5 Rejected Google July 4th Logos, Before They Decided on Woody Guthrie

By Rochelle Radzinowitz-Xochiquetzal-Odom, Associated Press Staff Writer


(AP)  Yes, those fascist conservatives are once again raising racist fascistic hell, all because Google chose Woody Guthrie’s song “This Land is Your Land” as its official “holiday doodle” for July 4th. Needless to say, the right-wingers have a problem with the fact that Guthrie was a proud communist, and that his song was specifically intended as a rebuke of “God Bless America.” Indeed, Guthrie’s song slammed the very notion of private property, criticized America for creating poverty and hunger, and (in a verse not always included in modern recordings) questioned whether America really is a “land made for you and me.”

Don’t those xenophobic Rethuglicans know that, just a few days before Google debuted its logo, The Nation magazine chose “This Land is Your Land” as the number one progressive July 4th song of all time? Google was merely following the advice of the completely objective and non-partisan Nation magazine.

In fact, it’s progressives who should be outraged at Google’s decision. Because, before settling on “This Land is Your Land,” Google had five other July 4th logos ready to go, each one of which was an even braver, more social justice-promoting choice.

The AP has been granted an exclusive look at the five logos that were not chosen.


1. God Damn America

This brilliant logo showed Reverend Jeremiah Wright in all his glory, calling upon God to damn America with fire and lightning bolts. This strong, bold, courageous logo would have been the perfect antidote to the far-right’s incessant flag-waving. Clicking on the logo would have taken readers to Bill Ayers’ website.


2. Brett Kimberlin Will Blow You Up

Another bold choice, in which the innocent leftist angel who conservative bloggers tar as being a convicted terrorist, based merely on the fact that he’s a convicted terrorist, reminds us that the real fireworks will occur if anyone writes something that displeases him. Clicking on the logo would have sent readers’ IP info to Kimberlin, so that, from then on, they could rest easy knowing that he could kill them or sue them should they fall out of line.


3. A Sharia-Compliant 4th

On July 4th, if we’re to celebrate anything, it should be our nation’s diversity. And, as we all know, the only true measure of tolerance and diversity is whether or not we support the valiant efforts of our Muslim brothers to protect women from having to be seen. Have patience, Muslim sisters. One day, this will be the (obscured) face of the West! Clicking the logo would have taken readers to the Sean Penn fansite.


4. It’s HIS Day!

If you spend the 4th gorging on hot dogs or reading drivel like the “Declaration of Independence,” you are absolutely missing the point. Today is not about tripe like “freedom” and “independence”…it’s about our great leader, and the struggle he faces defeating the fascists in November. And this wonderful logo reminds us of that. Clicking the logo would have taken readers to the Obama for America website, where – for only $3 – they could be entered into a contest to attend a dinner in Hollywood with Barack Obama and the kid from “Deliverance.”


5. The Truth

This one is my favorite. Google had assembled every progressive truth about the villains known as the “Founding Fathers,” in a logo that would have (re)educated millions, had Google gone with it. That they didn’t is a shame, a disgrace. Clicking the logo would have taken readers to Michael Moore’s website, where they could win a free trip to North Korea (no return ticket), and one modest bowl of synthetic rice substitute a day for the rest of their shortened lives.


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  1. Kender Breitbart MacGowan says:

    Well done, sir….

  2. Texmom says:

    The power has deginitely gone to their heads at Google. Wonder how they have time for such creativity while helping plan revolutions at the same time?

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