Official Democratic Party Organization Endorses Anti-Semitic Event

As my regular readers (a.k.a. my parents and my girlfriend) might have noticed, this site was hacked earlier this week, by assailants looking to make a statement. And apparently that statement was, “dude, your site is so poorly protected, even dimwits like us can hack it.”

Message received. Security has been beefed up, steps have been taken to prevent any more hacking shenanigans, and from now on, if anyone emails me asking for my admin password so they can wire me $1,000,000 from the bank account of a British nobleman who died in the Bahamas leaving no heirs, I will know to ask for a cashier’s check instead.

The upside to the hacking, for you regular readers (yes, mom, I’ll call you…I’ve just been really busy, okay?), is that I’m SO behind in my work, I’m going to dispense with my usual 3,000-word posts, which have won me the Verbose Blogger of the Year Award three years running, and post a story that gets quickly to the point (the preceding three paragraphs notwithstanding).

From March 2nd through March 6th, the anti-Israel, anti-Jewish left is planning to disrupt the annual AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) policy conference in Washington, DC. The protest, dubbedOccupy AIPAC,” is comprised of all the usual suspects – the “Israel must be wiped off the map” crowd, the “Israel is a genocidal Apartheid state” loons, the “support Hamas and Hezbollah” crazies, the “Jews are the spawn of Satan” tin foil hat-wearers who’ve been posting on the “Occupy AIPAC” Facebook page, etc., etc.

It’s the same old crowd, so that’s not really the story. “Occupy AIPAC” is just more of the same – anti-Israel, anti-Jewish fanatics doing what they do best.

Here’s the story: “Occupy AIPAC” has been officially, and publicly, endorsed by an official Democratic Party organization. Yes, that Democratic Party – the one that’s hoping to hold on to the Senate and the White House this November.

Anyone who follows American politics knows that it takes a lot to turn Jewish voters away from the Democrats. It takes something like Jimmy Carter swearing that if he gets reelected he’s going to “f*** the Jews.”

And maybe it takes a Democrat organization endorsing a blatantly anti-Jewish event.

A chapter of the West Virginia Young Democrats, which describes itself as “the official youth arm of the West Virginia Democratic Party since 1936,” has publicly endorsed the upcoming hate-fest.

Between this, and President Obama’s policies and behavior toward Israel, it’s almost like the Democrats are daring Jews to vote Republican.

The Fairmont State University chapter of the West Virginia Young Democrats, which endorsed the anti-AIPAC event, is run by Remington “Remi” Markos, an Arab-American who works for West Virginia Democrat Rep. Nick Rahall (the Lebanese-American Rahall is himself not terribly friendly to Israel, having been one of only eight congressmen to vote against a House resolution supporting Israel in its fight against Hezbollah, and having proudly touted his role in helping Arab lobbying groups gain power and influence in the U.S.).

Remington "Remi" Markos with Joe Biden

I couldn’t help being curious about what West Virginia Democratic Party leaders thought of the actions of their “official youth arm.” I spoke with Derek Scarbro, Executive Director of the West Virginia Democratic Party. The best he could tell me is that the Fairmont State University chapter is no longer “chartered.”

I pointed out to him that, on the website of the West Virginia Young Democrats, the Fairmont State University chapter is still listed as a fully chartered chapter.

His response was that the site had not been updated.

Unfortunately for Mr. Scarbro, the site is indeed fully updated, with a full calendar of meetings and events covering January 2012 through September 2012.

And, on the Fairmont State University website, the Young Democrats are currently listed as a student group in good standing (the group’s faculty advisor is leftist author and sociology professor Dr. Craig White).

I held off on writing this piece for forty-eight hours, to give Mr. Scarbro and his fellow West Virginia Democrats the chance to remove the offending chapter from the West Virginia Young Democrats website, if, indeed, it was no longer a chapter in good standing.

They did not. It is still the very first chapter listed on the website.

One can only deduce that the anti-Israel actions of the Fairmont State University chapter of the Young Democrats are, if not celebrated by the party, at least tolerated. After all, the Democrats are the party of “tolerance,” right? In this case, tolerance of those who want to see Israel reduced to ash. But hey – why split hairs?

Oh, wait…I almost forgot. You want to hear the funniest part? One of the headliners at “Occupy AIPAC” is rapper “Head Roc,” who derisively called President Obama a “nigger” and a “coon” in his rap about the Henry Louis Gates incident from 2009 (he moronically called Henry Louis Gates “Bill Gates” at one point in the rap, embedded below). So, a Democrat organization is endorsing an event  headlined by a guy who hurled racial epithets at the president. Don’t expect to see this story on MSNBC, folks. 

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  1. John says:

    Sir I hope you feel good about lieing about a young adult in college.

  2. Envy says:

    Now I am ready to do my breakfast, when having my breakfast coming again to
    read other news.

  3. Jim says:

    Anti Israeli Government != Anti Semetic

  4. Jim says:

    This is a sad misrepresentation of facts.. not surprising

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