Obama Too Broke to Buy Dinner Guests Booze? GOP Group Steps In!

Apparently, those “win a dinner with Obama” contests are taking a toll on Team Obama’s finances. The “donate $3 for a chance to get a seat at the table with President Obama and (fill in the name of annoying celebrity)” offers just aren’t paying off. On Monday, Obama for America Chief Operating Officer Ann Marie Habershaw sent an email to prospective entrants which outlined the difficulties of managing those “Dinner with Barack” events (the next contest, in which several $3 donors will win a dinner with the president and the first lady, has a deadline of Tuesday night).

According to Habershaw:

One of my responsibilities as chief operating officer of this campaign is to sign off on travel costs — so I see every expense for a hotel room or plane ticket. If you win Dinner with Barack, I’ll be the one approving your flight arrangements from your town to your dinner with the President and First Lady. Managing the logistics of these dinners is tough, but we do it because giving supporters a seat at the table — literally — is a huge priority for this campaign.

Habershaw’s email closed with this grammatically-challenged sentence:

And don’t forget — I see the hotel bills, too, so don’t break in to that minibar.

Whether or not this was intended as a joke (an exclamation point or winky-face might have been helpful to that end), the message is not necessarily one that Team Obama should be projecting right now – “we’re too strapped for cash to pay for a few tiny bottles of liquor from your hotel minibar.”

But more to the point, we at the Republican Party Animals (RPA) feel that no American should be expected to sit through a dinner with the Obamas sober. Our Chairman, David Stein, stated our position succinctly:

I’m an unashamed partisan, a proud Republican. But I’m an American first and foremost, and the suffering of any fellow American is distressing to me. I understand that there are many good folks who would be willing to part with three dollars for the chance to win a round-trip ticket to D.C. Sadly, that trip to our nation’s capital, and the fine meal that will be provided, will be marred by the dinner company. Several Americans will be receiving the trip of a lifetime, only to have to share a table with the man whose policies have made it impossible for those very same people to afford that trip on their own. And now, in a final indignity, they are being ordered to stay away from the minibar in their hotel room – the only thing that might make such a dinner bearable. This I cannot tolerate.

As a show of support for the winners of the “Dinner with Barack” contest, the RPA is making the following offer: We will cover 100% of the minibar charges for every single one of the contest winners. Drink up, fellow Americans, we’ll have your back, while you dine with Barack. This is a real and genuine offer, and it will be emailed to the winners, once they are announced. Whatever their hotel minibar charges, we’ve got ‘em. The winners will be given the choice of either contacting us before they leave for D.C., in which case we can inform the hotel in advance to put all minibar charges on our credit card, or they can simply bill us when they return. We will honor this offer. To expect someone to head out for a night with Barack and Michelle without first downing a few mini-bottles of vodka, whiskey, or rum, is cruel and unusual punishment. We will not stand for it, and we will not stand by without lending a hand to our fellow Americans.

This offer does not include room service, “adult” films or other pay-per-view charges, or anything beyond the in-room minibar. But as far as the minibar goes, knock yourselves out – we’ll pick up the tab.

Have a great trip!

The RPA is an L.A.-based conservative/libertarian organization that holds monthly events in Southern California and Las Vegas. Speakers at our events have included Michael Reagan, Larry Elder, Rep. Thad McCotter, Frank Gaffney, Rep. Mike Kelly, Bill Whittle, Stephen Kruiser, Tony Katz, Zo Rachel, Larry Greenfield, Trevor Loudon, and Ben Shapiro. For more information, visit http://www.RepublicanPartyAnimals.com, or contact us at info@RepublicanPartyAnimals.org

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  1. Susan Whitten says:

    This is CLASSIC!!!! HaHaHaHa….

  2. Absolutely hysterical! Thanks for the very good, funny, post. And you are spot on – it wold be cruel and unusual to expect people to skip the mini-bar before that dinner . I say that as someone who doesn’t even drink! 🙂

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