NAACP Quietly Brings Back “Obama is a N****r” Official; Partners Him with AARP and AFL-CIO

“When we walk through these streets, those who don’t understand, and those who understand, but have some confused person come up and tell them that Obama is okay…he was never okay. That motherfucker started off wrong. Started off wrong. He was a traitor to Reverend Wright. He was a traitor long before that. Where did he come from? I’m not confused about motherfuckers, okay? But I’m sayin’ that we gotta learn to call it when we see it. And I dare you to call it…dare you to say it, the “n word.” These nigger motherfuckers…that head nigger that they sent here, head nigger that they sent here, Barack Obama. Let’s pull together as one and take this motherfucker down.”

“Black Power” extremist Pam Africa at the Black is Back Coalition rally, co-organized and co-sponsored by NAACP official Curtis Gatewood


As the NAACP pushes for a Department of Justice and Secret Service investigation of the rodeo clown who dared to don an Obama mask at the Missouri State Fair, I’ve discovered that the venerable “civil rights” organization has quietly re-introduced the poison-tongued Reverend Curtis E. Gatewood into its fold, and the good reverend is now running the North Carolina NAACP’s coalition with groups such as the AARP, AFL-CIO, Teamsters, and Common Cause.

In 2010, I exposed Reverend Gatewood’s activities for the first time, back when I was editing a different site. After I started my own site, I revisited the story in 2011 (click the link for the original story, and pack a lunch — it’s long).

Among the issues surrounding Gatewood:

In 2009, he co-organized a Washington DC event called “Black is Back,” at which President Obama was repeatedly called “nigger” and “coon,” the Fort Hood terrorist was called a “hero” and a “brother” with a “right to be pissed off” and a “right to strike back,” and the crowd was led in a cheer of “Israel ain’t no friend of mine; Black is Back, free Palestine.”

In other incidents, Gatewood incited hatred by claiming that “the Jews” were planning to assassinate Obama, that Israel is a “devilish enterprise,” that the Tea Party is the same as the KKK, that Hurricane Katrina and 9/11 were “punishments from God” for America’s immorality (hey – isn’t that what the Westboro Baptist loons say?), and that Hillary Clinton supporters are “damned to the deepest parts of hell.” He also incited hatred against immigrants during an appearance on a North Carolina radio show, when he told the audience that immigrants come to America to “target the black community” by selling it drugs.

After my 2011 update of the story, the NAACP, which was insisting that the Tea Party remove all “racist elements” from its midst, quietly removed Gatewood from his position as 2nd vice president of the North Carolina NAACP Conference of Branches, where he was serving his forth term. The national media never picked up on the story.

Well, guess what, folks – Gatewood is back! Quietly, very quietly, he was brought back to lead the North Carolina NAACP’s “HKonJ Coalition” (“HKonJ” stands for “Historic Thousands on Jones Street”). From the NAACP website:

Members from the more than 125 North Carolina State Conference NAACP branches, youth councils, high school and college chapters from the four corners of the state and members and friends of over 140 other social justice organizations make up the “Historic Thousands on Jones Street (HKonJ) People’s Assembly Coalition!”

HKonJ achievements include, but are not limited to successful voting, mobilization, legal, and public awareness campaigns aimed toward preventing the unconstitutional resegregation of Wake County Schools (the largest school system in NC); an increase in the minimum wage; successful passage of The Racial Justice Act; obtained Same Day Voting; won Smithfield workers their right to unionize; secured Governor’s veto of Voter I.D. Laws, veto of unfair budget, veto of legislative efforts to repeal the Racial Justice Act; and helped to initiate groundwork for the Governor’s pending “Eugenics Compensation Program Bill.

The HKonJ Annual Mobilization has grown from approximately 3,500 attendees in 2007 to approximately 15,000 in 2012!

And the entire thing is run and coordinated by Gatewood! Take a look at the impressive list of coalition members, all of whom are apparently fine to be working under Gatewood’s leadership. Along with the groups mentioned at the start of this article, you’ve also got the ACLU, Code Pink, the YWCA, North Carolina Central University, the AME Zion Church, the Green Party, and the NC Dream Team immigration organization.


Gatewood leads the coalition.

Gatewood leads the coalition.


The coalition list is lengthy. You can see it here (click on “HKonJ Coalition Partners”).

As the NAACP forms a mob to go after a state fair rodeo clown, let’s not forget the clown running their own HKonJ Coalition. Frankly, and you can tell me if you think I’m off base here, if one rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask is grounds for every single rodeo clown in Missouri state fairs to be ordered into “sensitivity training” (yes, that’s actually happening), shouldn’t everyone at the NAACP, or at least its North Carolina chapter of branches, be forced to do the same?


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  1. Berkeley says:

    Things in this article that would have confused me or upset me if I’d read it in 1950:

    1. One of “them” is President.

    2. “N*****” is apparently an unacceptable word now? Can’t even be written??

    3. “Motherfucker.”

    So N*****s have made “motherfucker” an acceptable expression. Interesting. In 1950, I wouldn’t have thought they could do that.

    In 1950, people who fucked their mothers were not the subject of conversation or even of thought. If someone had casually used such a term that so explicitly named such people, much less used it to regularly punctuate their everyday conversation, I wouldn’t even have recognized that my overhearing it was a cultural enrichment.

    4. “the black community.” We would never have offered negroes public insult by calling them “black.”

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