The Left Slanders Paul Ryan (in other surprising news, my cat enjoys tuna)


“PILE ON! FINISH ‘IM OFF!” the torch-wielding villagers demand. “He’s not dead enuff yet!” As The Great Kahane pointed out regarding Sarah Palin, the left is never satisfied with a mere victory; it demands a vernichtungskrieg, a war of extermination.

The left has seized upon the fact that Paul Ryan dared to use the term “urban areas” while discussing voter turnout. Apparently, that means he’s a racist. No, really. Check this out from the always ethically-challenged “Crooks & Liars.” In a post titled “Paul Ryan: We Lost the Election Because Too Many Blacks Voted,” C&L hack “Blue Texan” wrote:

Here’s Paul Ryan, in a single sentence, explaining why he and Mitt Romney lost to the black guy. “I think the surprise was some of the turnout, especially in urban areas, which gave President Obama the big margin to win this race.”

Wow…such racism. I’m surprised he wasn’t wearing a hood. If you Google “urban areas” and Ryan; you’ll see the pile-on.

Oh, wait, this news flash just came in: RYAN WAS ONLY REPEATING STUFF THE LEFT HAS ALSO BEEN SAYING. Whoops.

Take this election-day article from that most beloved of “progressive” institutions, The Atlantic. The entire article is an examination of how turnout in “urban areas” might tip the election for Obama.

So let’s understand the logic. The left can speculate that voter turnout in urban areas might lead to an Obama victory, but if a Republican states that voter turnout in urban areas led to an Obama victory, he hates black people.

Makes sense! (well, as much sense as the left ever makes) It certainly makes as much sense as when CNN producer Rachel Streitfeld claimed that Mitt Romney was using a “derogatory term” by referring to “Democrat leaders,” even as CNN’s own site used the same term to describe leaders of that party. Gotta love the left!

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