David Mamet’s Words from 1991 School Obama in Wake of Bulgaria Terror Attack

The horrific tragedy that unfolded in Bulgaria yesterday when a suicide bomber blew up a busload of Israeli tourists, killing five (plus the Bulgarian bus driver), and severely burning many others, made me think about a brief but pivotal scene from David Mamet’s 1991 thriller, “Homicide.” In that movie, Joe Mantegna plays a cop assigned to the case of an elderly Jewish woman – a Zionist activist – who was brutally murdered. At the same time, someone fired shots into the apartment of the woman’s family.

At first, Mantegna’s character is completely unable to believe that the events are related, or politically motivated, leading to this classic bit of Mamet-penned dialogue:

The Israeli government suspects Iran and its proxy Hezbollah in the attack. Of course, the Iran appeasement crowd (I might as well have just said “the entire left”) will argue that it’s merely a coincidence that the Bulgaria attack just so happened to take place on the exact anniversary of the Iranian-orchestrated 1994 bombing of a Jewish center in Argentina, which killed 85 people. Attempted and successful attacks against Israelis in dozens of other countries are purely coincidental, too.

We Jews are just being paranoid.

But in the wake of yesterday’s brutal violence, tell us more, Mr. President, about “the Islamic State of Iran’s legitimate aspirations.”

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