Network News: “Pink Slime” More Important Than Murdered Jews

Ever wonder if you possess the savvy to be a producer for a nightly news program on one of the “big three” networks? Well, wonder no more; this simple quiz will let you know if you have the right stuff.

Which of the following do you think should have been the lead story on the March 21st ABC, CBS, and NBC nightly newscasts?

A. Several supermarket chains have decided to stop selling ground beef that contains processed meat filler;

B. The NFL levied penalties against the New Orleans Saints;

C. Viral video of a helicopter crash in which no one was injured;

D. A mass-murderer who killed four people, including three children, at a Jewish school in France, and who also gunned down three French soldiers in that country’s worst terror attack in recent history, was revealed to be an al-Qaeda-linked Muslim terrorist who desired to bring the entire nation of France “to its knees.”

If you guessed “D,” you’re obviously not cut out for the world of network news. Not one of the “big three” networks led with the story of the Muslim terrorist in France. And not one of the “big three” deemed that story important enough to be in the top four stories of the day.

ABC led its newscast with an earth-shattering report about how several supermarket chains will stop selling beef containing a safe but controversial type of meat filler which the media has dubbed “pink slime.” No more pink slime at Safeway…a much more important story than France’s worst terror attack in years.

Surely, the terror attack would be story number two? Nope, that was a follow-up report on Tuesday’s Illinois primary. What’s the mass-murder of Jews compared to a story that mocks a Mitt Romney aide for making an Etch-a-Sketch analogy?

Story number three? Two-month-old viral video of a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, in which no one was injured.

Story number four? A “Massachusetts mom” who bought a new house (as part of a story on home sales nationwide).

Story number five? The outrage over a so-called “neighborhood watch” volunteer who shot an unarmed black youth in Sanford, Florida, almost one month ago.

What about CBS? The lead story on the “Edward R. Murrow network” was about the penalties levied against the New Orleans Saints by the NFL. Because football is way more important than a mass-killing by a terrorist connected to the group behind 9/11.

Story number two on CBS? The month-old shooting in Sanford, Florida.

Story number three? A continuation of story number two – a condemnation of Florida’s self-defense and gun laws.

Story number four? Of course – Mitt’s Etch-a-Sketch!

And NBC? 1) the Florida shooting, 2) the “dangerous” self-defense and gun laws, 3) a special report on how black Americans are constantly being victimized by evil racist cops and white “vigilantes,” and 4), you guessed it, the Etch-a-Sketch.

Eventually, all three networks got around to the terrorism story. You know, after they covered the really important things.

It should be noted that these are the same networks that, as if in unison, led off their nightly news broadcasts in June 2005 with the subsequently-discredited story of a “holy Koran” (as Brian Williams always calls it) being splashed with urine at Guantanamo Bay, the threat by a Florida pastor to burn a Koran in September 2010, and the supposed mishandling of Korans by U.S. forces in Afghanistan last month. Apparently, the real, imagined, or even threatened mishandling of a Koran anywhere in the world always merits special placement as the lead story. The mass-killing of Jews by an al-Qaeda terrorist doesn’t. Indeed, such a story takes a back-seat to football and meat-filler. After all, the “big three” have their priorities.

This isn’t even worth being snarky about. It’s just pathetic. Contemptibly, abhorrently pathetic.

The "big three" networks are the REAL "pink slime."

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