“R is for Retard” – PBS “Million Puppet March” Organizer Calls Me a “Retard”

Drunk Kermit gets ornery when I make him sleep in the tub (it’s…uh…more sanitary, I’ll just say).


Tolerance, thy name is Chris Mecham. The co-organizer of the much-ballyhooed “Million Puppet March” (formerly the “Million Muppet March”) that was held in Washington DC the weekend before the election doesn’t seem to like satire, at least not when it mocks his attempts to keep Sesame Street’s mouth firmly affixed to the government teat.


Chris Mecham (on the right). Not pictured: Gainful employment.


Mr. Mecham is also a bit slow on the uptake, as he only yesterday discovered the parody video I did of his “puppet march”…a parody from over two weeks ago.



And it didn’t even get a lot of hits. Oh, and Obama won, so it didn’t influence a damn thing. So you’d think that victorious Mr. Mecham would just be able to laugh it off, pop open a bottle of government-funded sparkling cider, and move on to more pressing details, like raising middle-class taxes to bring back “The Electric Company.”

Ah, but if you thought that, you’d be overestimating Chris Mecham. Because that tireless promoter of Sesame Street wholesomeness took one look at my parody video, featuring my recurring character “Drunk Kermit,” and decided to (publicly) leave a comment stating that I’m an “effing retard.”

Now there’s liberal tolerance and sensitivity for you, PBS style!

Emails sent to PBS, Sesame Street, and Mecham’s “Million Puppet March” co-organizer Michael Bellavia (president of Animax Entertainment) have gone unanswered. I will therefore assume that they’re okay with using the term “retard.” As I said, so very tolerant, so very sensitive, these lefties are (to be clear, Mecham does not work for PBS or Sesame Street. I’m…not actually sure he works at all. But his Million Puppet concept was endorsed by Sesame Street puppeteers, and other major players in the puppet world, like the cast of Avenue Q. Here’s the official site of the “march”).

Two points:

1) After I began emailing people asking for comment regarding Mecham’s “retard” post, he removed it. Ah, but that’s why God invented screen-grabs. Sorry, Chris!



2) Along with calling me a “retard,” Mecham righteously proclaimed that he and his co-organizer “never – NEVER – said the march was to support PBS.”

Which is why he told The Hollywood Reporter that he hopes the march will draw,

“everyone from the young families with kids who understand the value of PBS Kids television programming, to retirees–the generation of citizens that built America’s public broadcasting network and who know its value to democracy and to national security.”

Oh, and go back and look at the picture I posted of Mecham near the beginning of this article. Yep, no mention of PBS. Indeed, they never mentioned PBS. That was just an invention by this “effing retard.”

Looking at Mecham’s personal website, his passion (apart from forcing taxpayers to pay for muppets, and calling people who dissent “retards”) is his sobriety and his status as a recovering addict. And if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times…people who define themselves by their “recovery” get on my nerves like mosquitoes at a BBQ. I respect their choice, I respect their right to live clean. But sonofabitch they get on my nerves. Pompous, self-righteous, preachy jackasses.

And for the record, Drunk Kermit and I don’t care for anyone who won’t drink with us.


7 Responses to ““R is for Retard” – PBS “Million Puppet March” Organizer Calls Me a “Retard””
  1. John Brown says:

    What is it with homos and PBS, oh maybe Elmo’s right hand man can help out.

  2. Eddie Marquez says:

    I think Mecham should start drinking again. He’s obviously dumb as a brick sober.

  3. HogsandQuiches says:

    Check this out. Just another leech and drain on scoiety:

    “At one point in treatment my counselor had me walk around with a syringe in my pocket. I carried it around for 5 days. I wasn’t really much of an IV drug user, not that I wouldn’t have become one. I tried it a couple of times. It was great, but it was kind of complicated. And honestly I got into treatment right after those first experiences with needles. I never disclosed it to my counselor. I was, after all, allowed to go to treatment on the State’s dime because I was an “IV drug user”, or so I told them so I could get in.”

    Perpetual victim lefty wants free stuff – not freedom.

  4. Chris Mecham says:

    Yeah. Sorry. Sometimes my temper gets the better of me. I was an ass. I apologize.

    • kishke says:

      Yes, you are an ass. But what about the lie you told about the march not being in support of PBS? You didn’t address that in your apology.

      • Chris Mecham says:

        the march was in support of public broadcasting. PBS is only a small part of that larger umbrella. And my niece made the sign, not me. So it’s not a lie. The march was to support the CPB – who happens to provide some support to PBS, but to limit it to PBS is erroneous. I can even picture a solution where PBS ends up with NO federal support that would make sense, But if the CPB disappeared overnight there are real harms that would happen in my state. Certain counties would lose their access to high speed internet, something brought to them for the benefit of the sheriff’s department by a partnership between Idaho Public Television and the Dept. of Homeland Security. A number of people would lose the only broadcast signal of any kind that they receive.

        Now I do agree that it is a good idea for us to move away from a model where non-commercial, public interest broadcasters move away from having to go, hat in hand, to congress every year for next years money. But I’m less concerned about the drain on the federal budget that causes and the infringement on liberty and more concerned with the fact that it limits those broadcasters ability to exercise free speech. You don’t tell your mom she’s fat and then ask her for a new toy, right?

        I just think yanking the rug out from under the system will do more harm to more people that the good, and the costs of that harm far outweigh the current good. So until we find a solution that can be implemented over time, we leave it how it is. That’s my point.

        There are good, well reasoned arguments against public media funding available from the Cato institute that are worth a read if you want the best quality conservative argument out there and just so you can really understand how complex the issue is, from someone who is going to come out on the same side as you, it is worth a read.

  5. SamHerman says:

    Even worse, Chris. You are a hypocrite AND an ass. I am a neurologist who treats patients with cognitive impairments and just insulted millions of them. Your apology is as false as your ideology.

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