How a Post About Interracial Kissing Earned Me a Leftist Death Threat

(Warning – this post contains unpleasant language not suitable for children or the elderly, unless those elderly are the kind of foul-mouthed old people frequently portrayed in Adam Sandler films)

It was by far one of my least controversial posts. Gwyneth Paltrow had falsely credited her lefty, TV-producer dad with having presented the first interracial, black/white kiss on U.S. television, on his show “The White Shadow” in 1979. All I did was point out that the first black/white interracial kiss scenes on American TV occurred long before “The White Shadow” – 1967’s “Movin’ with Nancy,” and 1968’s “Star Trek” episode “Plato’s Stepchildren.”

I also pointed out that leftists were not the ones who truly blazed the interracial love-scene trail. The two most groundbreaking taboo-shattering moments – interracial black/white love scenes, not just kisses, in major motion pictures – involved conservative actors (Charlton Heston in 1971’s “The Omega Man,” and Raquel Welch in 1969’s “100 Rifles”). No liberal actors had been willing to put their careers on the line as Heston and Welch – both huge box-office draws with a lot to lose at the time – did.

No opinion there – just facts.

Recently, the interracial kiss post received the following comment by a reader who identified himself as “The Truth:”

The only liars her are you ignorant, fascist pieces of shit, your lies have broken this nation, you all should be taken out and shot and your vile, filthy corpses left for the worms for being the traitors you are.

Now, typically, when I get that kind of hate-comment, the commenter always leaves a phony email address, usually using it as an opportunity to let me know that he/she REALLY hates Republicans, like “” (you know, just in case their comment proved too subtle for me to get the point).

What raised my eyebrows about “The Truth’s” comment was that his email address seemed to be genuine. I looked it up on Facebook, and it came up as the email address for a middle-aged white guy living in that oh-so-tolerant leftist haven of Santa Cruz, CA. His Facebook page had very little information on it, other than that he’s a hardcore surfing enthusiast with a love of politics. His albums showed that he has an African-American girlfriend (which I assume has some relevance to his interest in my story). I checked the IP address of the computer from which the comment was sent, and, indeed, it was sent from Santa Cruz.

Out of respect for the fact that I want my readers to feel comfortable leaving anonymous comments, even angry ones, I will not reveal the guy’s full name. Let’s just call him “Michael E.”

Michael had been the manager of the Coastview Inn in Santa Cruz, but the current manager told me he no longer works there (I had called to confirm his position, because, had he still been working there, I was going to pen a post about how Republicans traveling through Santa Cruz might want to avoid that hotel, as the manager apparently thinks we should be shot).

Just for fun, I sent Michael this email:

Wow – you used your real email address to leave a violent comment on my website about shooting people? Gutsy or stupid…still trying to decide.

Yesterday Michael replied. Here, with language intact, is our exchange. No big story here; I just thought my readers would find this amusing:

Michael: I dont even know who the fuck you are.

Me: Whoa, hold on there, big kahuna. Here’s a screen-shot of the comment you left on my site. It was sent from your email address, and it was by back-searching that address that I found your Facebook page. Honestly, brah, I suggest not sending comments like this from your own email address, you know, dude? Now go catch a gnarly wave and chill out, daddy-o.

Michael: Dude, first, go fuck yourself you punk ass little bitch, and second of all, hey, continue to freak out over, send it to the cops, cuz that is what little birches like you do but what ever you do, quit fucking bothering me, ok little bitch? Good, now fuck off.

Me: Your anger is endlessly amusing to me, gremmie! And no, I don’t plan on sending your comment to the cops. Rather, I plan on writing about it as an example of that wonderful Cruzio liberal “tolerance.” Especially from a guy like you, who has worked in the <*cough*> “hospitality industry.” Funny, funny stuff. Peace, brah.

Michael: And by the way, seeing as you supposedly researched me, maybe you bothered to notice that I am fighting cancer right now, you are not even on my radar right now, I have more important problems like trying to live long enough to see my grand daughter being born. So if you need to find your manhood or what ever the fuck you’ve got going on, go ahead and forward it to the cops, I will give them the same answer I gave you. Again you little bitch, if I am angry it is because a little pussu like you is whining over nothing like the little bitch you are, go fuck yourself you pussy little butch.

Me: Duder, you don’t see the irony? You wished death on other people, while you yourself are fighting a life-and-death battle against a terrible disease. No matter how much I might disagree with someone politically, I would never wish death or harm on them. Get rid of your hostility, man. Seriously – doing so will be very helpful to you as you struggle to get healthy. And hey — even though you wished death on me and my friends, I am quite happy to wish YOU a long and healthy life. May you beat the cancer, and spend many happy evenings in the sunset on the beach with your granddaughter, and the rest of your family. I’d always rather the world have a live liberal instead of a dead granddad. Be well.

Michael: FUCK YOU!!!


Whoa…that dude has anger issues.

Two things: First, notice how once Michael saw that his typical liberal tactic of insults and name-calling was met only with bemused humor, he switched to that other ubiquitous lefty tactic, playing the victim.

And second, you can call me whatever names you like, but I will NOT be called a “birch” and a “pussu.” THAT CROSSES THE LINE, BUDDY!


4 Responses to “How a Post About Interracial Kissing Earned Me a Leftist Death Threat”
  1. Clete Orris says:

    You birch pussu!

    Now, gimme some fookin’ BACONZ!

  2. Dallas says:

    I’ve cut down a few birches in my time…..

  3. cameron says:

    You’re response was awsome and very wise.

  4. Simone says:

    I am registered non-partisan but thanks for the info on the interracial kiss. I was double-checking research for one of my short stories. Sorry to read about the death threats. As a conservative, liberal, fascist libertarian who sees issues separately instead of along party lines I find I have become an equal opportunity political pisser-offer of just about everyone. It seems having a mind of one’s own is deeply offensive these days.

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