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1,001 subscribers and 1,082,000 views. Not bad for a revisionist Youtube channel! Please watch and subscribe. Many interesting anecdotes and video clips to come. I’ll be posting a lot of video and audio clips to support the things I discuss in my book. And I’ll be telling some of the anecdotes that I didn’t have room for in the book.

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  1. Babidi Returns says:

    Your re-emergence continues to be quite the ride! It’s also a testament that your efforts, Bradley’s, Weber’s, etc have not been in vain, considering you’re at least slightly less suppressed than before. Or maybe it’s just harder to intimidate people into silence when everything is exposed openly on the internet.

    Anyway, El Gran Tabu is good… the editing is pretty poor, but it’s to be expected with the limited time frame, but it is good. You mention in the introduction being removed from the Holocaust at the time of the film, but what about (and I know I brought this up before) the information listed on your IMDb page as Stein, which lists credits relating to the Holocaust? If that page is at all accurate, please write more in depth about it in your book. Very rare when someone can say they’ve studied an issue extensively from two opposing angles…

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