NAACP-Connected Black Radical Praises Connecticut Mass-Murderer

By David Stein

ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA – Omali Yeshitela, the leader of the black revolutionary organization the African People’s Socialist Party (aka the “Uhuru Movement”), has released a praise-filled statement celebrating Omar Thornton, the African-American man who murdered eight co-workers at a beer distribution company in Manchester, Connecticut on August 3rd. Thornton, who calmly gunned down his victims after having been accused of stealing beer while on the job, apparently believed that his coworkers were “racists.”

Omar Thornton 

In his statement, titled “African worker shoots and kill (sic) colonial bosses in Connecticut,” Yeshitela writes,

Brother Omar even shot and killed Bryan Cirigliano, president of Teamsters 1035, who was suppose to have been representing Omar at a hearing where the company fired Omar only moments before shots rang out inside the company’s offices. Cirigliano’s role was apparently equal to that of a Public Defender or State Appointed Lawyer in criminal proceedings against colonial subjects. They are “yes men” filling out legal obligations….if he was caught getting beer, he was only getting compensated for stolen black labor.

In the end, Brother Omar took his own life, they say. And, if this is the case, he was not to give the Colonial police or the Colonialist court the opportunity to legally murder him by bullet or death chamber.

The idea that he could have escaped was apparently not included in his justice seeking plans, although it should have been.

According to reports, Brother Omar called his mother after shooting his predetermined antagonists, telling her, “I shot the racists that were bothering me.”

According to the white ruling class media outlet, Associated Press of August 5, which appeared in the Houston Chronicle, “Friends and Family of those who died said they couldn’t imagine their loved ones doing what Thornton said, and the company and union said Thornton never reported any harassment.”

Well, as someone from Alcoholics Anonymous would say to an alcoholic who refuse to believe they have an addiction: you are in denial. By the same token, there are very few colonials who admit they are anti-black racist.

They both reap material rewards; the alcoholic more whiskey, wine, and beer. And the colonial, more vacations, more cars, and more luxury homes, and the convenience of not going to prison, no matter what crimes they commit. They have the luxury of not being shot down in the streets and in their homes by the different U.S. police agencies.


(Mark Essex was an African-American mass-murderer who went on a seven-day killing spree targeting white people in New Orleans in 1972)

Yeshitela is a friend and colleague of North Carolina NAACP official Curtis Gatewood, who has partnered with Yeshitela in organizing anti-Semitic rallies, and who pledged his NAACP chapter’s support for Yeshitela and his endeavors (click here for additional background on Yeshitela).

Originally posted on August 12, 2010

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