CAIR’s “Interfaith” Con Game Exposed (video)

“Okey-Doke” (American slang) – A con; to pretend to go along with something until you are in a position where you can get your way.

I have written before that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is the undisputed king of the ol’ okey-doke. When it comes to wearing one expression on its public face, and the opposite on its private one, CAIR is the heavyweight champion Grand Mufti of the okey-doke. CAIR’s duplicity has been pointed out again and again, but that’s had precious little effect on the journalists and politicians who consider CAIR to be “moderate,” and the liberal Jewish and Christian leaders who participate in “interfaith” gatherings with CAIR.

I’m not much into beating dead horses, but I recently came across an example of CAIR’s two-facedness that’s just too good not to post. Do I think it will change the minds of those who’ve been duped by this organization? Nah. But there’s an old expression I just coined that goes, “If I weren’t a man of unreasonable hopefulness, I wouldn’t be writing a blog.”

Dawud Walid is executive director of CAIR’s Michigan branch. Much has been written of Walid’s attitudes toward Hamas and other terrorist organizations and individuals. But what I want to write about here is his “interfaith” okey-dokin.’ In a period of just over a month, he told one thing to a group of Christians at an “interfaith” service, and completely contradicted himself at a khutbah (sermon) he gave at his local mosque. He even told his Muslim followers that he detests people who go to interfaith services and tell the lies that he himself told!

Dawud Walid

On May 12, while speaking at an interfaith gathering at the King Solomon Baptist Church in Detroit, Walid let his audience know that it is a “Muslim belief” that Mohammed is part of a “long series” of prophets including Noah, Moses, and the “messianic leadership of Jesus Christ.” One long, continuous line, from Noah to Abraham to Moses to Jesus to Mohammed. And Muslims TOTALLY recognize the “messianic leadership” of Jesus (full audio here).

(Chief Wiggum voice) That’s some fine interfaithin’ there, Dawud.

Except for the fact that on March 30, at the Islamic Center of Detroit, he gave a sermon in which he denounced Muslims who go to interfaith gatherings and claim that there was a historical progression from Judaism to Christianity to Islam. That is not what we believe, he told his followers. Judaism and Christianity are “deviations,” he repeatedly stated. To recognize other faiths or messianic figures is “shirk” (the ultimate sin of idolatry).

Not content to stop there, Walid went on to say that Muslims should not be shy about embracing the directive that anyone who changes their “din” (Muslim faith) should be killed. How very “moderate!” Of course, Dawud then told his flock not to go out and kill “Uncle Tom Muslims” vigilante-style; such killing should be left to “authorized” bodies (full audio here).

That’s a pretty dangerous mixed-message, telling people that God commands them to kill apostates and “Uncle Tom Muslims,” while following it up with, “but don’t do it.” Yeah, no risk there. Worse still is that there are so many non-Muslims willing to swallow CAIR’s okey-doke routine of “interfaith brotherhood” and “moderation,” while ignoring all evidence of the group’s true beliefs and goals.

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  1. Kender Breitbart MacGowan says:

    Uncle Tom Muslims? That’s like, a double bigoted phrase. Until these “Uncle Tom Muslims” stand up and chase the “radicals” out of their mosques and into some deep holes islam will continue to be an enemy of liberty.

  2. gary fouse says:

    Excellent David. I would like to cross-post this on fousesquawk.

    Right here in SoCal, we have our tricksters. In OC, we have Muzammil Siddiqi of the Islamic Center of Orange County. He goes to interfaith meetings all the time and poses as a moderate. Muslim apostate Nonie Darwish of Former Muslims United sent him a letter with the Freedom Pledge in 2009 asking him and 99 other influential Muslim leaders to sign a pledge that US apostates would not be harmed. He never signed it nor replied. (Only 2 did)

    At a recent Sharia workshop in Garden Grove, I asked him about the letter. He denied receiving it. When I asked him if he agreed with the idea of death to apostates, he danced around and eventually said that he did not. I then asked him if an apostate (like Darwish or Ayaan Hirsi Ali) also publicly criticized Islam. He said, “Ah. That is different. he then used the example of Muslims who aided the Russian army in Afghanistan. “That is treason!”

    Keep paying attention to this issue, David. It is the biggest issue of our time.


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