So Here’s the Deal About My Book…



If I’ve written this book well, which is debatable because I didn’t write a single word of it sober, it will probably save me from being killed for being a “Holocaust denier,” because now, for the first time, I can reveal audio recordings and letters from respected Holocaust experts who called me a “denier” in public while privately admitting that not only was I not a “denier,” but in fact my controversial theories were correct. On the other hand, I’ll be making an entirely new set of enemies in my former “Hollywood Republican” friends. And some of them will be very angry indeed.

If I make it to 2015, it will be, if not a miracle, at least a surprise. So pre-order the book now, before I die and the publisher ups the price.

Speaking of which, in an age in which more and more people are forced to self-publish, spending their own money only to be saddled with hundreds of books they need to unload themselves, I am privileged to be working with Feral House, a respected, publishing company that supports its authors and does not shy away from controversy.

With Feral House’s track record of having its books made into films, perhaps my story will be optioned for a movie as well. If anyone is to portray me, Screech from “Saved by the Bell” could really use the work.

About my publisher:

Founded in 1989, Feral House is one of the most respected and controversial publishers of non-fiction books in the U.S. The winner of four Independent Publisher Awards (2000, 2005, 2006, and 2012), Feral House is celebrated globally for its fearless, no-holds-barred approach to nonfiction publishing. called the Feral House book “Extreme Islam” “frightening, fascinating, and vitally relevant to Americans.” called Feral House “equal parts P.T. Barnum, Rod Serling and Hegel.” The Los Angeles Times said that Feral House exemplified “the publisher as provocateur…quirky and brave,” adding “we need publishers like Feral House.” In 2010, The Huffington Post called Feral House “the most dangerous publisher in America.”

Feral House has a successful history of converting its books into mainstream films, beginning with the Academy Award-winning “Ed Wood,” starring Johnny Depp, Patricia Arquette, and Martin Landau. In 2006, Sony Pictures produced “American Hardcore: The History of Punk Rock,” based on the Feral House title of the same name, and in 2010, Feral House’s “Lords of Chaos” was optioned as a starring vehicle for “Twilight” co-star Jackson Rathbone. “Big Dead Place,” about life at a research facility in Antarctica, has been optioned by HBO, to be written by Breaking Bad scribe Peter Gould. And former Variety journalist Mike Jones is currently adapting Feral House’s “15 to Life” as a feature film.

In 2013, Feral House’s “Dying for the Truth: Undercover Inside Mexico’s Violent Drug War” became one of the best-reviewed nonfiction books of the year. Coincidentally, the book was covered in The Guardian by the same journalist who, one month later, would make the David Cole/David Stein story an international sensation.

In September 2013, Feral House was threatened with legal action by Watergate felon John Dean over the explosive exposé “White House Call Girl.” The book was released despite the threats.


Buy my book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble or even Walmart! Or all three…why play favorites? Regardless, you’ll get a big discount by pre-ordering.


10 Responses to “So Here’s the Deal About My Book…”
  1. Dabney McV says:

    I just preordered the book. I’m really looking forward to it! Give ’em hell, buddy. I hope you f*** ’em so hard they can’t walk for a month. Just do what you always have done, and tell the truth. It’s the best strategy there is.

  2. J. Maxon says:

    I just ordered it on B&N. Looking forward to getting it!

  3. Bailey says:

    I’m really looking forward to this! Seeing you resurface was my favorite thing of 2013. Sorry you were “outed,” but the world will benefit.

  4. David Melin says:

    Looking forward to reading your book.
    Glad you can face your tribulations with a sense of humor and style

  5. Dino Vettri says:

    I am delighted you are safe, and now back to your base :-).

    Now, please tell me: Why did you end up with creatures such as “Bush administration officials” That was one of the rotten parts of the USA? And what about 911, didnt you feel bad in supporting those despicable people?


  6. Barbara says:

    I’m wondering why you would imagine that the republican party makes a difference? So what if a bunch of people in Hollywood are republicans? What difference can they hope to make? As Dino asked, why would you help the neo cons? I’d love to read your book but I’m bogged down with War and Peace.

  7. Jon says:

    Is the picture where you’re holding an issue of Skeptic magazine taken from a video? If so, is the video available anywhere online?

  8. Berkeley says:

    David, will you be outing any of the Hollywood crowd whose practical intelligence alone makes them know that the Jewish experience during WWII couldn’t possibly be quite as it’s been told, or do they get a pass?

  9. Dear David,

    Fanaticism is now mainstream in the legal community, that it is affecting my divorce case:

    When a Judge (or the lawyers) loses his or her objectivity, then the truism applies:

    Everything is religious, everything is political.

    Justice Matthew F. Cooper: Sending me this about “The Fucking Jews”
    Mr. Santomauro: No, actually, it was the opposite of that. It was “Fuck the Arabs” in the essay.
    Sandra Schpoont (Attorney for my 11 year old son): Oh, that’s better.
    Steven Mandel (Attorney for my ex-wife): Oh, that’s better.
    Justice Matthew F. Cooper: Oh, that’s better.

    Letter from The Mandel Law Firm (Steven J. Mandel) 12-9-13

    Justice Matthew F. Cooper: “Is that [Jewish] agenda to dilute the Aryan race?” On page 20:


    My essay in question:
    +The Myth of the Innocent Civilian

    “Justice Matthew F. Cooper has distorted, invented or misremembered almost every significant claim and phrase. In particular, ‘Jewish conspiracy’ is completely false, in spirit and in word.

    “It is serious and upsetting. Rather than correct a smear, Justice Cooper has attempted, perhaps not surprisingly, to justify one smear with another in the same direction.

    “Michael Santomauro promotes the ideal of “scientific journalism” – where the underlaying evidence of all articles is available to the reader precisely in order to avoid these type of distortions. Michael Santomauro treasurse his strong Jewish support just as he treasures the support from pan-Arab democracy activists and others who share the hope for a just world.” –I.S.

    Michael Santomauro
    Cell: 917-974-6367

    “An anti-Semite condemns people for being Jews, I am not an anti-Semite.”–Michael Santomauro.

  10. Steven J Lewis says:

    It never ceases to amaze me when people act a if only one party is worse than the other. I have voted since 1972 and up until 2006 felt the two parties were different but had some suspicions. When Pelosi took the impeachment of Bush off the table after the Dems took control of the Congress and then backtracked on their anti-war platform by telling the anti-war activist not to bother telling them to stop the wars because they’re the government and they know best; that was the final straw that proved my long held slight suspicions something was rotten.

    To jump on Bush and Cheney is somewhat warranted but to act like Obama and his gang of misfits, perverts, and commies is misguided. My comments are not directed at you David, they are meant for some who posted here. I look forward to the book but have not pre-ordered it. Oh and in my opinion, the Mossad played an active role in 911 along with elements in our own government. Cui bono!!!!!!

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