 

At the meeting, Jalili proclaimed: “Supporting the Palestinian cause and fighting Israel is the Muslim world’s main priority.”

“Palestine remains the main issue of the world of Islam, with the campaign against the Zionist regime being a top priority,” Jalili told the Iranian press, adding that “the Islamic Awakening movement and regional developments have reversed the balance of power in favor of the Muslim world….the Islamic Awakening should bolster resistance against the Zionist regime.”

According to the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting network, the two officials stated that “liberation of Palestine is the common cause of the Muslim world, including Arabs, non-Arabs, Shiites and Sunnis. All capacities made available by the Islamic Awakening movement should be mobilized for campaign against the Zionist regime,” with Jalili adding that “support for resistance and Palestine is the most important aspect of movements in the Muslim world.”

For his part, Yildirim pledged that Turkey would stand with Iran, stating “We will not let the foreigners utilize Turkey’s potential against the Islamic republic.”

Jalili and Yildirim in Tehran on Monday

In a perfect world, or, at least, in a more perfect U.S., the statements made at that meeting would be a final wake-up call to the U.S. government officials and the liberal/leftist media elites who try, at every opportunity, to downplay the threat from Iran, and the threat to Israel from practically every corner of the Muslim world. Remember – Jalili, the man who quite openly stated yesterday that fighting Israel is his main priority – is the man in charge of Iran’s nuclear program. He’s also the man who is trying to convince the West that his country has no malicious intentions regarding its nuclear program.

Taken alone, the Jalili/Yildirim meeting is alarming. But let’s look at it alongside two other things that happened on the same day:

• As Yildirim was meeting with Jalili in Tehran, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan was hosting the Hamas Prime Minister of Gaza, Ismail Haniya, in Istanbul. According to a press release on the official Hamas website, “Erdogan stressed that Hamas was a legitimate liberation movement which was elected by the Palestinian people and the will of the Palestinian people must be respected….Haniya revealed after the meeting that there was a Turkish comprehensive plan for the development of the Gaza Strip.”

• Also on Monday, the Muslim Brotherhood, which is on a fast-track to becoming the controlling power in Egypt, officially announced that it will never recognize Israel, and that it will work to cancel the historic 1979 peace treaty between the two countries.

Erdogan hosts Hamas in Istanbul and pledges full support…Jalili hosts Yildirim in Tehran, where both men pledge to fight Israel and quite openly state that the “Arab Spring” is all about destroying the Jewish state, just as – on the same day – the Muslim Brotherhood proves the point with no ambiguity. And Iran’s top nuclear negotiator brags that his number one priority is getting rid of Israel, even as he tells the UN that his nuclear program is for “peaceful” purposes only.

A very ominous beginning of the year for Israel and her supporters. It’s almost as if the enemies of peace are announcing over a megaphone that this will be the year they make their move. After all, this could be the final year in power for our current president – a president who, his empty rhetoric while pandering for money to American Jewish groups aside, has done all he can to bring about the dark clouds that are encircling Israel. He stood silently by as Ahmadinejad’s stormtroopers slaughtered a nascent resistance movement in Iran; he betrayed Egyptian President Mubarak with absolutely no concern for the ramifications of his actions; he’s taken a dismissive and bullying posture toward Israel, and a fawning and deferential attitude toward our mutual enemies (as this excellent video from the David Horowitz Freedom Center compellingly shows).

This is also a president who lauded a close friend – a Palestinian militant and former PLO official – at an event at which a speaker threatened that Israel “will never have a day of peace” (the L.A. Times continues to refuse to release footage from that event). 

In the space of twenty-four hours, the Turkish prime minister hosted the Hamas leader of Gaza, pledging support and lauding Hamas’ goals, the Muslim Brotherhood announced that it will never recognize Israel and that it will seek to cancel all peace treaties, and the man in charge of Iran’s nuclear program happily stated to his country’s press that fighting Israel is his number-one priority, as a Turkish official pledged support to that end.

All in one day – the second day of the new year.

That’s cocky. The enemies of Israel are feeling emboldened, empowered, and unopposed. If this is how they’ve decided to begin the new year, what’s to come?

It’s enough to make me wince every time I perfunctorily say “Happy New Year” to friends and colleagues this week. Because, frankly, I don’t exactly see happy things ahead.

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