Ronald Reagan Schools Obama on Egypt and Iran…31 Years Ago


I edited this a year ago, but now that the Islamists are officially in control in Egypt, I thought I’d post it again. The distinction between these two presidents could not be more pronounced, and the dangers posed by our current president’s foreign policy could not be more self-evident.

Reagan: “Preserving the peace requires that we control the events, and try to intercept before they become a crisis.”

Obama ignored that lesson regarding Egypt (and the other so-called “Arab Spring” nations), and he’s still ignoring it regarding Iran.

Reagan’s doctrine led to a bloodless end to the Cold War. Where will Obama’s lead us?

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  1. M Baker says:

    RWR had an impressive grasp of the big picture. If he had a serious flaw, I think it was in projecting his core honesty onto liberal Americans. He took the wrong type of people at their word.

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