Reuters Caught in Race-Baiting Lie

Reuters, the international news agency perhaps best-known for its official one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter editorial policy, and its unofficial editorial policy of using doctored images to slam Israel, demonstrated this week why it should never be confused with a journalistically-credible entity. On July 3rd, Reuters journalist Thomas Brown penned a standard the American criminal justice system is evil and racist piece, which was carried far and wide, in dozens of newspapers (and on sites like the HuffPost). What could have been an interesting, objective look at the case of Quartavious Davis, a teenage armed robber who received a life sentence for a first-time offense, became hopelessly mired in Brown’s relentless obsession with making the story about race.

Thomas Brown

As with pretty much everything that emanates from the “mainstream” media, the bias in the story came from brief interjections of opinion, selective inclusion of facts, and other things that typically give MSM journos enough “plausible deniability” to deny that they are outright lying.

And then Brown outright lied. He wrote (emphasis mine):

Davis’s story will be a prominent case in point for both sides in an increasingly heated debate, pitting those who would protect society from the prospective dangers posed by serial criminals against those who see the United States – whose overcrowded prisons house fully one-quarter of all the prisoners in the world, most of them black – as a bastion of injustice.

“Most” U.S. inmates are black? Brown needs to brush up on the MSM bias playbook. One needs to be careful when lying about figures that are as easy to find online as fetish porn sites. As U.S. government stats clearly show, black men make up a little over 40% of the male inmate population (state and federal combined). Black women make up about 32% of the female inmate population. Combined, blacks make up about 39.4% of inmates in U.S. prisons (whites make up about 34.2%. Hispanics comprise the rest).

Regarding female inmates, white women fall just short of being an actual majority, which, according to liberal logic, must mean that the criminal justice system is racist against white women.

Yes, black people comprise the largest plurality of inmates, but they are not in any way a majority. To say that “most” U.S. inmates are black is false. Patently false. And here’s the kicker – Brown knows this! Early on July 4th (during the brief period that I was sober that day) I wrote to Brown, pointing out the error.

His reply:

Thanks for contacting me Mr. Stein. And please accept my apologies for the slow response. I’ll get the story fixed shortly. It’s an unfortunate editing mistake but I have no one to blame but myself. Regards

Of course, the story was not fixed.

Well done, Reuters! Well done. Never allow facts to get in the way of some good old-fashioned race-baiting.

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  1. Kender Breitbart MacGowan says:

    Expecting the MSM to not be racists against whites is like expecting rosie o’donnell to not generate a personal gravitational field, jesse jackson to enunciate and al gore to use a hybrid car.

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