FOLLOW UP: Ron Paul Supporters Debate Soft-Peddling Their Chemtrail Mania

I think I might’ve had something to do with this…

In the wake of my piece about Ron Paul supporters spraying the sky with vinegar to combat “chemtrails,” a debate has broken out among the Paulsamics, as I call them, regarding whether the chemtrail issue might be harming their cause. Apparently, the admins over at the Daily Paul website have been moving chemtrail posts to the “off topic” thread, to prevent “new people” from seeing them immediately. This appalling, horrendous, unprecedented act of (*cough*) “censorship” did not sit well with one particular Paulsamic, who started the following thread, which I reprint here only because A) it’s funny as hell, and B) I’ve received some nasty emails from Paul supporters who claim that I was unfair to Paulites by making it appear as though many of them are chemtrailers.

Oh, and also because my article was plagiarized over at the Daily Kos by a leftist who rewrote it practically word-for-word, but with “Ron Paul supporters” changed to “Tea Partiers” throughout the entire piece, completely altering the meaning and intent of what I wrote.

So, l hereby present the debate at the Daily Paul over whether the chemtrail issue should be soft-peddled.

From “Kentrailer” (who is being sarcastic):

Message to Censored Paul Readers:

Shut up about your air being sprayed for the next year.. It doesn’t matter.

If you care that your air is being sprayed, shut up about it.

Any talk about your air being obviously sprayed by airplanes will be moved to Off-Topic immediately.

-The Censored Paul Staff

From “Michaelreo:”

Off-topic is fair. Chemtrails maybe (sic) a real issue but the discussion cannot help us win at this point in time. Unless someone out there has some hard-hitting evidence that can be spelled out to the not-so-open-minded voters.

From “Cricket:”

Off topic is where that topic is supposed to go..u think it belongs anywhere else? I care about it, but it belongs in off-topics where new people do not see it right away and think it is weird. Get a grip…

And a reply from “Kentrailer:”

Here, I shot this video today of our sky, with a halo, I incorporated the satellite image of the geoengineering/chemtrails:

Why should I get a grip? It’s obvious, and it’s treason- plenty of people are drawn to Ron Paul because of his message of freedom and transparency- You’re losing fans and supporters by censoring this information.

I love the fact that no one here is saying that chemtrails are bunk; it’s merely a debate over whether this very important issue might turn off some “not-so-open-minded voters,” or whether Paul could actually lose supporters by not being loud and proud about the mighty war against those damn killer clouds.

Personally, I hope these guys never shut up about this, because it never stops being funny to me.

(Major hat-tip to This ain’t Hell, but you can see it from here, for bringing the Daily Paul thread to my attention)  

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  1. Brad Terrell says:

    I must be one of those “not so open minded” people, because the idea of cleaning the sky with vinegar to combat “chemtrails” seems insane to me. I guess I should be more open-minded, like the Paultards. Maybe “the Joos” DID blow up the Twin Towers. And maybe fluoride IS turning us all into mutant lizard-people.

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