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On David Stein’s “outing” in 2013:


David Stein brought right-wing congressmen, celebrities, writers and entertainment industry figures together for shindigs, closed to outsiders, where they could scorn liberals and proclaim their true beliefs. Over the past five years Stein’s organization, Republican Party Animals, drew hundreds to regular events in and around Los Angeles, making him a darling of conservative blogs and talkshows. That he made respected documentaries on the Holocaust added intellectual cachet and Jewish support to Stein’s cocktail of politics, irreverence and rock and roll.


There was just one problem. Stein was not who he claimed. His real name can be revealed for the first time publicly – a close circle of confidants only found out the truth recently – as David Cole. And under that name he was once a reviled Holocaust revisionist who questioned the existence of Nazi gas chambers. He changed identities in January 1998.

– “Hollywood Conservative Unmasked as Notorious Holocaust Revisionist”

The Guardian


Over the past five years, David Stein has made a name for himself as a leader for Hollywood’s conservatives. But it turns out Stein had a bizarre secret.

– Gawker.com


From the annals of Weird Hollywood comes the unmasking of a leading Hollywood Republican.

– The Huffington Post


So now that we know the backstory, why did Cole become Stein?

– Yahoo News


You don’t often get to say “Jewish Holocaust denier,” so let’s take a moment….His unmasking has sent out ripples of embarrassment on the fringes of the right-wing Hollywood-political-west coast community.

– The Wrap


David Stein is actually the holocaust denier David Cole, [but the] Republican Party Animals concept is good and we and other Republican leaders will work with the RPA to rebuild.

– Official statement, Westside (L.A.) Republicans, and the Republican Party of Los Angeles County


I did not sleep last night. David had to know this would come to light at some point. This is a horrendous thing that David did. As you may be able to tell, I am quite shaken by this.

– Gary Aminoff

Vice chairman, Republican Party of Los Angeles County; Executive Committee member, California Republican Party


You are a handmaiden to genocide – a collaborator and a facilitator. You are as guilty as the scum who pushed the (gas chamber) buttons on those people. I want to see your face on every news channel in the world, pleading for forgiveness.

– An email to Stein from a Hollywood conservative who’s worked on some of the biggest films in movie history. But I’m not giving away everything here; you’ll have to read the book to find out who.


Stein/Cole is vile filth. What’s worse, he still believes his filth and is trying to spread his poison.

– Facebook post by an Emmy Award-winning musician


David is like the Grand Kleagle of the KKK.

– Facebook post by the co-star of a popular and acclaimed TV show


It is sad that all you have built up during the last few years you have to leave behind. However, you are smart and talented and I know you will land on your feet. I know that this is far fetched but your skepticism would make you a great mathematician or physicist.  Hell, you would be a damn good attorney.

– Rabbi (Dr.) Carlos C. Huerta

Major, U.S. Army (ret), Chaplain, West Point

Email to David Cole, July 2013

(Along with being the chaplain of West Point, Dr. Huerta, an orthodox Jew, accompanied the 101st Airborne into Iraq during the first assault in 2003, and stayed with the unit for several years as insurgent attacks escalated. For my book, he has given me permission to detail our friendship and working relationship in the early and mid-‘90s, including his opinions of my work and intentions. But what does it matter, because it’s way more important that some Hollywood douchebags think I’m a “handmaiden to genocide,” “vile filth,” and “the Grand Kleagle of the KKK.” Hollywood hypocrites love to pretend to “support the troops.” But in their hearts, they usually believe that their opinions have more worth than anyone else’s)



Older quotes, back when Stein was Cole, 1989 – 1995:


At 23, David Cole is becoming one of the leading spokesmen for the Holocaust “revisionist” movement. He is outspoken, he is determined, and he is Jewish.

– The Detroit Jewish News


Don’t we need to know about Hitler, Hussein, Arafat, and Cole? David Cole stays on the front page, along with others who pose a threat.

– Phil Jacobs

Editor, The Detroit Jewish News (defending the paper’s decision to put Cole on the front page)


Cole’s efforts have made him into something of a media star. He is an oft-sought guest on radio and TV talk shows.

– The Jerusalem Report


David Cole’s work is powerful and dangerous.

 – Dr. Yehuda Bauer

Professor Emeritus of History and Holocaust Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Among the more fascinating and pathetic deniers is David Cole, himself a Jew, whom Dr. Michael Shermer and the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Alex Grobman describe as a “meta-ideologue” (“an existentialist on a quest to understand how ideologues invent their realities”).

– The Los Angeles Times


There’s a lot of `joy and rejoicing’ right now in `revisionist’ camps because of David Cole.

– Professor Deborah Lipstadt

Dorot Chair in Modern Jewish and Holocaust Studies, Emory University 


I can’t think of any other Jew who has gone so far in aiding and abetting the enemies of the Jewish people.

– Rabbi Abraham Cooper

Associate Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Museum of Tolerance


You are the Antichrist.

– Phil Donahue to David Cole


Mr. Cole has obviously invested a great deal in researching his subject and I admire his tenacious curiosity. Again, I thank you for sharing this documentary with myself and other members of Congress.

– United States Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (D – Ohio) 


I was impressed by the objective and logical way David Cole spoke about the Auschwitz gas chambers. Congratulations!

– Zsolt Rabia, Foreign Policy Advisor to the President of Hungary (currently Public Diplomacy Coordinator, NATO)


I think I understand what your goal is – TRUTH.

– Rabbi Robert I. Kahn, B’nai B’rith

Letter to David Cole


Based on our conclusions, I would certainly not call you a Holocaust denier, since you admitted that at least a million [Jews] could have been killed without gas chambers, and this could be considered a Holocaust. Thus, you are a true revisionist.

– Dr. Michael Shermer

Private letter to David Cole (in his books, Shermer would call Cole a “denier” anyway)

6 Responses to “What Folks Say About Cole/Stein”
  1. Dear David,

    I find you along with Ernst Zundel and a short list of others to be absolutely courageous, moral and ethical. Thank you for all you do and please keep the torch of honesty and truth lit for the sake of many more generations to come.

    Take care,


  2. Wolfsangel says:

    Dear David,

    your documentary about Auschwitz was an eye-opener for a generation. I am myself a National Socialist, but I am willing to announce publicly that you are a good jew, moreover, better than most of us are. I consider you my brother.

    I felt real sorry for you, whrn I read the letter they made you to write about “how much harm you did” and “how sorry you are” about the Holohoax victims. Justice has died that day.

    I sincerely hope that you will take on the mantle again and continue your heroic fight for the truth. You’re a true hero figure to me.

    Keep up the good work, Brother!


  3. Some revisionist person says:

    It can be said that Cole got lucky considering the fates of Zundel and Rudolf. At his young age, he didn’t understand the danger in using his real name in doing that type of research. His work is as invaluable as it is courageous and we’re all indebted to him.

  4. Jett Rucker says:

    Put up more pictures of Rosie! She’s SO much prettier than YOU.

    Maybe she’ll even write a book. Or an article. Or even just a diatribe. It’d be interesting, after yours.

    At least you got some money and fun (along with death threats) out of revisionism. More than I can say of myself (and I HAVE reaped from the activity, also, just not money or fun).

  5. Andreas says:

    You took great risks and suffered for it (I refer to the physical assault on you by “believers” on January 22, 1992). You again lost your career and again have to fear for your life – the latter mainly because you happen to be born Jewish and the “believers” consider you a traitor. Many like you had to go in hiding, were imprisoned for years in Europe and even got their house firebombed at night. They were called Nazis, but how can they call you a Nazi?

    I hope your book will be on Kindle as well because you’re very witty and extremely thorough in your research and I’m eager to get my hands on it – and any other books you’ll publish in the future.

  6. Dan says:

    A trustworthy man, agree or not his work is thought provoking and insightful.
    For more than 50 years I believed the whole holocaust narrative without question, it was David’s video Auschwitz: Behind The Gates that made me question everything I thought I knew as fact.
    I will not go as far as to say he is a brave man for a brave man would have gone toe to toe with Irv Rubin and the JDL regardless of the outcome, but I don’t blame him, he would have been crushed. I will say he is a smart man that has now been backed into a corner and has no choice but to fight back.
    David, if you ever go on a speaking tour and need security, I will work free in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and parts of Illinois!

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