My Site Got Hacked!

Apparently I have attracted the attention of some folks who routinely do this to revisionist sites. Some charming individuals conducted what’s called a “denial of service attack,” which is engineered to slow a website to a crawl. Some well-meaning friends have attempted to alert me to the identities of the perpetrators, but the truth is, I don’t want to know. That kind of stuff is beneath me.

I knew Irv Rubin. Irv Rubin was a friend of mine. Hackers, you’re no Irv Rubin.

If Rubin didn’t like you, he came right up and decked you. Oh sure, he could be cowardly. Putting a bounty on my head in the hope that someone else would kill me, burning down the IHR offices under cover of darkness, that was cowardly. But still – even those acts were more direct, more “personal,” than a hacking attack.

After getting my nose broken and my cheekbone shattered in 1994, who are my self-appointed adversaries now? Computer nerds. I go away for twenty years and this is what I come back to? World of Warcraft “wizards” wielding online swords and casting virtual spells as though they’re engaging in actual combat.


From "South Park:" The Man with No Life. He plays World of Warcraft, and apparently, he also hacks my site.

From “South Park:” The Man with No Life. He plays World of Warcraft, and apparently, he also hacks my site.


Kids today. What wimps! Keyboard commandoes fighting virtual wars from the comfort of their own personal “Batcaves.” In the early ‘90s, I was punched twice by Rubin on one occasion, pushed down a flight of stairs by him on another, and punched by one of his minions while I was being interviewed by CBS News. Rubin was a six-foot-tall Golem with no fear of direct, face-to-face combat.

Look at me, getting all nostalgic for the guy who tried to kill me. But he was a worthy archnemesis. Hacking? Hell, any impoverished Nigerian or ghetto-dwelling Punjabi can do that. But at least they do it to survive in a Third World economy. I can respect that.

The week before my hacking, one of my former Hollywood Republican buddies, Emmy Award-winning musician Boris Zelkin (aka “Bobo”), waged his own type of Internet attack, sending false copyright infringement notices to get my videos removed from Youtube. I know that Bobo Zelkin isn’t behind the website hacking, because hacking takes at least some real-world, practical skills. Bobo’s a fine musician, but he’s not the kind of guy you’d want to be stranded with during a natural disaster. When your number-one skill is “writing ‘touchdown’ jingles for ESPN,” your value in a real-life crisis is questionable.

Bobo’s Youtube attack was another instance of wimpy passive-aggression from behind the safety of a computer screen.

I’m not trying to celebrate or commend Irv Rubin’s brand of physical violence. I’m just saying that he had the stones to face me man-to-man. For all he knew, the first time he decked me, I could have been one of those wiry little martial arts experts who would’ve had him on the ground in ten seconds. I’m not, but he didn’t know that. He was willing to take the risk.

For better or worse, the man had a pair hanging. As did I, when I entered the revisionist field in 1989 under my legal name, willing to do interviews so that all the world could hear a grating voice that, once experienced for the first time, becomes imprinted upon the memory center of the brain like a grotesque cerebral tattoo.

Look, hackers, I’ll be doing a book tour in about three months. Put away your wizard wands and power-ups, and come out, you know, in person, to see me. You wanna talk? We’ll talk. You wanna punch me? I’ll be too drunk to retaliate (or even know what’s happening). You may get arrested, but that was a chance Rubin took all the time.

Live up to his standard, guys. Irv lived in the real world. So do I. “Virtual villainy” impresses me not one bit. Get out of the “Batcave.” Get some sun on your faces…and keep my site up at least until May so that you can see my touring schedule.



2 Responses to “My Site Got Hacked!”
  1. Jett Rucker says:

    I plan to confront you face-to-face if your book tour brings you anywhere near my city.

    I’m sure you’ll have something witty to write in my copy of your book that I’ll have just bought. Maybe you’ll even shake my hand (you shook Rubin’s, after all)!

  2. James says:

    Hi David Cole,
    I am looking forward to your book.
    I want to mention a page originally from a website called of which only a shell remained
    when I first ran across it on the web and it displayed an account of being driven off the internet and
    the person whose site it was bing stalked and attacked by an agent of the ADL. Oddly I have never seen or heard
    anything about that individual in the several years since. It apparently had a extensive archive critical of
    Jewish power.
    Some of the archives were mirrored at other sites; and it is one of these I want to bring to your attention.
    Originally the photos were in color and there was music in the background. The text is a series of pithy
    points and collectively reveal that the wee American Nazi party’s mean spirited intention to march on
    Skokie, IL, led by ‘Frank Collin’ in the late 1970’s was amassive PSY-OP in which the national news cooperated
    with daily coverage of the court case somewhere in the country and the Jewish attorney assoc with the ACLU
    taaking the Nazi’s case because free speech is vital to preserve and the assaults on freedom of speech usually
    target unpopular speech in order to get a foot in the door of the law. This latter is not in the website but I remember reading that and thinking very well of the ACLU at the time. It was never mentioned though the media must have
    known that Frank Collin was really Frank Cohen.
    The court system also was accomodating as the Nazis’ petition to march through Skokie in their imagined Nazi
    costumes although none lived in the town, was progressed from court to court and after the state supreme court
    the US Supreme Court took the case all of which provided fodder for continuous if not constant media coverage for at least a year.
    Then when it ended in a not very newsworthy ruling, it was just in time for the first TV Mini-series The HOLOCAUST
    which was a smash hit in the US and in Europe. Then followed an endless stream of holocaust themed films
    beginnning perhaps with the emotionally moving “Sophie’s Choice”
    judicial-inc makes the point that thePSy-op introduced the [brand named] HOLOCAUST with gas chambers to exterminate the Jews of Europe. At the same time President Carter agreed to allow prime gov land in Wash. DC
    and hefty yearly funds for the Holocaust Museum which apparently had the scheme of compulsary public schools
    hosting alleged survivors to tell their tales to the captive audiences. Judicial-inc did not include mention of the
    holocaust museum but mentions TV shows never mentioning gas chambers and Churchill and Eisenhower
    not mentioning gas chambers in their memoirs. It also has some interesting subsequent history of what became of Frank Collin.
    Here is a mirror site page for Frank Collin Fuehrer of the American Nazi Party

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