Join John Bolton, Michael Reagan, and Me, in Supporting Mark Reed for Congress

I don’t do a lot of endorsements. Mainly, it’s because if I’m going to make the effort, I’d rather do it in a local race, where my small voice might make a difference. And since I live in L.A., you can assume the paucity of candidates for whom I’d be willing to make that effort.

But there’s one man – Mark Reed – whose campaign I am 100% committed to. He’s a Republican running for Congress in the newly-redistricted CA 30 in the San Fernando Valley. Mark is unique in two ways…one, he’s a true L.A. conservative, the real deal. And two (and this is the really important thing), he can win. And he’s got some impressive numbers to back that up.

I’ll get to that in a moment. First, I want to make a few personal observations. I’ve known Mark for three years, and I am always impressed with his command of the issues, his commitment to his values, and his ability to communicate those values effectively. He’s charismatic, and, I gotta say, pretty damn good-looking (my mom has a serious crush on him. Last year, as I was showing her the pictures from my Thad McCotter fundraiser, she kept asking me to click back to the ones of Mark).

Mark with Congressman Thad McCotter

His official endorsements are tremendous: Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, Michael Reagan, Supervisor Mike Antonovich, Chuck DeVore, State Senators Tony Strickland and Sharon Runner, California GOP Assembly Leader Connie Conway, Sharron Angle, Burt Prelutsky, the California Congress of Republicans, the California Republican Assembly, and WAY more than I can list here (for a complete list, visit Mark’s site).

And now the numbers. Mark is in a very interesting position, strategically. Redistricting has pitted two Democrat incumbents, Brad Sherman and Howard Berman, against each other. There’s no question that they’re going to split the vote in the June 5th primary. Under California’s new “top two” primary rules, the top two vote getters will go on to the general.

And Sherman has been concentrating his efforts against Berman, in an attempt to demolish his Democrat opponent.

The numbers are startling. After the candidates debated at Cal State Northridge a few weeks ago, the Northridge-Chatsworth site ran the video of the debate, and an online poll where viewers could vote for their candidate of choice. After 4,082 votes had been cast, Mark came out at number one, with 2,041 votes (50%). Sherman was at number two, with 1,817 (44%), and Berman? Poor Berman was way back at 157 votes (3%). Of course, this was a non-scientific poll, but Mark only has to be in the top two to proceed. And I truly believe he will be.

And after that happens, what about the general in November? Well, when Mark ran against Sherman in 2010 (in the 27th District), he had the second smallest margin in the State of California for a Republican challenging an incumbent Democrat. 

Like I said, he can win this thing. This is doable. When I attended one of Mark’s fundraisers last month, I was impressed with the extent of the support he has among non-GOPs in his district. He has won their support by being responsive to the concerns of his would-be constituents, and by being able to communicate a vision of what he’d accomplish for his constituents, should they send him to Washington.

I love L.A. I was born and raised here. And I know, from my own experiences, that the difference between Angelenos reflexively voting “D,” and actually getting them to consider voting “R,” comes down to the quality of the person who is running. Mark Reed is that person.

But first, he needs to get through the primary. So there are two things I’ll ask of you:

1) If you are in his district, VOTE! If you have friends or family in his district, tell them about Mark. If you have a business in his district, put up a flyer, or, if you’re a bit more covert, tell your trusted patrons about Mark.

2) Donate! In these last weeks before the primary, this is essential. I’m personally asking each and every one of you to go to Mark’s site (which has all the information regarding his bio, his endorsements, his positions, etc.) and make a donation. And please don’t get discouraged by the “no Republican can win in L.A.” mantra. That’s bull…spit. Anthony Weiner’s seat in New York had been Democrat since 1923. The cynics and the naysayers would’ve never dreamed that a Republican could replace him.

It can happen. We just have to make the effort. Let’s help Mark get through the primary, and then…let’s use our collective smarts to take him through November. But first things first. June 5th is coming up fast. Please do what you can to support my good friend Mark Reed.

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