CNN/ABC Pro“deuce”er Gets Free Pass After Putting Dog Poop in Gay Neighbors’ Mailbox

This is a little confusing…Mitt Romney pulls a dumb stunt against a fellow high school student almost fifty years ago – a student who would later come out of the closet as a gay man – and the media proclaims him the new poster boy for “gay bullying.” But a media insider harasses a gay couple in his neighborhood, and the MSM, in unison, decides to omit any reference to the sexual orientation of the victims.

Okay, I’ll admit – I’m totally feigning confusion. I’m actually not confused at all. When a Republican can be tarred, even the oldest and smallest slight against a closeted gay man becomes a hate crime. But when it comes to protecting one of their own, the MSM couldn’t give a mailbox full of crap for the feelings of a genuinely-harassed gay couple.

Bob Furnad of Covington, GA, was the president of CNN Headline News for four years. Before that, he was executive vice-president and senior executive producer of CNN for thirteen years. And, before that, he was political director of CNN for one year. Oh, and before that, he was senior producer at Good Morning America (news division) for nineteen years. In ’09, he left TV news to teach broadcast news writing and producing at the University of Georgia.

When it comes to shipping, Bob Furnad knows what "brown" can do for you.

And he HATES Republicans. I mean, he really hates Republicans. On Facebook, he’s a big fan of the anti-Republican page “LOLGOP,” and he’s a big booster of Democrat politicians, including Barack Obama.

Now, to be fair, the media dutifully reported the story of Mr. Furnad being caught on tape cramming his neighbors’ mailbox with dog feces. But damned if not one of the liberal mouthpiece news outlets included the detail that the neighbors who were being harassed by Furnad – Benjamin Dameron and Ralph Miller – are a gay couple. And quite out-of-the-closet.

No insinuations of Furnad’s “homophobia,” no hand-wringing about our societal acceptance of “gay bashing,” no self-righteous calls to use this incident as a “teachable moment” about intolerance. Nothing.

Not even any shirt-rending righteous indignation that Furnad was only charged with littering (a paltry $180 fine). As CBS Atlanta pointed out, if the feds had prosecuted Furnad for mailbox vandalism, he would have faced serious fines and possible jail time.

Oh, and Furnad has refused to apologize for his actions.

The moral of the story? If you want to harass gays and get away scot-free, just be a member of the liberal media elite. Yep, bullied gay kids, when you grow up, “it gets better”…unless you have the misfortune of living next-door to a member of our esteemed “progressive” media.


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