Team Obama Prepares for Convention by Posting Photo of Obama Staring at Dog’s Ass

I’m beginning to think the Obama campaign is losing it. I mean, I really think they’re losing their collective (and collectivist) minds.  What I can’t quite figure out, though, is, are they so resigned to defeat that they just don’t give a damn anymore, or are they so out-of-touch with reality that they think they can release some of the most laughable campaign materials imaginable and still coast to victory in November?

First, they launched their “I’m In Because…” Facebook page with the most asinine photos of grammatically-challenged morons you’ll ever see outside of an IMDb comment board (example below; full post here). And keep in mind: these aren’t candids…these are OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN PHOTOS.

Then they released a bumper sticker aimed at gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and “transgendered Americans,” in which Obama is smiling like the Joker and looking down at his junk. Again, this is OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN MATERIAL.

Then the campaign released that baffling pic of Obama in perfectly pressed pants and pretty little white gloves digging a hole for some unknown reason (I’ve taken the liberty of posting one of my Photoshopped versions):

And last week, in advance of the convention, Obama for America proudly posted a photo of the Great O staring intensely at his dog’s ass. I mean, he REALLY seems fascinated by it. Fixated, in fact. What’s weird is that there were other photos from that shoot. I found this one on a non-Obama site:

But THIS is the one, the specific one, the ONLY one, that Obama for America chose to officially post:

So, caption contest time! Show me what you got. Post your captions in the comments section (oh, who’m I kidding…you’ll probably end up posting ‘em on Facebook. Fine, be that way). Let’s do justice to this photo that Team Obama believes is a defining portrait of their president.

11 Responses to “Team Obama Prepares for Convention by Posting Photo of Obama Staring at Dog’s Ass”
  1. Laddy says:

    “I always like to look in the mirror before giving a speech.”

  2. Eddie Marquez says:

    I remember once asking my wife, “Where the hell is Obama getting his economic policies…a dog’s ass?” Yep, apparently.

  3. OldManC says:

    President Obama demonstrates how Rahmbo really lost that finger.

  4. ‎”Hmmm…round, shank or flank? Decisions, decisions.”

  5. Alex says:

    “Joe, you in there??”

  6. Daniel says:

    What beef is to dog, puppies are to veal. C’mon, Bo! Go make daddy some veal!

  7. V the K says:

    “Rectum? Damn near ate him!”

  8. nothimagain says:

    If I had a dog he would probably look like me.

  9. nothimagain says:

    Don’t worry son, after I get elected we’ll have nation vetcare.

  10. nothimagain says:

    The average American family is paying too much money on rising Animal Healthcare. In my second term I will make sure you get a tax if people don’t take their pets to the vet.

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