is Casting for Actors…Non-Union Only!

(Update below)

Well, this is rich. Uber-liberal is apparently casting an uproariously funny and deeply insightful PSA (wait, I meant to say a tritely-clichéd and inanely superficial PSA), but – according to the URGENT casting notice placed today on the website, the noble progressives at MoveOn are only accepting submissions from non-union talent. Because, you know, if they used union talent, they’d have to pay union wages.

Perish the thought!

The link is here (while it lasts), screen-capture below.

I mean, bowing to unions is fine when it comes to insignificant things like schools. But progressive PSAs? Those are important, man! If exploiting the labor force is necessary in order to shoot a wacky PSA featuring a “Mitt Romney body double,” then by God, let those filthy proletarians be exploited!

And, once again, the left displays its steadfast dedication to upholding a set of principles as long as those principles don’t impact the pocketbook of the left. Bravo!


UPDATE (Monday, August 06, 2:00pm): The casting notice, as one can see from the screen capture below, was only slated to run until today. It has expired, without having been altered in any way, even though MoveOn “communications director” Nick Berning swore to The Blaze on Saturday that it would be changed to ask for union actors. In other words, he lied his leftist butt off. This site will monitor the PSA when it is released, to find out just how little the non-union actors were paid, and how many hours they were required to work.


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