It Has Been a Pleasure


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It Has Been a Pleasure.

I have run the Republican Party Animals for almost five years. During that time, I have not only proven that there is a big audience, even in a lefty town like L.A., for large-scale conservative live events, but, through my blog posts, I have been able to make a genuine difference in the never-ending fight against liberal mushy-headedness.

In the past month alone, I got the U.S. Department of Defense to drop two asinine, taxpayer-funded programs: the “Power and Privilege” military indoctrination program, and the “use humor against your rapist” training video for “non-violent intervention.” After I exposed both programs, the DoD eliminated them. Over the past five years, I have had the pleasure of scoring many such small but important victories.

And I was looking forward to scoring many more. Sadly, an exceptionally vindictive young lady has taken it upon herself to destroy in one minute what it took me five years to build. It was an assassination, to be sure, but at least it’s the kind of assassination you walk away from, and that’s something to be thankful for.

As the movie says, “We may be through with the past, but the past isn’t through with us.”


The news of the passing of the great Richie Havens brought this song to mind. It’s always been my favorite version of this particular classic, and it speaks volumes to me right now, and not for the first time in my life.

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  1. Diana says:

    Oh my goodness…I’ m so sorry to hear that you won’t be writing the Republican Party Animal any more–and that you’re going through hell because of something that happened a long time ago.

    I hope that you can come back with a new blog–it would be a shame to see such a force for conservative good be forced into silence.

    Will miss your writing.


    • Artoo45 says:

      Uh, he’s still a holocaust denialist. it’s not “something he did in the past.”

      • Tel says:

        Using media catchphrases like ‘holocaust denialst’ is retarded.

      • Joe says:

        Claiming one is a hollowcost denier says YOU are ignorant at best or a judaic liar at worst. Judaic liar being redundant.

      • george says:

        Anyone with a brain is a holocrock “denialist”. David did the world a big favor 30 years ago. Go see his interviews and the video on the camps. A schoolkid can tear the hoax to shreds, and he proved it bigtime. This guy is one of the greatest americans to have ever lived.

        • EarleyDaysYet says:

          His letter to the JDL renouncing his views as a “holocaust denier”:

        • Rick B. says:

          You sir, like Mr. Cole/Stein, are an ignorant, bigoted scum bag. People like you would gladly and happily engage in yet another program of mass murder to purge your vision of a fascist theocratic utopia from all determined to oppose and end your dream of a theocratic plutocracy melange of nazi Germany and current day Iran. America, REAL America is on to you and your ilk. Losing the popular vote in four of the last five presidential elections should tell you something, as should currently holding the US house thanks only to gerrymandering. America will be a much better nation once you and your ilk have been fully identified and marginalized completely as you should be. Have a great day!

          • Marcy Fleming says:

            Rick, you have described yourself to a T in your first sentence. Interested readers can look up Debating The Holocaust by Thomas Dalton, PH.D on Amazon and elsewhere. As a Jew I’m glad the whole bogus gas chambers, human bars of soap & lampshades, the six million figure and the whole Shoah Business Cult is being exposed now in two dozen books besides Dalton’s.

          • Tel says:

            Rick B, you sound like a religious whackjob.

      • JD Taylor says:

        :”Uh, he’s still a holocaust denialist. it’s not “something he did in the past.”

        So, unless six million Jews were killed it is not a holocaust?

        The truth be told, there was a holocaust, it was called World War 2 and some people, such as all the people in Poland and Jewish populations suffered more than others does not make their deaths any less tragic

        What focusing on a “final solution” and “mass extermination” does is undermine the credibility of the tremendous suffering of the Jewish people.

        Jews were hated for simply tring to live in lands which were not their own

        Why does it take six million having to die when it should only take one, to see the injustice?

  2. Eric Golub says:


    You let a lot of people down, but making things right is usually a better option than running.

    I would like to talk to you on the telephone to hear your side of things. I am willing to keep an open mind.

    I hope you do me that courtesy since I am genuinely reaching out to you.

  3. Jett Rucker says:

    I wonder if you’re getting relegated (like me).

    There ARE certain wars (fought by certain people) in which, if you EVER take a certain side in them, you then (unless you become “someone else”) may only fight on that side. Interested in other wars? Unh-unh. THAT war is the only one you can fight in, and indeed, on THAT side only.

    It’s not so bad. There’s NO money in it (quite the opposite), and NO glory (again, opposite), but it is, if only for that reason, the war most worth fighting. I hope to find you beside me in this, my war. Whether I recognize you or not.

  4. Ex-FB friend says:

    God, you’re a pathetic scumbag. Don’t ever show your face in political circles again. I suggest taking up knitting.

    Fuck you very much!

    • Joe says:

      Your post shows you are what you claim David is. Like the judaic crying out in pain as he stabs you in the back your post shows an animosity derived from a childs emotional response to stimuli.

    • george says:

      Dear ex-FB friend,
      Truth. They say the truth hurts, often times it does. That doesn’t matter however because truth is the standard that civilization must adhere to. It is never wrong. It is never the wrong thing to do.

      What your ex-friend did was truth. Something you apparently do not understand.

      You are what is wrong with this country, with this world.

      • Ali says:

        Thank you sir for your comments! Yes, you are right! Ive recently seen David’s old videos with Phil Donahue and with Montell Williams, and will be watching David’s “Auschwitz” documentary!

        What David did is truth, and yes Tautologic the recanting was fake….

  5. David says:

    David, I was thrilled to find out that you were still alive and kicking and still questioning the official Holocaust story. (I always knew that Soviet-style recantation forced on you by the JDL was bogus.)

    You’re a brave, heroic soul. I too am a Jewish atheist—and who had relatives who died in the Polish camps—and I too question the official Holocaust story thanks to you and many other brave souls. At the very least, it should be open to investigation and discussion. That fact that it isn’t tells me that “something is rotten in the state of Poland.”

    • Artoo45 says:

      He’s “brave?” He totally folded and ran away and he’s brave? Most bigots are cowards underneath their bluster.

      • Joe says:

        Why don’t you think of how YOU would live your life, go to work, clean your yard, garden, shop etc while trained assassins are paid to find and kill you? Your post shows a very limited thought process. That of an eternal child or a judaic.

  6. cyt says:

    hang in there. you have more people supporting you then you may know.

  7. Jesse says:

    David, I’m sure you’re hurting bad. I mean, being betrayed and exploited by a woman like that, and losing a lot of your friends and connections as a result. It’s something that happens to the best of us.

    There’s a lot of people out there who have been thinking about you over the years, hoping you were still alive and doing well. You possess the virtues of truth and integrity, and it certainly is a shame this has once again thrown a wrench into your efforts at fighting against the insane narratives of the politically correct, liberal & progressive left. You don’t owe anyone an apology, and there is no need to cater to the those who wish to distance themselves from you for political reasons.

    I hope you’re able to once again recover and rebuild from this. Fighting the good fight is often a lonely struggle. Never forget that there people who have you in their hearts, and don’t let those who shout for your demise or defeat to distract you from this and what you hold true for yourself.

  8. Paul says:

    Hi David,

    I am really pleased to learn that you are alive and well – and have done quite well for yourself too.

    I saw a lot of your stuff in the 90’s and was amazed by your bravery, integrity and most of all, your research.

    I read about the threats to you and your mother, your assault and your Soviet style recantation, and then you disappeared from view. I did fear the worst, and have often wondered what became of you.

    Well, anyhow, I am very glad to learn that you weren’t harmed or worse – but very sad to learn that your choice to start anew has been betrayed, and you are facing renewed adversity for simply holding an opinion, and one that has a lot of evidential backing.

    You are clearly a very intelligent, resourceful and resilient individual though and I have no doubt that you will shake this off and move onwards and upwards.

    I wish you all the best, friend. Good luck.


  9. Kladderadatsch says:

    Hey David,

    Glad to hear you’re alive and kickin’ and fighting the good fight in L.A.

    LOL @ your erstwhile friend Eric Golub and his shrieking hysterics. The comments to his “denouncement” (it ain’t an announcement) on the Washington Times “communities” page are comedy gold. A sample:

    Cole is a pathetic degenerate of a man.
    Cole/Stein is a con man.
    This guy was (WAS, as he’s dead to me!) an obnoxious self-aggrandizing loudmouth.
    What a filthy pathetic loser.
    David Cole is a fraud.
    He should, and hopefully will be, vilified by all bastions of humanity.

    Do these people ever stop to ask themselves why they need to spit such venom? Could it be that they’re afraid?

    You’re in for another five minutes of hate, David, but LOL it’s just going to prove once more how right you were and are, and how much that gets the professional right thinkers among us in a sweat.

    Let the pant-shitting begin!

    In the meantime, you’re a hero. But you knew that already. 😉

    K.Z. Kladderadatsch von Bummler

    • Joe says:

      You wrote
      “Do these people ever stop to ask themselves why they need to spit such venom? Could it be that they’re afraid?”
      Brings to mind two quotes,
      He that conceals the truth is a coward. He that forbids the truth clearly fears it. He that fears the truth must be hiding big lies. He that even feels injured by the truth admits thereby what a guilty conscience he has.
      Alexander Hoyer

      There is no reason to supress a viewpoint UNLESS it is true.

  10. Jeff says:


    You’re a born leader with too much to offer humanity to let these monolithic tribal goons beat you down before you rise up again and shine the light on their lies, treachery and deception. The universe rooted you out for a reason. Now, take a deep breath and get back on that horse! You supporters have grown in numbers that will astound you and support you! Now, get back out in front and lead!

  11. El says:

    Your 46 questions still remain unanswered

  12. Sean says:

    Hi David.

    I wanted to add my support and best wishes to those of many others. I understand your decision to move on with a new life after what you went through all those years ago, but thank you for having the courage to stand by your convictions now that you’ve been forced back into this awful situation. I hope you won’t be subjected to any more thuggery or terroristic threats, and that you will continue to speak boldly in defense of the truth. You have a lot of friends rooting for you, who are overjoyed to hear that you have been safe and successful (and you have been, this current to-do takes nothing from what you’ve accomplished with RPA). When I read the story this morning, you might as well have told me Elvis was alive and well!

  13. Raul Goldstein says:


    You are a hero. Very few people have taken a stand for something they believe in at such great risk to one’s life. I am sure you are aware of the huge service you have done for truth and how much that has blossomed now in 2013. The wall is falling, and you were one of the few who struck the first blows; and your blows were devastating! Take a look at the comments sections on the Guardian article; lots of people have seen the light. You have an army of supporters now David. There is nothing the goons can do now; the genie is out of the bottle.

  14. Charles says:


    Many of us are so happy to hear that you are alive and well. The religion of Holocaustianity allows no heretics, so we are happy that you have survived their thugs.

  15. Jonathan says:


    I hope you’re doing okay. I find it absurd that people are abandoning you and throwing ad hominems at you merely because you have objectively studied history; I suspect that commenters on here such as “Ex-FB friend” are oblivious to what the arguments/questions of revisionists even are. Does “Ex-FB friend” even realize that no revisionist denies the existence of camps and that many people died? Does “Ex-FB friend” even realize how much propaganda has surrounded this event, e.g., the initial Soviet reports of Jews at Auschwitz being exterminated by electrocution on conveyor belts that led to a giant furnace (which no modern historian believes), or the initial claims of the Buchenwald camp being an “extermination factory” (a camp that is not considered to be an extermination camp by modern mainstream historians)? “Ex-FB friend” is probably the type of person who superficially views footage of camps such as Dachau or Bergen-Belsen (which are not even considered to be extermination camps by mainstream historians), and thinks that the footage of corpses in Dachau or Bergen-Belsen is definitive proof of deliberate extermination, whereas in actuality, the primary reasons people died in those particular camps was because of typhus outbreaks, which the Germans actually tried to prevent via disinfection (This is uncontroversial, mainstream-accepted history). In conclusion, there should be no shame or persecution in merely objectively examining the event and trying to make a discernment of whether or not one particular claim about the event might possibly be false, just as there has been numerous other claims about the event which have been shot down in the past as untrue. I’m not sure what your current views are precisely, but I hope you will endeavour to continue your research and report your opinions and findings for the sake of truth and integrity.



  16. Karinka says:

    Dear David,
    I often wondered what happened to you? I am a German woman who got abused here in the US for being German. I was relatively clueless about the Holocaust as I practiced Eastern Spirituality and lived elsewhere. This made me curious and I started to want to see all sides, practicing my attraction and aversion, preferences and observation lessons . The Holocaust is indeed a marvelous tool for spiritual growth/quest of overcoming your preferences of wanting and needing to be right or liked. You also learn how flimsy friendships are as friends leave you quickly if you only use the word Jew or Holocaust once. This was weird to me at times. The holocaust teaches how shallow our notion of unconditional love is and how the taboos of society make out of human being monsters based one what (???) – questioning something? Not knowing and speaking the party line makes you a better human being? People are shallow and insecure when it comes to the holocaust, and may feel that it could happen to them what happened to the Jews and that is how the Jews may get sympathy. I just wish that everything about the story would be 100% true and not just emotional ridden tear stories based on revenge and yes very often even lies. That there are so many lies about the Holocaust shocked me when I found out. That of course, does not make it untrue at all but it shows that people who lie and are out for revenge against Germans, people who don’t teach us universal love… such people can NOT and never be our teachers by any means. It is wise for every human being who wants to live an honest life based on truth to take up responsibility and study history based on rationality and evidence and not emotionality.

    After I came across your Video with Ernst Zündel, who is still traumatized and does not touch computers, so I heard, out of fear to get back into jail… I often wondered… what happened to you? I heart they threatened you and your family, they beat you. It must have been so traumatizing that you thought that you had to change even your name. Abuse can do that. Abuse can hurt so much that one wants to please society and do the things you did – why not do pro Holocaust movies now- why not – but does it not show the relativity of history and the things we take for granted even better? We think we live the truth and often swim in an ocean if lies and kill others because of that (see 9/11). All the “make-believe” based on emotionality instead of rationality and evidence is nothing but abuse and totally wrong.

    Anyway, most important is that you are well. I am myself very interested in the truth as our children and children children are supposed to pay reparation fro the Holocaustians – a new religion – which replaced Judaism and Christianity – forever. I found that wrong. I think if that happens we should tell more about the Gulag and who was responsible for that and make the people pay for the 66 million who died there… Guess, who was partly or hugely responsible? Well we can’t say… 🙂 – It seems weird to me that the 66 Million Gulag victims are hardly even mentioned in the US – no one seems cares for the Russians – or?

    I find that prospect very uninspiring and not very uplifting for humanity because the truth is that I suspect that a lot of things are not really as told and why build a future based on lies. See, even of you only tell 10% a lie it is still 100 percent untrue and that is why we must be fair about history and tell all sides.

    In order to find out one has to study and study. I would love to know which book of history you recommend.

    We must strife to be decent human beings and refrain from abuse about religion, history and mere believe. Don’t we have better things to do in life anyway?

    Anyway, I wish you well dear David. I can only imagine how much you must have suffered to go the road you did? In a way, it feels as if you perhaps wanted to please society and do what they wanted you to do for peace sake and yet, even of it hurts your credibility, I know that abuse can be so painful that it changes a person. Let us know more what is on your mind. You are welcome as a human being either way – just as you are.

    Sending you love and care

    Our heart should be will all victims of war and violence (as much as possibly equally). May we live a live based on truth and love for all of humanity equally – including Germans.

  17. Adam Syed says:

    Godspeed David. I have lived the last 5 years of my life holding my breath waiting for you to resurface. Well, not literally, but you know what i mean.

  18. Ryan says:

    David, you’re in this movie about the holocaust. A friend and I made it. I’d like to interview you some time.

  19. jeff says:

    David, thank you for your courage to question the myths of this period in history. Always wondered what became of you. Glad to know you have been safe. It is much to ask but please, tell the world your story over and over. We need truth now more than ever. There is so many people who support you and would like you to do interview with Ryan Dawson (the request above my post). Please do it. War makes little sense and we see no end in sight. This subject has much to do with it wether some realize it or not. I am sure you do. Help us to stop all this murdering and expose the lies we are being forced to swallow. Thanx again, jeff turner

  20. Tautoulogic says:

    Regardless your opinion on his life style or political convictions,

    The point is David Cole was factually correct as it comes to his view on the holocaust all along.
    Look up for example “David Cole’s 46 Questions About the Gas Chambers”.
    These questions remain yet to be answered. Or this video:

    It amazes this aspect about this whole situation gets almost completely ignored.
    Namely the fallowing historical revisions David Cole is known to support:
    – There is no proof or indications of any policy of extermination against the Jews having taken place in nazi-controlled europe.
    – There is no proof or indications for the use of ‘Homicidal Gas Chambers’ to kill jews.
    – No where near 6 million jews had perished as a result of ww2.

    Also please watch:
    The points lawyer Sylvia Stolz makes in the video is exactly what we are witnessing now again with David, namely that the concept of heresy is not dead, it is alive and thriving. This time against people questioning aspects about the holocaust or events on 9/11 2001.

    It may be correct that he has been lying about his identity,
    But that does not mean the situation, as honest journalism emphasizes, can be examined from both perspectives.

    What made him change his identity?, And most of all, where his claims about the holocaust factually correct, Do his statements really qualify as ‘holocaust denial’, or are they perhaps a genuine revision of the facts availble? For examining these question one can also watch:
    “The truth behind the gates of Auschwitz” It’s David Cole’s first documentary production, which btw, clearly shows of an amzing talent for documentary film making.
    In the film David goes to visit Auschwitz and does an interview with the director of the Auschwitz Archive-Museum named Dr. Franciszek Piper.
    Then he documents some stunning revelations for the first time on video, Dr. Piper admits that the alledged ‘Homicidal Gas chamber’ at the Auschwitz main camp actually is a reconstruction build by the soviets after the war, supposedly based on eyewitness testimonies. Even though they always claimed it to be an authentic ‘Gas chamber’. You can Watch the documentary here:

    Further more, now some of you perhaps are encountering holocaust revisionist material for the first time, i want you to take notice of what the holocaust revisionist movement and it’s supporters consists of, can especially be seen in the Sylvia Stolz video. Do they really look like what you imagine to be a ‘stromfront visitor’, a ‘skinheads’ or ‘idiots influenced by the skinheads’ for that matter? No they don’t.

    As one becomes more familiar with the movement, one will learn most of the leading holocaust revisionists do not even emphasize a ‘national socialist’ ideology. But rather consists of the most bravest and ethically motivated historians, lawyers and people who have examined the subject extensively for years.
    Such as David Cole.

    So David no matter what you are going to do next , i hope you too see your work of the 90’s really DID have a lot of impact, even though you became especially more heared of with the rise of the internet. Too bad (almost) no one knew wether or not you where even alive today.
    Wish you all the best and thank you.


  21. george says:

    David Cole (Stein) is one of the most courageous individuals ever. What he did served truth, and served it very well. He is a worldwide hero, and american hero, and rightly so. The man has more courage and has done more in the service of truth than almost anyone alive today in the public eye. He should be defended and praised, and if you dont agree I challenge you to view his interviews and his work he did as a young man. This guy is a hero of immense proportions and gigantic impact which has lasted decades (for good reason.. and for good effect… basically for the good of all).

  22. Rashid says:

    Hey David Stein,

    The only thing more inspiring than a beautiful sunset is knowing that on the next morning their will be a beautiful sunrise.

    Hey David Cole,

    Good to have you back brother. Lets fight the good fight together.

  23. JeffB says:

    Glad to learn that you are OK, David. I’m Jewish and hope you will return to your very important work to search for the truth of what actually happened in the “Holocaust”. Your started a great work and there are many of us.that hope you will return to it. And even if you don’t. what you have already done is a service, Best wishes –Jeff B

  24. Steven Stern says:

    David, You are a brave man to have chosen such a tough road in life. I wish I had half the talent you have. Good luck in the future and thank you for all you have done in the past–both as Cole and Stein.

  25. adam syed says:

    Raul Goldstein said: “Take a look at the comments sections on the Guardian article; lots of people have seen the light. You have an army of supporters now David.”

    I was just perusing the comments section there, and it appears that all of the pro revisionist comments have been deleted by the mods. LOTS of purged comments. Only the incessant, vapid attacks remain. Well, they’re called the Guardian for a reason I guess.

  26. spanner says:

    it’s a wonder she hasn’t had an accident yet. I wouldn’t like to meet some itinerant drugged and untraceable desperado’s out in the New Mexico deserts……. just sayin’.

    always remember, Revenge is a dish best served Cold….

  27. brett says:

    You are a liar. If I ever see your Jew hating, Holocaust denying ass around my streets of L.A. I promise you there will be words.

  28. Gabreal Jones says:


    Good you are still alive. Tinbergen was Dutch. You are a Sefardi. I am a poet born and living in Holland. A poet friend of mine who shares with me the same word etymo-logical madhouse- only he sees ‘Diets’ (Old Dutch) as the source of most languages (in my view it is Sanskrit)- immediately said when I spoke about Sefardis: zee vaart. In English see fare. After 1492 the Sefardis were welcomed in Holland because of their knowledge of Seafare routes.

    Well steered: larboard – starboard. Sail On Sailor.

    See: vidrebel of Horse 237 29th april
    darkmoon .me
    posted your donahue 94 vid there
    without knowing of your coming out

    CIA O

  29. Gabreal Jones says:

    Stein/ Cole (the Dutch word for coal is steenkool [staincoal]) > Captain Coal, Thank You.!

    Maceo Parker – To be or not To be

    CIA O

  30. Carl says:

    Wow you’re still around.:) Been wondering what happened to you from time to time. I have studied some of your work from back in the day and admired your honesty. Must have been hard for you with all the threats but now you can be yourself again. I hope you keep standing up for truth and reason and don’t let the haters get you down.

  31. There was no budget.

    There was no plan.

    There was no extermination order from Hitler.

    Preeminent Holocaust expert Raul Hilberg said: “What began in 1941 was a process of destruction not planned in advance, not organized centrally by any agency. There was no blueprint and there was no budget for destructive measures. [These measures] were taken step by step, one step at a time. Thus came about not so much a plan being carried out, but an incredible meeting of minds, a consensus — mind reading by a far-flung bureaucracy.”

    Is this really a comprehensible explanation?

  32. John says:

    Much has changed since the 90s. More and more HUMANS are waking up to the lies and propaganda of our recent history. David, stand strong. Thanks to the power of the net millions around the world are learning the TRUTH every day and connecting the dots.

    People like you and Mr. Snowden who has just exposed the worldwide surveillance network …NSA.

    You are an inspiration to many.

    The hysterical out there fear to see the truth. They are the true Jew haters. They, in fact are NOT Jews, according to some Jews. They are what the true Jews call the Zionists, the athiest Zionists.

    But, really, all we all want to know is the truth right? It is not a particular race or religion that is the problem. It is our COLLECTIVE denial of reality, like the denials we face around 911 and THREE buildings collapsing free fall and believing this happened because planes hit and there were fires. BS and we all know it.

    The hysterics are very concerned there will be a real Holocaust if the world ever finds out what really happened in WW1, WW2, and how they have planned WWIII right back to the days of Freemason Albert Pike, the Zionist founder of the KKK. Strange how we have been programmed to think that was all set up by a bunch Nazi Aryans! Who is doing the programming anyway?

    I trust the TRUE Jewish people will uncover the organized crime of the Zionist impostors who have no love for the Jewish any more than the Mafia has a love for the Italians. We are all just pawns in their criminal game. Jews, Arabs, Blacks, Whites, and the entire non-Zionist people in the world are just their intended slaves and cannon fodder.

    Let’s not be divided and stand strong for TRUTH and nothing else. No ideologies, no false idols, and false religion. The true religious consciousness is founded in love, forgiveness, and unity of the soul. You know something is not right when the divide and rule trick is at work.

    Fear is their food, hate is their weapon. They will try to divide whites and blacks, Jews and Arabs, left and right, so that can manipulate us all. David, thank you for not falling for it.

    You were right to retreat and wait for a better time. Now is the time for the truth to be revealed.

    Go for it.

  33. James b says:

    Wonder what David could do now if at that age did such an incisive video about the gas chambers in Auschwitz.

  34. Dino Vettri - Não acredite. Pense. says:

    Hi David,

    Your video about Auschwitz is reasonable and objective. Your intent was morally noble and philosophically truthful.

    I have great respect for your braveness to raise such a relevant subject on a video and incite the necessary questioning and thinking for the survival of a healthy society.

    Brave man and long life to you!

    I hope you can see this moment as an opportunity to come out of the darkened corner you have been bullied in and to the light continue your journey in mirroring honestly the world.

    I believe you will have no assassination of your enterprise if you continue to be coherent to truth. People will come back and you will may be surprised by the size and loyalty of your re-shaped audience.

    Good luck my friend!

  35. MARK STEVENS says:

    Where is the lie and where is the truth?
    David Cole who when he wanted to get a new life and get some of the Hollywood money did two essential things:
    1- He publicly apologized for in 1998 for everything he said, wrote, filmed or did as a Holocaust denier
    2- He changed his name to David Stein and started lying about his past to everyone.

    Today having been find out he again wants to manipulate everyone.

    This man evidently has identity issues (a Jew violently at odds with his family and people) , probably past trauma, pathological attention seeking tendencies and a manipulative pattern of behavior, which lead me to think that he will never be at peace with the world or himself. Poor man.

    Here are his own words:

    “….I would like to state for the record that there is no question in my mind that during the Holocaust of Europe’s Jews during World War Two, the Nazis employed gas chambers in an attempt to commit genocide against the Jews. At camps in both Eastern and Western Europe, Jews were murdered in gas chambers which employed such poison gases as Zyklon B and carbon monoxide (in the Auschwitz camp, for example, the gas chambers used Zyklon B). The evidence for this is overwhelming and unmistakable.

    The Nazis intended to kill all of the Jews of Europe, and the final death toll of this attempted genocide was six million. This atrocity, unique in its scope and breadth, must never be forgotten.

    During my four years as a denier, I was wracked with self-hate and loathing, a fact that many of my critics were quick to point out. Indeed, this self hatred was obvious to most, but I was too blind to see it. The hate I had for myself I took out on my people. I was seduced by pseudo-historical nonsense and clever-sounding but empty ideas and catch-phrases. When my eyes were finally opened, thanks to several good, kind friends who refused to give up on me even at my worst, I was horrified by what I had done. My instinct was to flee and never look back, but I now understand that I owe it to the people I wronged to make a forceful repudiation of my earlier views. I also owe a very large apology, not only to the many people I enraged, and to the family and friends I hurt, but especially to the survivors of the Holocaust, who deserve only our respect and compassion, not re-victimization.

    Therefore, to all of the above people, let me offer my most humble and very, very sincere apology. I am sorry for what did, and I am sorry for the hurt I caused.

    • Beatty says:

      Hey Mark Stevens: let me get this straight. The guy stays hidden – out of sight – for EIGHTEEN FUCKING YEARS, and when he is outed, against his will, you accuse him of having “pathological attention seeking tendencies?” Seriously? You’re THAT stupid? So, tell me, genius, why did he stay hidden for eighteen years? You think that’s the behavior of someone with “pathological attention seeking tendencies?” You are an idiot. A waste of cells. The guy had started a new life and he was living happily in it for almost two decades. It’s always amazing to me that cretins like you exist, people for whom facts and evidence mean nothing. You don’t have one-billionth of the character of the kind of man who took the risks that Cole did, and who then asked nothing more than to be left in peace. Go fuck yourself, idiot.

  36. Doug says:

    Mr Cole I have had a radio program at Shepherd University that I’m about to restart in a few weeks and if you are interested I would very much like to speak with you on the subject of the truth of what you and many others have shown concerning the validity of the Soviet propaganda that we are supposed to worship as fact.
    If something is true there should be no fear of it’s scrutiny.
    You and many others have pointed out that the morbid fantasy that we are required to believe in with malicious ferver is completely false and made out of whole cloth. This evil nonsense is the sole reason used to justify the existence of the Zionist terrorist state. In closing let me point out that the hollow cause religion for the most part vilifies the Jews who are secondary only to the German people as it’s victims. Those who seek the truth in this matter are next on this persecution list. In order for the story to be true the Jews in question would have had to participate in the process to a suicidal extent.

  37. Jean Bush says:

    I found you on holohoax101 and learned you were back. Welcome home and congratulations on your new book, which I have ordered.

    Glad to hear you have been “abusing your Jewishness…” and hope you continue to do so. You do know, I think, that the “gas chambers” were used for delousing clothes and mattresses at the holding camps, as most Jews there were filthy and unused to proper hygiene.

    I live in Hollywood and will be nosing around to see if you’re giving any talks, etc.


  38. Rachamim Slonim Dwek says:

    All these pathetic losers championing an intellectually bankrupt person like Cole. He lacked even the minimum amount of integrity to own his own views. As for the morons supporting him, lauding his “films,” obviously you have never watched his standard documentaries where he fully articukates that the Holocaust was real, 6 million died, gas chambers were used and so on and so forth. Championing a person who talks out of both sides of his mouth is pretty pathetic. Cole flip flops for adulation and profit and like any whore can never be trusted. Whining about being outted? He should have been upfront then noone could have touched him. Instead he simply lied and manufactured an entirely known persona.

    I find it most telling that Cole said absolutely nothing to the bigots here but then he has since tried to reclaim his spot as an ignorant racist, a flagellating self hater so it is what it is. Cole is a loser who took all the gifts he had been given and one by one destroyed them.


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  40. rashid says:

    Hey David,

    If you occasionally check out your website, please read my post. I need your help at promotion, ASAP. Please drop me a line so that I may share the details with you. Good luck to you and thanks for always having the guts and flair most people only dream about.

  41. JD Taylor says:

    The problem with telling lies is sooner or later the truth always comes out and as a Jew, you were supposed to keep it hidden, but now the genie is out of the bottle and there is no putting it back. They can deny it all they want, but now we know

    Ironically, now that it is out you have done the Jewish people a major favor, no one can easily say they are all a like. Some, and not just a few, are, in fact, willing to seek the truth no matter the cost. Destroying stereo types is the best defense against bigotry.

    Thank you

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