The Video That Michael Shermer Got Banned from Youtube



This is the video that Michael Shermer and his lawyers tried to pull from Youtube at the same time they tried to force my publisher to withdraw my book from distribution. And whereas they failed miserably in the latter task, Shermy used the complaint mechanism Youtube has in place to help bullied teenage girls to successfully pull the video below.

Imagine that…a grown man so frightened of a single video that he’s willing to embarrass himself by acting like a weepy thirteen-year-old in order to get it pulled. There’s also something especially creepy about an accused rapist using a Youtube function meant for teen girls.

The entire story is here (including the audio of the recorded conversation that Shermer threatened to sue me over…and there are a lot more recordings still to be released). 

And here’s the “banned” video, now on Vimeo. Come and get me Sherm. But the next time you pretend to be a teenage girl, can you at least stop playing that damn Justin Bieber music? I mean, yes, I get your commitment to the bit, but c’mon, that music is just horrid.


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  1. John McGrath says:

    Shermer should be taken to task by the black community for his comment. You should send it to some of the major black organizations. They might demand at the very least that he publicly retract the statement. To me it’s a ridiculous accusation, especially considering how much more active the Jewish community is in promoting its suffering. Black efforts to promote the history of slavery pale in comparison.

  2. Babidi says:

    That must be the infamous Rosie at the 18 second mark in the intro. Not to sound like a basement dwelling neckbeard (I have a real room) whose standards are impossible to meet, but she isn’t even that attractive. How in the world is she afforded free meals, and a band of groveling conservatives to do her bidding?

    By the way, I have exactly one issue with your book,

    “the fucking Valley of all places.”

    What the hell is your problem, and every one else the other side of the hill, with the Valley?

    • Larry says:

      The valley is a truly sad place. I would rather be homeless than live in the smog filled, porn capital, homogenous, culture devoid, conformity worshipping, spirit crushing swamp that is the valley. If you cant understand why the valley is the last place a human should reside than you probably belong in the valley.

  3. D Christie says:

    If only you could have saved Gary Sinise from a life of prostitution too.

  4. Babidi says:

    When you say the Valley is truly a sad place, is this hyperbole? Has hating the Valley this much simply become a meme for hipsters? Are you from Silver Lake, by any chance?

    None of these criticisms really make any sense, barring being the porn capital. Yet even then, what of it? So Vivid is headquartered here. Big deal. Most of this stuff is not visible to the naked eye, but there are more strip clubs and street walking prostitutes over the hill, and that actually IS on display. And frankly, I do not see the issue with being a porn capital anyway.

    Smog? Afflicts all of Los Angeles, how is this even remotely exclusive to the Valley to warrant a complaint about it? There is significantly more traffic/people over the hill. This is not a valid complaint.

    As for homogeneity – am I missing something here? Or am I missing the context in which you are using it? I don’t think homogeneity is a bad thing, but it’s not the Valley. We have a community full of Armenians, Jews, Persians, Russians, Latinos, and a various assortment of others. For the most part it’s not like it is any different over the hill. However, I would say nearly all of LA county is “diversely segregated,” if you were to compare it to places like New York City or London.

    If we’re void of culture, it is again no different than if you were over the hill. But when you say culture, what are you thinking is culture? The Valley, at least in my neck of the woods, has been for quite some time heavily involved in the arts and film. That ought to count for something. Though I’d admit that much of the character no longer exists, as not very many people in Los Angeles can claim to be Angelenos going back a few generations anymore.

    >If you cant understand why the valley is the last place a human should reside than you probably belong in the valley.

    I truly don’t understand it at all. Look, if you were from somewhere like Santa Barbara – give me an ear full on why the Valley is shit and I’ll concede. Shit, tell me ANYWHERE outside of Los Angeles and I’ll concede. But if you’re some hipster from Echo Park bitching about it – what leg do you even hand to stand on? We were farms/orchids for a while, now we’re mostly suburbs with a little bit of city dashed here and there. And to enjoy that dash of city you don’t have to deal with higher crime rates, the headache of parking, homeless people, as much traffic, street musicians (if this kinda crap is what you’re considering culture, consider me happy to be void of it), graffiti “art”, and actually less smog. I won’t paint the Valley as being amazing, but it’s amusing to me that people act like drama queens as if it’s such a struggle to be here – somewhere that, unless you live within the hills or are some Brentwood/BH yuppie, is considerably cleaner and safer from whence you came.

  5. Marco says:

    David ,

    Do you have an email that you can be reached at? I am a fan of your work, I own your book. And I’ve been watching you since your very early “Cole” videos. Not to mention we are of similar ages…
    I don’t see a contact tab for you anywhere on this site….

    Im a bit of an amateur historian and a dedicated revisionist.
    I have questions I would love to run by you….
    Marco S.

  6. Rick says:

    I dealt with Shermer years ago when I complained that a conference Skeptic was having over global warming had people on the panel which I regarded as propagandists for anti-regulatory pro-corporate think-tanks. I know you may be skeptical of global warming science yourself David, which is fine, but the sense I got from Shermer is that he was an opportunist who was just agreeing with the political climate of the moment. Later he came out and stated he believed in global warming. On another note I find his books weak and his dealing with revisionism horrible.

  7. great job you are doing. young germans are pissed off to learn they have to pay for stuff they have to link to whatsoever. in NYC, lots of fake holocaust claims were filed (Semen Domnitser kingpin jew thief) maybe you can make an interview with that jew scumbag who stole $57m from us, while German taxpayers are thrown under the austerity bus.

    On the scientific side, great to read your analysis. Sometimes it seems that “holohoax science” breaks down for lack of language skill of English and German. keep up the good work, brother!

    It’s always worth pointing out how unreliable and unscientific the holocash people are operating. We must point out their financial and political motive all the time, since there is no such thing as “paid neutral science” in capitalism..

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