Cole (Again) on Treblinka and the “Reinhardt” Camps

Ever since posting (via my publisher) my expanded views regarding Treblinka and the “Reinhardt” camps, I have been accused of “attacking” other revisionists, and I have been told that my position is the result of A) JDL threats, B) a payoff from “the Joos,” C) my alcoholism, D) my grief over my mother’s health, E) my neocon beliefs, and F) – all of the above.

I appreciate that some of you feel as though you know my life better than I do. But if I can momentarily be qualified by you eminent experts as an authoritative source on my own life, I will state that A) the JDL has made no attempt to contact me since I resurfaced, something I am very pleased about; B) I can’t even get dicks like Larry Elder to pay me for work I did before my “outing.” Hell, I wish a few “Joos” would offer me a check these days, but no dice; C) my alcoholism makes me irritable, but not stupid; D) my mother’s health situation has vastly reduced the amount of time I can spend on other things, but it hasn’t made me dim; E) my political beliefs have no bearing on my history work. If I make a historical claim, I back it up with facts and documents. Where I stand on abortion or Obama or legalized pot or school vouchers or Israel or gender Apartheid in Muslim nations is irrelevant, because I either make my case for my historical claims based on facts and documents, or I fail.

Two small observations:

1)  What transpired recently with Bradley Smith and Faurisson (through his proxy Leuchter) is not new. New to you, maybe. But that doesn’t mean it’s new. Back in 1994, the exact same thing happened. Faurisson attacked me with personal insults, he used a proxy (Henri Roques), I got angry at Smith for acting like a scared little lackey of Faurisson’s, and Smith responded by sending my personal correspondences (faxes that time) to dozens of other revisionists.

The only difference this time is that Faurisson has a new proxy (Roques is dead, so in comes Leuchter), and Smith now has social media with which to send around my private emails.

Regarding Faurisson, I tackled his poor historiography in a very lengthy piece I wrote in 1995. As Faurisson ceased to create new or relevant work decades ago, I can add nothing to what I wrote back then.

And Smith? I’m not automatically against publishing private correspondences. I did it to Michael Shermer in my book. But I published them in full and with a detailed explanation of why they were relevant to Holocaust history beyond my personal beef.

Smith publishes private emails because he confuses airing dirty laundry with open debate. Mainly it’s because he’s too lazy, old, and ill to come up with any actual new material. In this most recent instance, he published my private correspondences in truncated form and with no context. And when I attempted to add context, he accused me of trying to “exploit my dying mother to help me win the sympathy of the reader.”

No, asshole. I was attempting to give context to private emails that you chose to publish in an edited form. Here’s an idea – don’t keep posting private emails. But if you do, don’t attack the person whose emails you put online for trying to provide context to things that were never intended to be seen publicly.

That Bradley would post my private emails and then accuse me of “exploiting” my “dying mother” is beyond vile. It’s probably the worst thing anyone has ever done to me. I will never forgive him.

Also, Smith recently dredged up and posted Faurisson’s ‘94 attacks against me without linking to my response from ‘95. That’s Bradley’s “open debate” for you.

For everyone who is acting as shocked as a Southern gal with the vapors over my Treblinka views, I will refer to that piece I wrote about Faurisson in ‘95. I never thought I’d ever say “thank God for Nizkor,” but, well, thank God for Nizkor, for preserving the piece:

As an example, I’ll point specifically to Faurisson’s response to David Irving’s “Journal of Historical Review” essay/conference speech on the Goebbels diary, appearing in the letters section of the current “Journal of Historical Review” (March/April ’95). Faurisson quotes from the March 27, 1942 Goebbels diary entry, and then writes “In itself, this last sentence (“Broadly speaking, one can probably say that 60 percent of them will have to be liquidated, while only 40 percent can be put to work” – Goebbels) tends to show that the Reich Minister of Propaganda did not know for sure that there was a German policy to physically exterminate the Jews, either totally or in part.”

“IN PART?” What does he think Goebbels is referring to, if not a liquidation IN PART. Faurisson is pulling an old “exterminationist” trick here by quoting a passage and then TELLING us what we’ve just read, hoping we won’t notice any incongruity between the passage and Faurisson’s explanation. Faurisson is quoting a passage that speaks of exterminations in part – AT LEAST in part, and then he TELLS us that we in fact HAVEN’T just read what we’ve read – with no explanation given to clarify why Goebbels isn’t actually saying what he so clearly seems to be saying. I think Faurisson has grown too used to having his word taken as gospel. Naked emperors don’t only exist on the “exterminationist” side. Faurisson’s description of the March 27 Goebbels diary entry reminds me of page 120 of dear old Mel Mermelstein’s book, where he shows a picture of Krema 1 and writes in the caption “note the pipes and shower heads above.”

The importance (to me) of this Goebbels diary passage is that for the first time we have a reliable piece of evidence which points to a plan of separation between those Jews fit for “labor” and the rest, who “have to be liquidated.” Hate it though some of us may, this fits the “exterminationist” model much better than it does the revisionist one. If revisionists wish to explain this passage some other way, they’ll have to do better than the explanation offered by Faurisson. For myself, I can say that the meaning of this Goebbels diary passage, IN RELATION to events occurring at that time, has yet to be adequately explained by any revisionist.

These days, I am saying nothing new. New to you, maybe. But not new. If you formed an opinion of me based only on partial samples of what I said or wrote in the ‘90s, that isn’t my fault.

Which brings me to…

2)  The most intellectually weak and embarrassingly stupid position that anyone can take is, “I’m so great that no one could possibly disagree with me. Therefore, if someone CLAIMS to disagree with me, it’s not because they actually do. It’s because they’re lying, or they’ve been coerced, or threatened, or paid off. But it’s simply not in the realm of possibility that someone might actually hold views that contradict mine.”

I dealt with that shit constantly during my GOP days, when leftists routinely accused me of having been “paid off” by the Koch Brothers or Rupert Murdoch, because surely no one could actually be a conservative by sincere conviction.

To everyone who wants to dismiss my views on Treblinka by kidding themselves that I really don’t believe what I’m saying, I implore you, don’t go down that road of intellectual foolishness. It’s neither my drinking nor my grief nor the JDL nor anything else that is “making” me take this position. I actually think I make a good, strong case. Plus (as I just pointed out) I was saying similar things twenty years ago.

Disagree with me, sure. But don’t claim that I’m only pretending to disagree with you. Allow that I can actually form ideas and have opinions on my own.

Eric Hunt doesn’t allow this. He claims to psychically “know” that David Irving and I are just pretending to disagree with him. It’s actually quite astounding that Irving, a man I have neither seen nor spoken to since 1995, would collaborate with me on a plot to pretend to disagree with Hunt, a man I have never met and whose name was unfamiliar to me until a few months ago when Smith pointed out “he’s the Wiesel elevator felon.”

Which brings me to this. And I’m going to use my words carefully here, not out of respect for Hunt, but out of respect for several mutual friends who have asked me to tread lightly. So this is me treading lightly:

Eric, your defense at your criminal trial was that you are “mentally ill” and “delusional.” Please know that I take schizophrenia very seriously. It is a tragic disease, and it has affected several people who are very close to me. I am not mocking you; I wish you only the best. But you are in no way qualified to judge what men like David Irving and I are thinking. You are in no position to claim some type of clairvoyance regarding us, son. I think you have a few too many issues of your own to deal with.

Hunt obviously put a good deal of time into his 9,000-word reply. Not for his sake, but to better clarify the reality of the “Reinhardt” camps, I’ll spend a bit more time stating the obvious.

And, indeed, how much more obvious can it be? The Korherr Report, commissioned by Himmler, written by the top SS statistician for Himmler’s eyes only, states that “evacuations” from “the territory of the Reich and including the eastern territories and further in the German area of power and influence in Europe from October 1939 or later until 31.12.1942” add up to 2,419,656 Jews.

Korherr, whose report is considered authentic by even the most extreme revisionists like Mattogno and Graf, clearly states that those “evacuees” are no longer in ghettos and concentration camps. Further, Korherr states that “From 1937 to the beginning of 1943, the number of Jews in Europe has diminished by an estimated 4 million, partially due to emigration, partially due to the excess mortality of the Jews in Central and Western Europe, partially due to the evacuations especially in the more strongly populated Eastern Territories, die hier als Abgang gerechnet werdenwhich (which are here counted as departed).”

The “evacuees” were not in ghettos or camps. Europe (ALL of Europe under German control – West, Central, and East) had LOST approximately 4 million Jews by 1943. The causes for the “loss?” Emigration (which Korherr rightly points out was prohibited in autumn 1941), excess mortality caused by deaths-over-births (including old age and suicide, which Korherr mentions specifically), and post-1941 EVACUATIONS.

Hunt accuses me of reading too much into Korherr’s “code words.” “Code words?” Son, do you speak German? “Abgang” is not a code word. It is a really straightforward German word. It means gone, departed, dispatched.

And “zurückgegangen,” the term Korherr uses to describe the state of European Jewry and the 4 million figure, is also not a code word. Again, it’s a straightforward, normal term for “decreased,” “declined,” or “diminished.”

No code words, Eric. The “evacuees” are gone, but not by emigration, suicide, or old age. They are GONE. Employing no “code words,” Korherr states unambiguously that they are gone from Western Europe, Central Europe, and Eastern Europe. Employing no “code words,” Korherr states that there are approximately 4 million fewer Jews in all of Europe (Western, Central, and Eastern) – a four million Jewish DECREASE, DECLINE – as the result of pre-1941 emigration from the Reich proper, excess deaths from old age and suicide, and EVACUATIONS. Evacuees are counted as “departed.”

There is no evidence, not one ounce of evidence, that the nearly 2.5 million Jews counted as evacuees were simply transferred somewhere else. There is ample evidence that thousands of evacuees were indeed used for labor. A thousand here, a thousand there. But we’re talking about a total figure of almost two-and-a-half million. Plus, we’re talking about a hell of a lot of “Jews unfit for labor” in that group. The revisionist challenge, for those who won’t accept the conclusion held by me, Irving, and Weber, is to account for this massive number of Jews (where were they sent? There are ample records that they were sent to the Reinhardt camps…why no records of where those millions of people ended up next?) and – most significantly – where were all of the unemployable Jews sent?

Mattogno and Graf play games. They cite a few reports of Polish Jews sent to labor camps or ghettos during the “Reinhardt” phase, but again and again, in every instance they mention, it deals with employable Jews needed for labor, often by forces outside the SS. None of this makes an appreciable dent in the nearly 2.5 million figure. To make their case, revisionists have to show where groups of millions were sent to be resettled. 1,000 employable Polish Jews sent to work for the Luftwaffe doesn’t cut it.

Look at this little game that Mattogno and Graf play in “Treblinka: Transit Camp or Extermination Camp.” Citing Christian Gerlach’s “Kalkulierte Morde,” Mattogno and Graf crow, “The deportation of Polish Jews to White Russia was, according to C. Gerlach, ‘extremely extensive.’”

Oh, THAT’S where they went! Belarus! Case closed. Let’s move on. The believers’ morphine has been administered. No need to fret about this supposed “problem” again.

Except that Mattogno and Graf, who use the “extremely extensive” quote to end their chapter titled “Final Destination of Jews Deported to the East,” employ the quote misleadingly, and don’t tell you what comes after it. “Umfangreichsten” (Gerlach’s term) is better translated as “most extensive,” and Gerlach was using that term in a chapter titled “Die Verschleppung von Juden aus anderen Ländern nach Weißrußland.” Of transports to Belarus from the Protectorate, France, the Netherlands, Hungary, and Poland, Gerlach states that the “most extensive” figure was for the Polish Jews (in comparison to the other transports).

And here Mattogno and Graf lose in spectacular fashion. After committing themselves to Gerlach as a credible source, here’s what comes after “most extensive” (so as not to be accused of monkeying with the translation, I’ll use revisionist Thomas Kues’ translation from the Inconvenient History website):

Most extensive were probably the deportations of Polish Jews to Belarus. Also in this case it was the question of labor forces. The offices and enterprises of the SS and Police in the so-called “Rußland-Mitte”, roughly corresponding to the eastern [military administered] part of Belarus, were to be concentrated in two cities: Mogilev and Bobruisk. In Mogilev there existed the already described forced labor camp of the HSSPF, in Bobruisk there was in early 1942 a need for manpower in connection with the construction of a large base planned for theWaffen-SS. The head of the supply commander’s office of the Waffen-SS and Police of Rußland-Mitte, SS-Standartenführer Georg Martin, got the idea to establish a “KL” (concentration camp) and have Jews sent to it from Warsaw. On the intervention of the RSHA 960 Jewish men and youths, part of them summoned by an appeal, part of them arrested during razzias in the Warsaw Ghetto, were then transported to Bobruisk on 30 May 1942. On 28 July a further train with Warsaw Jews reached Bobruisk; part of the Jews were sent on to Smolensk. In Bobruisk the Jews also had to perform work for units of the Wehrmacht. Of the approximately 1,500 deportees only 91 male Jews were involved in the retreat to Lublin in September 1943, since all the others had fallen victims to the constant Selections, the toil, the starvation and the terrible maltreatment. Moreover there were possibly one or more transports whose passengers were shot immediately at arrival.

Several thousand Jews, sent for labor. Not several hundred thousand employable and unemployable Jews sent for resettling. And these are the transports that Gerlach describes as the “most extensive.” So, a few thousand is the “most extensive?” Wow. Mattogno and Graf should have left Gerlach alone. He doesn’t help their case. Once again, we see small transports for labor only, an infinitesimal fraction of the 2,419,656 evacuees listed by Korherr.

Mattogno and Graf should have left Kube alone as well. In their zeal to find ANY evidence of Polish Jews who actually were sent into the Eastern territories, the authors write:

Finally, the arrival of at least one transport from the Warsaw Ghetto at a location east of Treblinka has been documented beyond any question. On 31 July 1942, the Reichskommissar for White Russia, Wilhelm Kube, sent a telegram to the Reichskommissar for the Ostland, Heinrich Lohse, in which he protested the dispatching of a transport of “1,000 Jews from Warsaw to work at Minsk,” because this would lead to danger of epidemics and an increase in partisan activity.

Another spectacular Mattogno/Graf fail. After committing themselves to the fact that the Kube/Lohse telegram is authentic and reliable, they fail to quote the entire thing. I’ll do that now:

Re: Combating Partisans and Aktion against Jews in the Generalbezirk of Belorussia

In all the clashes with the partisans in Belorussia it has proved that Jewry, both in the formerly Polish, as well as in the formerly Soviet parts of the District General, is the main bearer of the partisan movement, together with the Polish resistance movement in the East and the Red Army from Moscow. In consequence, the treatment of Jewry in Belorussia is a matter of political importance owing to the danger to the entire economy. It must therefore be solved in accordance with political considerations and not merely economic needs. Following exhaustive discussions with the SS Brigadefuehrer Zenner and the exceedingly capable Leader of the SD, SS Obersturmbannfuehrer Dr. jur. Strauch, we have liquidated about 55,000 Jews in Belorussia in the past 10 weeks. In the area of Minsk county Jewry has been completely eliminated without any danger to the manpower requirements. In the predominantly Polish area of Lida, 16,000 Jews were liquidated, in Slonim, 8,000, etc.

Owing to encroachment by the Army Rear Zone (Command), which has already been reported, there was interference with the preparations we had made for the liquidation of the Jews in Glebokie. Without contacting me, the Army Rear Zone Command liquidated 10,000 Jews, whose systematic elimination had in any case been planned by us. In the city of Minsk about 10,000 Jews were liquidated on July 28 and 29. Of these 6,500 were Russian Jews – mainly old men, women and children – and the rest, Jews incapable of work, who were sent to Minsk in November of last year by order of  the Fuehrer, mainly from Vienna, Bruenn, Bremen and Berlin. The District of Sluzk has also been relieved of several thousand Jews. The same applies to Nowogrodek and Wilejka. Radical measures are planned for Baranowitschi and Hanzewitschi. In Baranowitschi there are still another 10,000 Jews in the city itself, of whom 9,000 will be liquidated next month.

In the city of Minsk about 2,600 Jews from Germany have remained. In addition all of the 6,000 Russian Jews and Jewesses remained alive who were employed during the Aktion by various units [of the Wehrmacht]. In future, too, Minsk will remain the largest Jewish element owing to the concentration of armament industries in the area and as the requirements of the railroad make this necessary for the time being. In all other areas the number of Jews used for work will be reduced by the SD and myself to a maximum of 800, and, if possible, 500, so that when the remaining planned Aktionen have been completed there will be 8,600 in Minsk and about 7,000 Jews in the 10 other districts, including the Jew-free Minsk District. There will then be no further danger that the partisans can still rely to any real extent on Jewry. Naturally I and the SD would like it best if Jewry in the Generalbezirk of Belorussia was finally eliminated after their labor is no longer required by the Wehrmacht. For the time being the essential requirements of the Wehrmacht, the main employer of Jewry, are being taken into consideration.

In addition to this unambiguous attitude towards Jewry, the SD in Belorussia also has the onerous task of continually transferring new transports of Jews from the Reich to their destination. This causes excessive strain on the physical and spiritual capacities of the personnel of the SD, and withdraws them from duties within the area of Belorussia itself.

I should therefore be grateful if the Reichskommissar could see his way to stopping further deportations of Jews to Minsk at least until the danger from the partisans has been finally overcome. I need 100 percent of the SD manpower against the Partisans and the Polish Resistance Movement, which together occupy the entire strength of the not overwhelmingly strong SD units. After completion of the Aktion against the Jews in Minsk, SS Obersturmbannfuehrer Dr. Strauch reported to me this night, with justified indignation, that suddenly, without instructions from the Reichsfuehrer, and without notification to the Generalkommissar, a transport of 1,000 Jews from Warsaw has arrived for the local Luftwaffe Command.

I beg the Reichskommissar (already warned by telegram) to prevent the dispatch of such transports, in his capacity as supreme authority in Ostland. The Polish Jew, exactly like the Russian Jew, is an enemy of the German nation. He represents a politically dangerous element, a danger which far exceeds his value as a skilled worker. Under no circumstances should the army or the Luftwaffe import Jews into an area under civil administration, either from the Generalgouvernement or from elsewhere, without the approval of the Reichskommissar, as this endangers the entire political task here and the security of the Generalbezirk. I am in full agreement with the Commander of the SD in Belorussia that we should liquidate every transport of Jews not arranged, or announced to us, by our superior officers, to prevent further disturbances in Belorussia.

Do these sound like the words of a man who is running a bucolic no-kill resettlement village for Polish (and other) Jews? That transport of 1,000 Jews that Mattogno and Graf wave above their heads like the Stanley Cup was unexpected and unwanted. Plus, there’s all that talk from Kube about mass murder. But I think you probably got that point already.

I’ll add that just two months after getting the final Korherr Report, Himmler ordered the Ostland ghettos permanently closed, with any Jews capable of work being sent to camps, and the remainder being “evacuated to the East.” Uh, this is the fucking Ostland. There IS no “east.” This is as far east as Nazi territory went. What more proof is needed that, in this instance, “evacuated to the East” is a euphemism?

So even if one wants to place the Ostland ghettos as the final “resettlement” destinations, two months after the final Korherr Report, the ghettos were dissolved. Where you gonna put those 2.4 million Jews NOW, bright boys?

Oh, and let’s not forget that in May of ‘44, Himmler bragged at Sonthofen about how secure the Eastern Front is because the Jewish ghettos of the General Government have been removed from “existence:”

I am convinced that things would look bleak for the front that has been built up to the east of the Government General if we had not resolved the Jewish problem there, if, for example, the ghetto in Lublin, or the massive ghetto in Warsaw, with its 500,000 inhabitants, were still in existence.

If your position is that Himmler moved the Polish Jews CLOSER to the front, from Poland to the Ostland, can you comprehend how stupid that sounds in light of Himmler’s remarks at Sonthofen? Basically, you would have Himmler say, “I strengthened the front by removing the Polish Jews from areas close to the front and putting them in areas even closer to the front. If large Jewish communities still existed in the General Government, it would be a threat to the front. So what a good thing that I put all of those Jews WAY closer to the front!”

C’mon…just use your logic. That’s a damn stupid theory. Himmler is CLEARLY stating that the removal of the Jews from the General Government has made the front more secure. He is patting himself on the back for REMOVING hundreds of thousands of Jews from an area that close to the front. And your position is that he “resettled” them in the Ostland, right at the front? So, Himmler is saying that 500,000 Warsaw Jews were a threat to the front when they were in Warsaw, but not when they’re at the front itself? Seriously?

Please. Stop being stupid. The Jews had not been resettled to the Ostland. It’s as clear as day.

And before you say, “well, that there Sonthofen speech was probably a fake cooked up by them Holohoaxers,” remember that this is the same speech in which Himmler informed the generals that the Hungarian Jews were being brought to German territory to be used as labor. Why would the “Holohoaxers” fabricate a speech that annihilates the core of the 1944 Auschwitz extermination story?

The Ostland ghettos, like the Reinhardt camps, were part of a deadly enterprise. Korherr gave the recap. 2.4 million Jews were not frolicking freely in the Ostland ghettos or in the Reinhardt Camps. Thousands of Jews did avoid death during the Reinhardt period through labor, but one cannot account for the over 2.4 million departed Jews who were not in camps or ghettos except by admitting that they were departed Jews who were not in camps or ghettos.

If I could make it any more simple, I’d have to use finger puppets.

In his reply to my first statement on Treblinka, Eric Hunt pointed out that the Minsk ghetto isn’t mentioned in the Korherr Report. He’s not helping his case. You know what else isn’t mentioned by name in the report? Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec. The purpose of the report was to inform Himmler of how many Jews had died, how many were alive, and where the living were held. There was no need to list by name the one-way death stops. That info was covered in the section of “departed” evacuees.

To show that my views regarding the Ostland ghettos are not the product of my Joo-ishness or alcoholism, I’ll quote someone else on the topic:

Meanwhile, from mid-November 1941 onward, the Reichsbahn sent trainloads of Jews – rounded up in Vienna, Brünn (Brno), Bremen, and Berlin – direct to Minsk, while others went to Warsaw, Kovno, and Riga. At Kovno and Riga the Jews were shot soon after. At Minsk the German Jews survived at first, but not for long: the Nazis liquidated 35,000 of the native Russian Jews at Minsk to make space for the newcomers, who were housed in a separate ghetto, the ‘Hamburg Ghetto’ – indicating the city that the first consignment had come from….Wilhelm Kube, Rosenberg’s general commissioner of White Ruthenia, would record on July 31, 1942, that ten thousand had been liquidated since the twenty-eighth, ‘of which 6,500 were Russian Jews, old folk, women and children, with the rest unemployable Jews largely sent to Minsk from Vienna, Brünn, Bremen, and Berlin in November last year on the Führer’s order.’

You know who wrote those words? David Irving, in “Hitler’s War.” And yet he was still welcomed at IHR conferences and Zundel rallies all throughout the ‘90s. He wasn’t called a sellout or a traitor. Oh sure, Faurisson attacked him. But Faurisson is a sick man. The more important point is, the revisionist audience back in my day was somewhat different from the audience of today. There was no insistence on Faurissonian “purity.” A man like Irving could be celebrated for his skill, even if some in the crowd disagreed with his conclusions.

Not anymore. The Faurissons and Grafs and Mattognos have taken over, and a self-described “delusional” like Hunt has become a respected authority.

Fredrick Toben, on some white supremacy podcast (I think it’s called the Nutty Nordic Chuckle-Time White Purity Partycast, or something like that) recently lamented the “new” positions taken by me, Weber, and Irving. “New?” I’ve been saying similar things since the ‘90s, and Irving long before. We didn’t change; revisionism did. It’s a shame. For some of us, it used to be about the challenge of doing research and filling in the gaps in knowledge that others had ignored. It was about eschewing identity politics and politics in general, in favor of the pursuit of facts, wherever they might lead.

Even if, let’s say, only 15% of the revisionists I mixed with in the ‘90s actually felt that way, that was enough to make it rewarding. It’s not rewarding now. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve met some incredibly cool people since being thrust back into revisionism. I’d go so far as to say I’ve made several new “friends for life,” and even more new Facebook friends who I truly look forward to meeting in person someday. I’m simply making the point that, for me, the scene has changed.

Here’s something that may best personify my angst – Eric Hunt seems downright unapologetic for knowingly misleading his viewers in his Treblinka video:

In the first cut [of the Treblinka video] I said “This is a report from September 1942, of the Joint Distribution Committee providing medical aid to 600,000 Polish-Jewish refugees in Asiatic Russia.” I also showed a newspaper article. The day of release, Germar Rudolf corrected this and pointed out that they were evacuated well before Treblinka was alleged to have been gassing Jews by the trainload. It’s obvious these Polish Jews were evacuated by the Soviet Union. The mistake was a result of putting an old misidentified placeholder into an early draft, rushing to get the project out and not running it by other people….I kept the older version up simply because the comment page was more active.

So that’s where we are now? Spreading false and misleading information is perfectly acceptable in revisionist circles because a “comment page is more active?” Using Youtube’s free and convenient annotations feature to correct an error is considered an undue burden?

This is the state of revisionism right now?

Thomas Wolfe once wrote, “Stay the fuck away from redheaded fashion models who’ll dial your life back to 1994.” I think he also wrote “You can’t go home again,” which, come to think of it, would have been a better quote for me to use here. Because indeed, you can’t go home again. So here’s where I exit the elevator that Eric Hunt is riding in.

Given the choice, I’d rather take the stairs.



(Pictured above: Cole, Faurisson, Irving, Weber, Graf, Mattogno, Zundel, and others, from 1994. You’re not likely to see this group get together again soon)



60 Responses to “Cole (Again) on Treblinka and the “Reinhardt” Camps”
  1. Excerpt:

    From Thomas Dalton:

    The following entry is probably the most widely quoted of all:

    Mar 27, 1942 (II.3.561) **
    “Beginning with Lublin, the Jews in the General Government are now being evacuated (abgeschoben) eastward. The procedure is a pretty barbaric one and not to be described here more definitely. Not much will remain of the Jews. On the whole it can be said that about 60 percent of them will have to be liquidated (liquidiert) whereas only about 40 percent can be used for forced labor.

    The former Gauleiter of Vienna, who is to carry this measure through, is doing it with considerable circumspection and according to a method that does not attract too much attention. A judgment is being visited upon the Jews that, while barbaric, is fully deserved by them. The prophesy which the Führer made about them for having brought on a new World War is beginning to come true in a most terrible manner. One must not be sentimental in these matters. If we did not fight the Jews, they would destroy us (vernichten). It’s a life-and-death struggle between the Aryan race and the Jewish bacillus. No other government and no other regime would have the strength for such a global solution of this question. Here, too, the Führer is the undismayed champion of a radical solution necessitated by conditions, and therefore inexorable. Fortunately a whole series of possibilities presents itself for us in wartime that would be denied us in peacetime. We shall have to profit by this.

    The ghettos that will be emptied in the cities of the General Government will now be refilled with Jews thrown out (ausgeschobenen) of the Reich. This process is to be repeated from time to time. There is nothing funny in it for the Jews, and the fact that Jewry’s representatives in England and America are today organizing and sponsoring the war against Germany must be paid for dearly by its representatives in Europe—and that’s only right.”

    Dramatic wording, to be sure. But we now understand the likely meanings of ‘liquidation’ and ‘radical solution’ (see Part 1).And we have yet more evidence that vernichten is not mass murder—would the Jews really kill every German simply by remaining unopposed, and living amongst them? Of course not. But they could destroy the character and integrity of traditional German society. The third paragraph is rarely cited by traditionalists; it too clearly indicates a systematic deportation process, including potentially long-term confinement. This is inconsistent with a high-speed, industrialized scheme of gassing and mass murder.

  2. Marco says:

    Yes. I own the book on the Holocaust Debate that Thomas Daltons wrote. It’s brilliant. It depicts both sides and is very well written. It breaks down the Orthodox narrative and makes the reader think. Once you think it through, you realize the sheer logistics of it all make the traditional Holocaust story a complete impossibility.

  3. Eric Hunt says:

    Cole, you are a liar. What you’re writing is libelous.

    I’m not schizophrenic and you know this. You just made that up in your sick mind. Are you? Never once have I ever been alleged to be schizophrenic. You are the first liar to bring that up.

    Society couldn’t understand why I would dare question the Holocaust story. Despite having no history of mental illness, I was labelled Bipolar. If it helped me get out of jail and get all of the revisionist work I have accomplished done since then, rather than being sent to San Quentin, which coincidentally, has a gas chamber.

    All this for about eight years ago, grabbing Wiesel by the sleeve, letting go, and saying ” I want to interview you” twice when I was 22 years old. I was coming to terms with being lied to all my life, I didn’t have a camera phone on me, they weren’t invented yet.

    I saw this coming from you, because that’s all you have is namecalling and character assassination. Not to mention the stupid strawman arguments you create about me claiming you and Irving are conspiring.

    You are afraid to debate me on Ry Dawson’s show. on the topic of Treblinka.

    And your stance on Treblinka isn’t even justified using your own twisted “logic.”

    As I wrote, you believe every Auschwitz sonderkomando (Jews who claim they worked inside gas chambers dragging gassed Jews to ovens) is a pathological liar. Yet all those Treblinka clowns telling similar stories are telling the God’s honest truth? And you’re the smartest person in the world for differentiating between the two?

    It’s no surprise you don’t want to debate that position publicly.

    • Geoff Duce says:

      Sad that people like you Eric are representing the revisionist side these days . You are not even close to David Cole both intellectually and you bring nothing new to the table. Even worst , you fill in the blank with your own warped views of what you think happened during WW2 . David is ready and willing to go where the evidence points him and to debate and if wrong , change his views . You debating David Cole would be pathetic . Go argue with people like Shermer instead .

      • Chris Crookes says:

        Eric’s points about lies (false schizophrenia allegations) and clear strawman arguments ( Irving-Cole conpiracies) and argument based very much upon fallacious ad hominem personal attacks is totally unaddressed by you Geoff Duce. That is far worse than “sad”. That is deceitful avoidance of the thrust of Eric’s reply.

      • Jesse Anderson says:

        David came out with one good video using his Jewishness to his advantage. Hardly an intellectual giant undertaking.

  4. No one can object to an honest debate, no reasonable person. Dr Butz made it clear in “Hoax” that a lot went on on the Eastern front – and no doubt in the East, that does nobody any credit. Heck, this was war.

    The problem is that Revisionists can become every bit as dogmatic as Exterminationists, although of course they don’t have the same clout. As you probably know, I concluded that the gassings alleged to have happened at Natzweiler really occurred. Between what the Americans did to Japan and what is happening in the whole of the Middle East now, I wonder why anyone bothers with arguing over the so-called Final Solution anymore, especially when the people who attempt to draw moral authority from it are scum like Abraham Foxman,

  5. Eric Hunt says:

    Cole has still NOT responded to my article. There are countless points he refuses to address.

    The countless points Cole refuses to address are the most important ones.

    Cole is holding tight to his Korherr code word that “evacuation” means 1.2 million Jews were all gassed in gas chambers disguised as shower rooms, buried, cremated, and reburied.

    We know Jews were sent East, how were they sent? Through the Warthegua and General Government. It’s a Big Lie to cliam Jews such as Heinz Rosenberg weren’t sent all the way from Hamburg to Minsk and even back (allegedly through Treblinka on the way back!). There are countless trainloads of Jews we know were sent to Minsk and Maly Trostinecs and similar locations.

    Of course Cole doesn’t want to point out the Shoah Foundation transitees I pointed out that were actually settled in the Lublin district, just as Korherr asked when he wanted clarification.

    He doesn’t want to talk about any physical evidence. He wants to point to a document written by a statistician’s incomplete report. Korherr had no knowledge whatsoever of extermination camps with “gas chambers disguised as shower rooms.” Korherr wrote multiple times that he didn’t have information on anything past these “Reinhardt” camps due to the chaotic ongoing war.

    Cole sets up really dumb strawmen arguments like the below one for him to knock down and do victory dances over.

    “Eric Hunt doesn’t allow this. He claims to psychically “know” that David Irving and I are just pretending to disagree with him. It’s actually quite astounding that Irving, a man I have neither seen nor spoken to since 1995, would collaborate with me on a plot to pretend to disagree with Hunt,.”

    First of all, I could care less if you disagree with me. I just think your claims are unsupportable, based on my visits to Treblinka itself, studying decades worth of Revisionist information, and researching it myself, which is why you refuse to debate your unsustainable point of view.

    Of course I never claimed to “psychically” “know that you two are just pretending to “disagree with me.” That’s just more hateful lies you’re spreading to try to have people perceive me as schizo, right, liar? And I never once claimed you collaborated to disagree.

    Both you and Irving changed your stances due to severe persecution, Irving suffered far more than you of course, locked up in Austrian jail for a year and a half. Both of your alleged beliefs are transparent results of this persecution and are weak and indefensible (which is why both of you refuse to debate). Irving has been challenged by Berg, you must have been asked dozens of times to debate me on various radio shows too.

    That being said, I have nothing against Irving and support anyone who has suffered as a result of persecution. I just think he should debate Berg if he wants to claim 900,000 Jews were machine gunned into pits at Treblinka.

    And you should debate me. But you prefer snarky third party posted Facebook posts, right?

    I wrote

    “Many Revisionists know that Irving is playing word games to avoid being thrown in prison again, but what’s Cole’s excuse? Cole himself doesn’t believe 900,000 Jews were machine gunned into pits at Treblinka, so what is his angle? I would say that someone who claims 900,000 Jews were machine gunned into pits at Treblinka, although there are 900,000 missing bodies, bullets and bullet casings was a “Holocaust historian” spreading untruths and impossibilities, not a “real Revisionist.”

    I believe Irving is muddling his claims in order to stay out of prison and to have a better public perception of him.”

    Make no doubt about it, Cole supports, David can’t debate his unsupportable view on any radio show.

    He just wants to hurl more abuse and lies at honest revisionists.

    This is what I “survived” –

  6. Eric Hunt says:

    David, perhaps we got off on the wrong foot.

    My name’s Eric, I have a degree in Digital Media, that’s my background. I recommend you watch my videos The Last Days of the Big Lie and The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax.

    You’ve seen The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax but probably need to rewatch it before our radio debate.

    David, you stood in the life saving delousing complex in Majdanek labelled “Bath and Disinfection 1” .We’re told it was used to “gas Jews.”

    You examined the door handles, the floor drains. The windows!

    You know Bath and Disinfection 1 was and is a misidentified delousing station, and was never used to “gas Jews.”

    But what Revisionists claim were also misidentified delousing facilities at Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor, you don’t need to see, huh? You say they REALLY WERE the elusive “gas chambers disguised as shower rooms.” Even though witnesses describe seeing a shower room and inmate hair was cut off before entering, you claim these were extermination chambers.

    Even though you believe the “gas chambers disguised as shower rooms” at Auschwitz-Birkenau and Majdanek are massive lies, and the sonderkommando witnesses are pathological liars, you don’t even need to know anything about how the “13 gas chambers” at Treblinka 2 were laid out and could have possibly functioned and buy the entire story?

    Korherr’s incomplete report proves they were gassed there?

    Let’s schedule a debate time on Ry Dawson’s radio show. You can answer that and many more questions about your beliefs which you are so confident about, that you call your opponents horrifically painful names.

  7. Richard says:

    Wow, such drama and psychological intensity. Anyone ever read prof. Kevin Macdonald’s theory on Jewish emotional aggressiveness? Seems to me we have a full chapter of it here.

  8. Richard says:

    “He claims to psychically “know” that David Irving and I are just pretending to disagree with him […] a plot to pretend to disagree with Hunt […]

    Which brings me to this. And I’m going to use my words carefully here, not out of respect for Hunt, but out of respect for several mutual friends who have asked me to tread lightly. So this is me treading lightly:
    Eric, your defense at your criminal trial was that you are “mentally ill” and “delusional.” Please know that I take schizophrenia very seriously. It is a tragic disease, and it has affected several people who are very close to me.

    Schizophrenia is actually a very serious mental disorder that is usually easily recognizable, especially after progressing for eight years. Furthermore, it is an illness that affects the person in almost every part of his life, making him dysfunctional and not capable of say, putting together a 2 hour video in a coherent fashion. And jumping from _delusion_ to _schizophrenia_ is like jumping from a cough to lung cancer. Quite an extraordinary disregard for accuracy from a person that pretends to know anything about historical details.

    Or maybe it’s all about throwing smears for you?

  9. Dear David Cole,

    ff you don’t want to debate Eric because of his controversial past–or whatever, you can still debate me as to whether or not Jews were ever killed in gas chambers by the Nazis. The debate subject should be at least somewhat focused on a specific issue.

    A radio debate between us will not involve much more than a Skype connection to you and about two hours of your time. Deanna Spingola is a likely host for such a debate–but other people might be willing to host our debate as well.

    So, why not go for it? What have you got to lose?

    Friedrich Paul Berg
    Learn everything at
    Nazi Gassings Never Happened! Niemand wurde vergast!

  10. Eric Hunt says:

    It’s gross, a Jewish Soviet tactic. Call Holocaust myth skeptics mentally ill, force medicate them, and put them in a gulag. I suffered tremendously because of this tactic and still do. This is why Cole’s lie about schizophrenia is so painful, but he knows this.

    Friedrich Paul Berg, Columbia educated engineer, is up for a debate with Cole if Cole refuses to debate me.

    Most just think I’m a better choice, with first hand knowledge of the subject. I spent two days at Treblinka this year walking over almost every inch of the camp and its surroundings and made a video and webpages detailing my opinions and findings. (Apparently, Cole hasn’t been there)

    I also researched in the Shoah Foundation Archives and destroyed Yitzak Arad and the USHolo Museum director’s line about no transited Jews by showing transited Jews talking about being transited with hundreds and in some cases thousands of others to the Lublin district.

    Cole has to our knowledge, not investigated Treblinka beyond mainstream Internet sources. Why didn’t Cole find these Shoah Foundation transitees? He wasn’t looking. He prefers them to have been gassed.

    Friedrich Paul Berg will debate you if you refuse to debate me, David.

    Or will you dodge every attempt by an educated Revisionist to debate your outrageous claims about almost 2 million Jews being gassed in shower rooms and gas vans?

    The radio hosts pouring praise on you and throwing you softball questions don’t know much at all about the facts of the matter and mostly supported your past work.

  11. I will not bother addressing Cole’s girly-boy vitriolic and untrue statements about me above, but I will point out that where he writes that I have written or said, referring to Eric Hunt, that “he’s the Wiesel elevator felon” that his statement is false. False, like so much else about the little fella.

    • Andrew E Mathis says:

      Oh, Bradley… One wonders why you always go to the “girly-boy” and other gay-themed attacks when someone crosses you. One wonders whether it’s merely a matter of projection, but who am I to say?

      I don’t doubt what Cole says about you, Bradley. You lie for a living — you have for a while. But because you’ve demonstrably lied about Hargis on more than one occasion, you have a track record that speaks for itself. Now Cole has a megaphone. Too bad for you, dirtbag.

      • Mathis! It’s been a long time.
        With re to my “girly-boy” remark, you’re right and I regret having used it again.
        The remark does not read “homosexual” to me, but you are right, it does to others.
        I’ve known David some 25 years now and have never thought of him as being homosexual.
        I’ll let the rest of the stuff go because there is no end to it.

  12. Atigun says:

    If you believe that 900,000 people were murdered at Treblinka, buried, exhumed, cremated over open grills made from railroad rails, the bones crushed on pieces of tin with wooden clubs and the cremains then reburied in one or more of the original mass graves it should be the easiest thing in the world to prove. No need for any vitriolic name calling or furious rebuttals over what the meaning of “Is” is in German or if it’s some kind of nefarious codeword.

    Go rent a GPR and hire a qualified operator. Make up a half dozen (or a dozen) copies of the results and send them blind to different firms who specialize in interpreting GPR charts. Maybe even tell a couple of them that you’re looking for signs of previous excavations. The existence of the graves would be enough to prove your and other believers allegations. A core sample showing the existence of human cremains would be optimal but not necessary.

    That’s it. Do that and all your little pieces of paper and whether they say this but mean that or say that and mean this become irrelevant. You will have something called “proof;” something that is repeatable and can be confirmed by third parties. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Well, probably not. Since there aren’t any giant graves at Treblinka II you could irradiate those 13 hectares with GPR until the ground starts to glow but you will never find any graves of sufficient volume to contain at least 700,000 cadavers. Of course that’s why you and your fellow hoaxers will never allow any kind of an investigation that would provide unconditional proof of whether Treblinka was an extermination facility or simply a disinfestation and transit camp.

  13. NLH says:

    An interesting dissection and commentry on each part of your response above, David, has taken place here: well worth reading.

  14. Richard says:

    I’m reading the original German text of the Korherr report now. What it does is make a clear distinction between Jews who are in the process of being “evacuated” (typical military lingo) eastwards from and to various locations and the Jews who are more or less stationary in Ghettos and KZ camps.

    David Stein seems to think this must mean the “evacuated” Jews were being mass murdered, i.e. they couldn’t have been accommodated somewhere temporarily. But that doesn’t really make any sense, since the report lists Jews evacuated to places that nobody, and certainly not Stein, thinks were killing centers. So whether or not this report contains euphemistic language to conceal mass murder, it seems clear that the evacuation process of Jews included the admission of them to various camps, even if this was not included in the KZ inmate count.

    Stein’s interpretation also seems to create a contradiction, in that “evacuation” had a double meaning – both referring to the deportation of Jews to places such as Theresienstadt and the killing of them in alleged extermination centers such as Treblinka. I find this very odd.

    On top of that the report also mentions “Sonderbehandlung” – what was the meaning of that word, then?

  15. Carlo says:

    I agree with Richard. The key sentence is this one in section VII of the Korherr report (“The Jews in the concentration camps”):

    “Nicht enthalten sind die im Zuge der Evakuierungsaktion in den Konzentrationslagern Auschwitz und Lublin untergebrachten Juden.” (Not counted are the Jews being accommodated in Auschwitz and Lublin as part of the evacuation action)

    Thus, if “evacuation” really is a codeword for extermination, this would imply that Jews were also systematically killed/gassed in Auschwitz and Lublin. If by now we exclude that Jews were systematically killed/gassed at these two camps, it follows that “evacuation” most likely wasn’t a codeword.

    As a German native speaker, I do not agree that Korherr’s words “Abgang” and “zurückgegangen” likely imply death. They appear to be used in a purely technical/statistical sense. If Jews were transferred out of what the national socialists at the time defined as “Europe”, Korherr would call that “Abgang”. Nevertheless, it’s true that theoretically, these words can also be used in a more figurative sense.

    I agree with David that the revisionist case for “what happened to the 2.5 million jews” is not yet water proof. The missing pieces may likely be locked in some Russian archives. Then again, from a legal perspective, the presumption of innocence must apply until proofed otherwise. The quotes from Gerlach and Kube/Lohse may indicate that several tens of thousand Jews were killed/shot in the East, either because of (potential or actual) partisan activity or simply because the SS/SD couldn’t handle that many Jews. But these quotes do not proof that several hundred thousands or even a few million Jews were killed/gassed at the Reinhardt camps.

    In my view, the most important steps to advance the revisionist case are 1) professional investigation of the ground at Treblinka, Sobibor etc, and 2) publicly demand acces to Russian archives.

  16. Carlo says:

    PS: Regarding the sentence in section VII of the Korherr report, a third possibility is that “Evakuation” really was a codeword, but the Jews “marked for evacuation” were not killed/gassed at Auschwitz and Lublin, but were going to be sent to one of the Reinhardt camps and killed/gassed there.

  17. mat says:

    I like how athis feigns gloating over col’es “megaphone” when he knows it is he and his ilk who get to really cringe over it. hard to paint thei guy as either dumb or a nazi, and yet he won’t budge from -but rather stands firm regarding- so many staments that contradict 99% of mathis’ transparent theses regarding revisionism, its motives, accomplishments, and overwhelming rectitude.

    • Andrew E Mathis says:

      Wow, you’re, like, barely literate. But I’ll bite: How exactly do Cole’s ideas contradict 99% of my “transparent theses”?

  18. mat says:

    in sum, too bad for YOU, andrew

  19. Richard says:

    “I agree with David that the revisionist case for “what happened to the 2.5 million jews” is not yet water proof. ”

    Might the answer simply be : nothing? It seems to me that everybody assumes *something* must have happened to the Jews, either deportation somewhere or execution. But what if the evacuation process simply came to a halt?

    According to the Schlegelberger document, Hitler wanted to postpone the final solution to after the war. There are a couple of other hints from him in that regard also.

    With the war turning against the Germans, the idea of letting Jews loose in the East would not have been practical anymore. While many Jews might already have been shipped to their final destination, the larger majority would probably still remain in the 20.000 camps the exterminationists now ironically tell us existed:

  20. Richard says:

    Stein’s argument about the “Abgang” is really destroyed by what he himself quotes regarding the statistics of evacuated Jews: “…which are here counted as departed”.

    What that means is obviously that evacuated Jews are counted as departed in the statistics even if they are still present in camps in Europe (mind here the distinction between a KZ camp and a transit camp).

  21. Josef Gideon Burg says:

    Mr. Stein, I have a stupid question about the Holocaust to you.
    Report on Beth Israel vigil 04-26-14
    Posted on April 30th, 2014 at 8:06 am by Henry Herskovitz
    How can that NOT be a Hate Crime?
    Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends staged a protest at the Holocaust Memorial Center on their commemoration of “Yom HaShoah Holocaust Day of Remembrance”, Sunday April 27th.
    The reason for this protest was to challenge the power these museums have for manipulating peoples’ emotions to ensure that criticism of Israel relegates those who do to hateful status.
    We purchased six new signs for this event with the following slogans:
    Free Ernst Zundel
    Support Historical Revisionism
    Museum or Manipulation?
    Tell us the Truth
    End the Palestinian holocaust
    Support Open Debate (CODOH)

    Why are Gilad Atzmon Paul Eisen Israel Shamir Lasse Wilhelmson and Henry Herskovitz “Jewish pro-Palestinian activists or Ex-Jewish pro-Palestinian activists”?

    It is a coincidence?
    David Cole – we sure could do with more like him.
    It’s a great read, but apart from the fascinating account of David’s life and struggles with all its strengths and vulnerabilities,
    I also learned some very arresting facts about David.
    One of these is that he is ardently pro-Zionist and pro-Israel, and another is that, from his research,
    he is convinced that there were homicidal gas-chambers (albeit rather ramshackle ones) in the camps of Treblinka, Sobibor, Chelmno and Belzec.

    Well now, there’s a turn up for the books!
    David Cole, a fellow Jew (one of the very, very, very, very few fellow-Jews) who had and has the wherewithal to completely and utterly go against the very Jewish-enforced Holocaust narrative,
    and certainly a man whose commitment to researching truths I much admire, turns out not only to support Israel, but also to say that there were gas-chambers.

    It is logic contradiction that the body is blue.

    Gitta Sereny did not persuade Gilad Atzmon and Paul Eisen.

    Gitta Sereny were in a position to point out the mistake of Gilad Atzmon Paul Eisen and “The Holocaust Wars”.

    Why did not Gitta Sereny persuade Gilad Atzmon and Paul Eisen? 

    Do you not know “The Holocaust Wars”?

    They are all UK Jews or UK Ex-Jews.
    The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel
    Written in 1985 by Jack Bernstein
    It must be added that many people, including Jews,
    question whether the Holocaust happened as portrayed by the Zionist propagandists – at least not to the extent the Zionist claim.

    What are “the Zionist propagandists and the Zionist claim”?

    What is the borderline of Chosen People and Goyim?

    Is Six Million counted without the Jewish definition?

    How do you think a Quarter-Jew of the Soviet Union to be able to check it?

    What kind of Jewish definition were “Olivia Wilde” “Rosie Huntington-Whiteley” “John Kerry” “Emil Maurice” and “Six Million” judged with a Jew using?

    Gilad Atzmon Paul Eisen Israel Shamir Lasse Wilhelmson Henry Herskovitz and Floriano Abrahamowicz did your work in place of you.

    “Jewish Holocaust Revisionist” has a duty to save Dieudonne Alain Soral Mordechai Vanunu and Palestinian.

    I can not understand the difference between Max Blumenthal Lenni Brenner Norman Finkelstein Henry Makow Noam Chomsky Ilan Pappe Palestine Solidarity Campaign and you at all.

    The Palestinian will recognize you to be a “Revisionist Zionist Jew”.

    You are “stupid and diligent”.

  22. Steve says:

    Eric Hunt claims that Cole is saying Jews were gassed to death in the Reinhardt camps. When did he say that gassing was the method used? All I can see is Cole pointing to admissions of Jews being SHOT, or just “liquidated” and synonyms for the latter.

    • Richard says:

      How likely is it that the Reinhardt extermination story is true, but that ALL of the eyewitnesses either lied about or got the method of killing wrong?

  23. Babidi says:

    Not shocked by your views on Treblinka, more shocked by this exchange I’ve had no clue about. I’ve said before, the only reason I ever found your arguments appealing – or was inclined to listen to them in the first place, was because it was clear you had zero ulterior motive, and approached the subject with a natural sense of critical thinking. Whether the arguments you or Irving make are right or wrong, they are well reasoned. And it’s a shame these arguments must be had in the “fringe” of society, rather than in academia as they ought to be. When we’re further removed from this subject, that might be the case. You’re before your time.

    That said, you do sort of sound like a douchebag, you’re a drunk, and you seem to have trouble keeping company in right, left, even fringe circles, but I digress. Your work in Holocaust history is good. The fact you can provoke a laugh through your writing is mere coincidence.

    • Zimriel says:

      I concur with Babidi.

      David: I bought your book last week and read it, including the appendix. I literally could not put it down. It kept me up all night. I laughed, I cried, etc etc.

      I think if anything can get the work of the 1990s-era revisionists into the mainstream, it’s this book. Ignore the antisemites in the comments if at all possible. Count me as one Mischling (and Zionist) who thinks you’ll be remembered in years to come as a prophet.

      We are not served by exaggerations and intimidation. We are served by the truth. We are right; the antisemites are wrong, and the hypocrites who jail revisionists whilst giving free rein to ISIS fans are wrong.

  24. This above exchange proves free expression is still alive and kicking – but it has also reached the Scholastic level where the particular-universal problem loomed large, and their solution was elegantly put in question form: How many angels fit on a pinhead?
    Those who have adopted the gassing premise, because it liberates them from legal persecution and other indignities, will cling to their belief in the reality of angels. Others will continue to claim, like Giordano Bruno, that the sun is at the centre of the heavenly system – and to the judges who sentenced Bruno to be burned at the stake, he is reported to have said: ‘Perhaps you pronounce this sentence against me with greater fear than I receive it’. And as in the German trials of Zündel, Rudolf, et al., Bruno’s works were placed on the Index of prohibited books.
    I understand the revisionist enterprise to be one where the physical and the mental worlds meet to look at problems and then to investigate and to formulate something called an opinion. Hence the importance of forensic investigations and then German physicist Max Planck reminds us that only physical processes can be measured for truth-content.
    At the 2006 Teheran Holocaust Conference I gave a talk about Treblinka and had brought a model of Treblinka with me to Teheran. I then formulated the following: ‘The Holocaust has no reality in space and time, only in memory’. The physical steps at Treblinka for extermination are: line up- undress- gas – bury – exhume – burn. It can be safely calculated how long it would take for such a massive operation to be completed.
    This kind of mindset that disconnected from physical reality and relies on documents only reminds me of what we later heard about the Holocaust husband and wife survivors, the Rosenblatt’s: ‘Yes, it is not true – but in my mind it was true’!
    As one respondent, above, stated and what was suggested at the Teheran Conference, is to establish an international research body that will look into the claims made by the Holocaust believers and evaluate such for truth content. Sadly, it took the Vatican just on 400 years to acknowledge the legal error made by the temporal powers in the Bruno case.
    What some do not realize is that in 1993 the Revisionists had a revolution that hijacked serious Revisionism and some adopt the still unproven “gassing claim”. This was exactly 400 years ago, in 1593, when Bruno was imprisoned for seven year before being executed.
    So, what Revisionists have gone through is nothing new, and Eric Hunt’s comment about Soviet style enforcement of ideological purity is relevant in today’s age where this concept is called “political correctness”, which is nothing but the French Enlightenment rearing its ugly head again with guillotine at the ready to take out the “class enemy-aristocracy” – but this time the enemy is labelled: “hater”, “Holocaust denier”, “antisemite”, “racist”, “Nazi”, “xenophobe”, “nationalist”, etc.

  25. SEW says:

    There are so many lies regarding the holocaust(TM), the holo-cast, which have eventually surfaced, that it is just despicable, to fool the world like that. The world needs to be clearly informed about these lies. And the 6 million junk. Despicable lies. The world needs to be informed about the lies, many which have been confirmed and basically proven, as far as I can tell. But the world still doesn’t know about it. The world is not honestly informed about all the lies associated with the holocaust. That is number one. And then, lets go to the bottom with the rest. And after all these lies and cover up of the lies, if someone still wants to claim that jews were actually gassed to death or shot or whatever, you better have evidence to back it up. Because I am sick and tired of all these despicable lies. And how can the “witnesses” lie the way they did? Shame. It is disgusting. If people want to claim that jews were gassed or shot to death now, after all these lies during all these years, you do not have the credibility on your side. So then, show the evidence. And no more lies. Not one more f*cking lie.

    • SEW says:

      (It was watching Morris’ vid that made me decide to came back and post again)

      We know that the Auschwitz holocaust(TM) was a total scam (no one was gased to death and no systematic killing in any other way either, but certainly no gas chambers)

      Cole in Auschwitz 1 -7
      1) [yees, wonder why it is blocked/”age” restriced…]

      (Related, about Soviet union: (the same scammers r there too, that sold the holo-cast))

      The last days of the big lie
      (or, with other words: The holo-cast)

      Anyway, Cole, after death threats, changing your name and in order to void a death threat, u signed a paper/letter where you publicly took back everything you had said (and you felt happy about it too, even though you did not mean it, but that u still stand for what you said back then) and now loosing your new career, u want me to believe that, hey, but Tribnlinka, THAT was real. Really? Then show me real good evidence of it. Otherwise, I don’t buy the horseshit anymore. You loose trust by such ‘lies’ (when you temporarily took back everything and you even said, in your book that you felt happy about it, about signing the false letter, about lying actually, when you willingly signed that letter. Something tells me you don’t want to chased by ‘the jews’ anymore, and you lost your latest career. Am I supposed to trust you now when you say, politically correct, that triblinka was real??? (when you were happy signing a false letter back then, temporaroily saying that all holocaust junk was “real”, even though you did not believe it (but, by signing the false letter, you pretended to believe the fairytale stories were real)?))

      Anyway, what is this?

      Treblinka was No Extermination Camp – Just Transit Station

      Holocaust Truths Hoaxes and Forgeries – Morris – Galloway’s Assailant Raises The Issue

      Cole, the best thing you can do, is to stand up for the truth honestly. If that means that Triblinka was “real” “holocaust”, well, then I will listen to you and consider what you say. But at the moment, I do doubt it was “real”.

      Go for the truth, Cole. That is the only thing that can save you.

      We r exposing many of the lies in the world and the world, a small part of the world, is slowly starting to wake up from the scams. At the end of the day, I think you will be happy by standing on the side of truth, and not among the liars.

      The Creature From Jekyll Island (by G. Edward Griffin)

      SIX MILLION JEWS 1915-1938 HD
      “The Holocaust (also called Ha-Shoah in Hebrew) refers to the period from January 30, 1933 – when Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany – to May 8, 1945, when the war in Europe officially ended. During this time, Jews in Europe were subjected to progressively harsher persecution that ultimately led to the murder of 6,000,000 Jews…”


      F_cking retards

  26. A. Stewart says:

    Why more ridiculous, exterminationist, Germanophobic notions about “rabidly anti-Semitic” Nazis using silly, self-defeating, overly-complicated procedures to do simple things? When will the insanity end??? Yes, I think I see… The Nazis are struggling to win a war in the east against the tenacious Soviets, so they decide to use their valuable resources and manpower to evacuate 2.5 million Jews from throughout all of the Reich territories to Belarus just to put a bullet in them. And, then, on top of all this, in the 70 years since WWII has ended, the Soviets have never dug up even ONE of the “mass graves” containing a portion of these 2.5 million “murdered” Jews.

  27. Ahmadinchad says:

    hey Dave,

    great you’re back on the scene. Cool the bear jew kicked the bucket after all.

  28. D Irving says:

    people have no idea how agressively genocidal these jews really are. Currently they try to take over PPI (Pirate Party International) starting in Germany.

    Once they cleansed Palestine of arabs, they will make the 6 millon lie “gospel” in the west. But Persia and some places will not give in to the bane of humanity, which is the zionist jew.

  29. R Richard says:

    What has always appealed to me about David’s work is, as he has stated in many an interview, that his opinion will be shaped by whatever the evidence suggests regardless of whether it is in line with revisionism or exterminationsim.

    This is true objectivity. Just because there is no evidence of mass killings at one camp, it does not follow that there was none at another, and just because there was at some, does not mean there was at all. Where the evidence indicates foul play, as I believe David has shown with the Reinhardt Camps, it has led him to believe such. If the evidence was not there then he wouldn’t have that belief. He is not stating it as hard fact, just that the evidence in the case of liquidation meaning LIQUIDATION in the east seems more logical than to suggest otherwise. Bearing in mind that David’s stance in this instance is actually aligned with evidence that M.Shermer has used previously, (and I’m sure he wouldn’t wana be singing from sqirmers hymn sheet unless he absolutely had to!)

    David, ignore these clowns, they’re just annoyed because they don’t believe in objectivity, I think the best response for you to give Eric Hunt would be to deny him the debate that he craves so much, it would be more satisfying 🙂

    Ps. Loved the book, I kindled it..great read, good bit of dry humour in there too.

    • Richard says:

      He doesn’t really do that at all, and in fact, he makes it very clear in this piece that he only relies on a very select few pieces of evidence. If he had looked at the evidence – all the evidence – he would have had to take all the eyewitnesses of mass murder in these camps into account, at which point his theory would fall apart. But he, more than any mainstream holocaust historian, knows that the stories of these “eyewitnesses” are full of inconsitsencies, because it’s the same nonsense they told about Auschwitz and Mauthausen and alle the other camps. And so he simply ignores them and pretends his theory can stand without dealing with them. It’s an odd perspective – kind of like saying the Loch Ness monster story is true after all, but that none of the people who claim to have seen it are credible.

      He would also have to take into account the evidence which he himself frequently has used in the case against Auschwitz, namely the evidence of numbers. Unless David somehow does not know how to do simple math, he would have to concede, for example, that the number of corpses he alleges for Reinhardt do not fit into the alleged graves there – not by any chance, not even if the corpse per cubic meter number is taken to its theoretical maximum.

      So, David Cole might be an entertaining writer and all that, but as a historian, he does not do a very objective job at all. He probably should have stuck to organizing parties.

      • R Richard says:

        Some fair points there.

        Perhaps due to the very nature of those camps, 99% of the reliable eye witnesses are dead? Revisionists (although I am one) tend to believe testimony from witnesses that back up their theories, and look for inconsistencies in the stories of those that don’t. Like I said and as David points out, I believe the evidence weighs heavily in the various documents…various being the key word; documents some revisionists cite themselves although sometimes very selectively (perhaps David too some may argue)that those camps were death camps regardless of some shameless eyewitnesses bearing false testimony.

        I’ve never really personally bought into the idea that the Nazis couldn’t have disposed of x number of bodies in x amount of time. They had ample time, they destroyed the camps, planted trees on disposals area etc. presumably it’s hard to locate exact areas 70 years on where tons of ash were deposited ( unless of course your Kitty Hart and you really think your seeing human ashes in soil half a century on that hasn’t been weathered or washed away lol).

        • Richard says:

          Even if 99% of the reliable eye witnesses died in those camps, I would still expect some to come out and tell the true story. But nobody has ever alleged mass shootings at the Reinhardt camps, as far as I know. No escaped prisoners talking about firing squads, no farmers hearing gunshots day and night…nothing. It seems extremely far-fetched to assume that people were mass murdered there, but that more or less *everything* that has come out regarding the details is false. In science one usually selects the simplest hypothesis that fits the evidence, not the most complex hypothesis that fits just as select few, cherry-picked documents.

          Wrt. finding the graves: I can only assume that you have not taken the time to actually compare the alleged grave footprint with the camp area. Because if you had, you would have seen how simple it should be to locate these graves.

          • R Richard says:

            Again some good points…just being devils advocate here, we wouldn’t be looking for graves as the method used throughout the camps was cremation or apparent mass burning for anyone who died, natural causes or not, so we would be looking for where 5million kilos of ashes were dispersed so cld be anywhere wouldn’t be that hard to disperse. Locations are identified by the apparent eyewitnesses of the camp but we are already discounting their accounts as unreliable anyway. Could have even dumped inside the footprint or outside the camp perimeter, but guess we would need to see supporting documents to entertain that idea. It’s been too long now to find evidence of ashes.

            I’m not saying this with any certainty but it’s plausible. The evidence of ashes could never be identified now, the ‘graves’ everyone talks about would be millions of kg of ashes that have been washed deep into the ground.

            • Richard says:

              Well, sure. In the world of unrestricted assumption, any hypothesis is plausible. I’m not sure arbitrarily dispersing 5000 tons of ashes is such a good idea from the mass murderers perspective, though. 5000 tons would mean a lot of trucks(?) spreading evidence at multiple locations, thus increasing the probability of detection rather than minimizing it. I would think dumping everything at one, secret location, would be a better idea. But then you would have the possibility of the communists finding this mountain of ashes, which of course, along with the mountains of glasses and shoes, would be absolute proof of the holocaust and excellent material for their propaganda. So that doesn’t sound like a good idea either, actually.

              Here’s another one: the Germans, after processing the ashes, crushing and pulverizing every tooth, bone fragment etc., ran a giant business operation which repackaged everything as fertilizer, transported it out from the camps via trains and sold it all to farmers all over Poland. That way they were able to disperse it to so many locations that no one was be able to put it together again and say a mass murder had, in fact, occurred. And surely, noboby would suspect a regular looking bag of fertilizer actually being the remains of a Jew? 🙂

  30. james says:

    Well, if David is correct in his assertion, he shouldn’t have a problem debating Mr. hunt. Mr. Stein makes some good points considering the report and the suspicion arising from such a document, but that in and of itself is not concrete proof to conclude that there was mass extermination taking place. At the end of the day there has to be undeniable physical evidence for any such claim in my very sincere opinion. Hunt also makes some good points as far as lack of physical evidence. This is what debating is all about, I believe David is way to gutsy and honorable to refuse an honest open debate with anyone regarding facts and evidence. I for one support this potential debate all the way!

  31. “I’ll add that just two months after getting the final Korherr Report, Himmler ordered the Ostland ghettos permanently closed, with any Jews capable of work being sent to camps, and the remainder being “evacuated to the East.” Uh, this is the fucking Ostland. There IS no “east.” This is as far east as Nazi territory went. What more proof is needed that, in this instance, “evacuated to the East” is a euphemism?”

    David Irving talks abot this Korherr report in this video:

    He said that the phrase “evacuated to the East” was “special treatment” in the original version of the report.

  32. Just finished reading your views on Treblinka and the “Reinhardt” camps:

    “Since the release of my book, Republican Party Animal, I have received many emails from revisionists regarding my position, laid out in some detail in the book’s appendix, that Treblinka and the other so-called “Reinhardt” camps were places that functioned primarily, if not solely, as killing centers. […] I have seen abysmal things written about David Irving and Mark Weber, due to what is perceived to be their “weakness,” their “lack of commitment to the cause,” because they accept that many Jews were killed at the “Reinhardt” camps in Poland in 1942 and 1943, and that many were also killed in mass shootings, especially in the occupied Soviet territories in 1941.”

    Thank God serious revisionists which are only interested in the question “what really happened?” finally have a defense against equating revisionism with “holocaust denial”. However, that still does not answer the question of why the Auschwitz gas chamber myth is such a big deal. Why were myths like the soap story and the lamp story allowed to be debunked, but not this one? Why has this part of history been made illegal to even debate as a scholar in a lot of countries?

    As far as I am concerned, the hypothesis that this was needed in order to have a posterior reason for entering WW-II and make it “the good war” has become much less likely with the above story, because the story of the Germans killing hundreds of thousands of civilians by means of mass shootings would have been sufficient for that purpose.

    To me, it is clear that actually there is a much more sinister reason for maintaining the gas chamber myth at all costs, which has to do with the real purpose of the “buna” plant at Auschwitz. This was not a “buna” plant at all. It was most likely a Uranium enrichment facility, wherein actually a critical part of the weapons grade enriched Uranium used by the US in the bombs dropped on Japan was produced. See these books:,Carter%20P.%20-%20Critical%20Mass,%20The%20Real%20Story%20of%20the%20Birth%20of%20the%20Atomic%20Bomb.pdf

    They are also available on paper.

    In Hydrick’s book “critical mass”, there are many references to Irving’s “The German Atomic Bomb” and it is really well researched. Farrell and Hydrick make a very good case with lots of arguments which are not easily dismissed. In other words: IMHO these books are a MUST READ for any revisionist, because they answer many questions, including the puzzling questions of how the US solved their problem of not having enough enriched Uranium for an Uranium A-bomb AND the problem of how to iginite a plutonium A-bomb.

    A quote from Farrell, showing that the currently accepted narrative is questionable to say the least:

    “During the war crimes tribunals, however, it was not this gruesome catalogue of facts about the plant that puzzled the Allied prosecutors. What puzzled them was that, in spite of such an enormous investment of lives, money, and material, “not a single pound of Buna was ever produced”. The Farben directors and managers in the docks were almost obsessively insistent on this point. More electricity than the entire city of Berlin – the eighth largest in the world at that time – to produce absolutely nothing? If this was true, then the enormous outlay of capital and labor and the huge electrical consumption contributed nothing significant to the German war effort whatsoever. Needless to say, there is something very wrong with this picture.”

    To me, Farrell / Hydrick’s story just makes a lot of sense. Just three questions one cannot answer otherwise are:

    1. Where did the more than 126,000 barrels of nuclear material found rotting over 2,000 feet below ground in an old salt mine come from, as in: where was it produced?

    2. Where did the 560 kilograms of (most likely enriched) uranium oxide surrendered to the US come from?

    “Most importantly, U-234, after it surrendered to the United States Navy when the war ended, was found to carry some 560 kilograms of uranium oxide in its cargo.”

    3. Where did the US obtained enough enriched uranium to construct their A-bombs? You see, according to Hydrick’s research in the Manhatten archives, the Manhatten project simply could not have produced enough material by far in August 1945 to be able to build the bombs dropped on Japan. As described in Farrell’s book:
    If the stocks of weapons grade uranium ca. late 1944 – early 1945 were about half of what they needed to be after two years of research and production, and if this in turn was the cause of Senator Byrnes’ concern,

    * How then did the Manhattan Project acquire the large remaining amount or uranium 235 needed in the few months from March to the dropping of the Little Boy bomb on Hiroshima in August, only five months away?

    * How did it accomplish this feat, if in fact after some three years of production it had only produced less than half of the needed supply of critical mass weapons grade uranium?

    * Where did its missing uranium 235 come from?

    * And how did it solve the pressing problem of the fuses for a plutonium bomb?

    Of course the answer is that if the Manhattan Project was incapable of producing enough enriched uranium in that short amount of time – months rather than years – then its stocks had to have been supplemented from external sources, and there is only one viable place with the necessary technology to enrich uranium on that scale, as seen in the previous chapter. That source was Nazi Germany.

    I published more details and references at a somewhat obscure corner of the internet, the alt.revisionism usenet group:!topic/alt.revisionism/YZ2pHvJU1Sk

  33. John McGrane says:

    Glad to see you’re back, again, but sorry to hear about all the nasty infighting. As with so many debates it seems like you and Eric are to a degree ignoring the strong points of each others arguments, like two gladiators in different dimensions unable to touch each other despite seemingly landing deadly blows. Not being a historian myself, I must admit to a fair amount of confusion at this point. Maybe your documentary evidence trumps Eric’s analysis of what little physical evidence there is and the accounts of the Jewish survivors in his video, I don’t know at this point. But considering all the holocaust lies that you and the other revisionists have uncovered about other camps and considering that it’s the Jewish establishment, probably heavily Zionist influenced, that is preventing an excavation of the site that could provide incontrovertible proof one way or the other, can you really be so certain of your conclusion? You make a great case, but until I see the teeth I’m going to find it hard not to be a bit skeptical.

  34. George says:

    You have written in your book that you were on friendly terms with actor Jon Voight. I remember seeing him in a holocaust themed movie called The Odessa File. In it are scenes with a “gas van”. If anyone else has seen this movie and would like to comment a thread has been started at the message board for The Odessa File at the IMDB –

  35. From Sweden says:

    Hello David Cole.

    Will you debate Friedrich Paul Berg in a radio show?

    That would be great.

    Best regards

    From Sweden

  36. Ken Meyercord says:

    I wonder if much of the disagreement over the Reinhardt “Death” Camps stems from too great a reliance on the numbers in the Korherr report. Korherr may have been a top official and a super-statistician, but where did he get his number from? If it was from an accumulation of reports by underlings out in the field, or the middle-lings who relied on reports from underlings out in the field, both of whom had a career-interest in convincing the upperlings that they were doing their part of make Europe Judenrein, couldn’t their counts be compared to the infamous body counts of the Vietnam era, which, if taken at face value, would have suggested South Vietnam was depopulated by the end of the war. Could it be that the Korherr figures should be divided, say, by ten? Also, the question of where are the Jews – dead or alive – works both ways. If hardline revisionists need to show where the deportees ended up (alive, for the most part), softies need to explain where are the remains of the “departed”? (When I asked David Irving about that he said it was “an interesting question”, but apparently not interesting enough for him to look into or venture an opinion on.)

    • Richard says:

      “(When I asked David Irving about that he said it was “an interesting question”, but apparently not interesting enough for him to look into or venture an opinion on.)”

      It is also an interesting question considering that Irving has stated it was the “numbers” that convinced him that the Auschwitz-story was false – the amount of coal needed to cremate the bodies, the time it would take and so on. But apparently, the numbers are fine when it comes to Treblinka, and Irving is more than willing to concede that ten thousands of bodies were buried in an area not much bigger than a henhouse.

  37. Richard Presser says:

    David, I have watched one of your Auschwitz videos. Truly wonderful and confronting work. You have a skill to cut through the crap like few others. Wonderful.
    I have also just finished reading your book “Republican Party Animal”. You’ve been on one hell of a journey.
    I have a few comments to make, and understand that I am making them because I want to see you get back on your feet and bring to the world your wonderful skills and abilities:
    You have great gifts and talents, but you have given up on yourself. You are like a mangy dog that has been kicked a few too many times, cowering with its tail between its legs – though I feel you don’t see that, and it has disempowered you – long ago. The ADL and others did a good job.
    You talk about you operating from principle (conservative, right wing, etc.) and the others in LA, etc. being ideologues. In my opinion, you are kidding yourself. It’s simply a matter of degree. What you haven’t yet seen (it seems to me, anyway) is that this left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative, commie vs. capitalist, Democrat vs. Republican, etc. is a charade to distract the peasants from seeing what is REALLY going on, and you are firmly stuck inside it. You are as blind outside of your little Auschwitz and revisionist (and accurate in my opinion) duck pond as those who pillory you inside of it.
    And I am willing to give you all the evidence on this you might need. To give you one example, are you aware that the meme of 6 million Jews being persecuted emerged in the press at least as early as 1915? See . I do not plan to say more about this here, but if you wish to understand why I say what I say, you have my email address. I want to see your wonderful skills and abilities reactivated, and to see you get out of that alcoholic stupor that dulls that existentialist pain and see you shine your light on these assholes that set up the lies of Auschwitz and carefully protect them using the laws you refer to in Europe and elsewhere.
    The ball is with you.
    Dr. Richard Presser

  38. Ron Jeremy says:

    Sounds like an ALCOHOLIC to me!

  39. James says:

    I have listened to every recent radio interview with David Cole Stein with great interest and am glad to see the above article which I have not yet read carefully. I think David handles information wonderfully, clearly
    expresses it and anticipates questions for clarification. However, I suspect that the practice of calling other
    people involved in consideration of occult and un-clarified data relating to the putative Jewish Holocaust of WW II
    idiots, and other denigrating terminology, is counterproductive and burns bridges and blocks avenues of future
    possible communication. One can articulate observations of faulty data or reasoning or assumptions without
    blurring the matter with insults.
    There is a lot David Cole can teach younger researchers and in doing so might well play an equally important role as that which David has already accomplished.

    Also, I wonder if the long defunct revisionist periodical formerly produced by the IHR addressed the information
    in the above article. It seems the loss of that periodical was a great blow to the still unresolved full picture of
    what is falsehood and what is truth in the official Jewish holocaust mythology. That vital revisionist periodical/journal served as a central clearing house of information where information could be built on information and a progressively truer picture constructed that could be found in one place and would provide
    an advantage over the current isolation of holocaust revisionist researchers and fragmentation of such research.

  40. Spike1138 says:


    Much about the Reinhardt camps, Treblinka in particular is extremely complicated and confusing, which is likely why both Revisionists and Exterminationists often focus on Auschwitz and occasionally Mjadanek to the exclusion of all else, as things are much more cut and dried.

    After much puzzling over this, I THINK I have figured out what is going on here – for a start, there were two Treblinkas and two rail platforms. And we only have diagrams and widely circulated ariel photographs of one of them.

    So this is essentially a shell-game – the reason it’s perfectly possible for 1.5million people to enter a camp and there then be no record of them ever leaving again, but also NO BODIES and NO MASS GRAVES evident and have an authentic paper trail which reflects that is because they are arriving and being processed at one rail terminal, marched two miles down the road following intake and then placed back on a DIFFERENT train at a DIFFERENT railhead the following day – so if you only have the arrivals and departures for camp number 2 (which is the case) and you pretend that there never was a camp number 2, they essentially appear to have disappeared and never left; whereas in reality, most of them probably left the following day on foot, were marched from Treblinka II to Treblinka I and were reboarded onto a different train travelling East from a different platform.

    What happened is that in around 1964, following the Eichmann Trial debacle, this Polish citizen suddenly came forward, from behind the Iron Curtain, after 25 years, and he was the STATIONMASTER at Treblinka Railway Station, working for the German rail company throughout the entire war and he has complete records of all the arrivals throughout the war – incredibly, the Reich paid the rail fares for everyone deported by train to the rail company, on a per-person, per-mile standard rate, so these are VERY accurate figures.

    His story that at the time, he was also a member of the Polish underground and was sending copies of all the records to resistence throughout the war, and has had copies of them the whole time – this was the entire evidentiary basis for the 1960s Treblinka Trials in Germany.

    So, this gentleman was stationmaster at Treblinka railway STATION until 1943, when the station was closed to the public (who rode right past the “death camp” of Treblinka II on thier way to the station adjacent to Treblinka I.

    So he only has half the records, and that makes sense – of course he doesn’t have a record of the departures from th other camp, because there was no station there open to the public, just a spur adjacent to the second camp, with a platform and a ramp just like the ones inside Auschwitz, not open to the public.

    I can’t answer what happened to the inmates after that, but I cannot believe that they are in the ground under Treblinka II, there simply isn’t the room and there is no evidence of corpses or mass graves under the site of the camp. It’s just not supportable.

    The idea that 1.5 million people or more were just wandering around Russia and Ukraine on the Eastern Front does so preposterous, I agree, but it is certainly possible and not without precedent – they are only a problem for the Germans so long as they end up on the German side of the lines, and the Germans did everything they could to retain control of the rail lines as deep into Soviet Territory as possible, and then they become the Russian’s problem – the Russians would have to deal with them and process them, with no way to know who were true refugees and who were Nazi spies or anti-communist partisans posing as refugees to conduct acts of terrorism and sabotage behind their front – they would have had no choice but to send everyone to Siberia and sort them all out at a later date, and there is good evidence to support the idea that that is just what happened.

    And again, there is. MAJOR precedent for this – pre-Soviet Russia and Germany remained at war between Feburary and October 1917, but the Germans apparently had complete control over all rail traffic into Russia at least as far as St. Petersberg throughout this entire period, because they were able to ensure safe passage across the entire Eastern Front for not just Lenin but every single exiled radical and political émigré, Bolshevik, Anarchist and Pacifist Liberal they could get their hands on and send them directly into the heart of the enemy camp to cause maximum chaos and disruption to knock Russia completely out of the war by inducing a collapse on the home front – they attempted exactly the same thing in Ireland the previous year.

    So in sum – over the course of 9 months in 1917, the German High Command successfully delivered and dumped several hundred or thousands of radical Jews deep behind Russian lines, using the Russian’s own railways, with the intent to cause maximum chaos and confusion and knock the Russian Empire out of the war; and it worked REALLY well – the true authors of the October Revolution were Hindenberg and Luddendorff.

    It’s not therefore not at all unreasonable to conclude that between 1941 and 1944, the German Reich successfully delivered and dumped several hundred thousand mostly very poor, elderly and infirm Jews behind the Soviet lines, using the Soviet’s own railways, with the intent to cause maximum chaos and confusion and knock the Soviet Union out of the war – rule No.1 of military strategy is that if you try something that works, is cheap and low risk and creates logictical headaches and problems for the enemy whilst reducing your own, do it and keep doing it as often as possible.

    Keep up the good work, Mr. Cole/Stein.

    • Anon1 says:

      As I understand, Germany gave Lenin passage to Sweden. They did not ship him directly into Russia. Do you have anything to substantiate that?

  41. Ellie says:

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    Fickdates klar, indem ihr den reifen Frauen ein paar
    Komplimente macht.

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