Progress Report on My Book (and LOTS of Pictures!)

Winter is coming, and I couldn’t be happier. The older I get, the more I can’t stand hot weather. And L.A. seems to get more and more humid each year. Leftists claim it’s “global warming.” I, being a skeptic and rationalist, point to a more likely cause – humidity crossing the border illegally to escape Central American war and poverty.

I absolutely refuse to support amnesty for illegal humidity.

But humidity aside, it was a good summer for my book. Sales for the first four months were tremendous. I reached the #1 spot on Amazon’s list of best-selling Jewish biographies, beating new books about Marx, Ben-Gurion, Anne Frank, and Leonard Bernstein. Who’d have ever thought…a Holocaust revisionist book achieving that level of success.




For the record, there’s no satisfaction in kicking Anne Frank’s ass, but fuck you, Marx.

I was #1 on the Amazon UK chart of bestselling books about conservatism, and #4 among books about democracy.

Perhaps most significantly, mine was the #32 best-selling foreign-language political biography on (the German Amazon). #32 out of thousands of foreign-language political biographies. And I’m quite certain that my book is illegal in that country.

Oh, and in Germany I beat the crap out of Hillary Clinton’s book in the English-language best-seller list on Amazon. This screen grab alone makes my life worthwhile:




My book also handily survived an attempt by a pressure group to force Walmart to stop selling it.

Every success my book has had has been in the face of an overwhelming media blackout. Since June, seven different mainstream media organizations have initiated pieces about my book, only to have them killed by the editorial staff. Lots of books are ignored; that’s par for the course and nothing to whine about. But mine hasn’t been ignored; top-notch reporters have wanted to write about it. And they’ve tried. Yet editor after editor has nixed every piece that has been proposed or submitted. Striving to break the blackout is what keeps me going.

And this, too: Just a few weeks ago, I received an email from a California GOP bigwig, one of the people from my Republican Party Animals heyday. Last year, after my outing, this gentleman, whose name I’m leaving out by request, but who my former cohorts will surely recognize, wrote this:

“I have to say, as a Jew who lost family in the Holocaust, I find this very disturbing. I did not sleep last night. This is a horrendous thing that David did. As you may be able to tell, I am quite shaken by this.”

Here’s what I received from him last month:

“David, I just want to say that I read your book, and have a different perspective about you now. I understand that you weren’t a Holocaust denier, but were questioning anomalies and attempting to correct the historical record. While hindsight is always keen, there are ways that I see that you could have handled this last year without it becoming the exploding nuclear bomb that it was. I guess that really doesn’t matter now. I have no enmity toward you, and wish you good luck.”

If you haven’t bought my book yet, SHAME ON YOU. Shame. Order the damn thing, hard-copy or Kindle.

With thousands of folks buying and reading the book, I have been inundated with inquisitive emails from readers. I’ve distilled the top five reader questions here.

1) Is your heavy drinking routine just a shtick?

Oh dear God no. I’m an alcoholic, and a very sick man. My body is failing. Many fans who dismissed my drinking problem as a shtick learned their error upon meeting me in person. I’m 46 and I’d like to make it to 50, and that’ll probably do. It’s been a good life. My complaints have been trivial. If I can say I had 50 good years, 50 very blessed years, I think that’s better than average, and I’ll be content. Most people never get that that many years in which their biggest complaint is “the redhead ate too much food at the priciest steakhouse in Beverly Hills.” May we all have that as our greatest trouble.

2) Speaking of the redhead, another common question is, “Does Rosie really eat as much as you claim?”

Just as in the case of my alcoholism, there is no exaggeration here. Rosie is not bulimic; she simply has the most insane metabolism of any human I’ve ever met. Food is her orgasm, and one of her more bizarre fetishes was insisting that I take a picture of her with the daily meals I’d buy her. Here are just a few examples. FYI, this is not food for two. This is what she ate by herself (I typically only drank at our daily foodbag sessions).

The marguerita glass in the corner is my part of the meal. The rest is all for her.

Rosie’s food fetish

In Rosie’s world, this is an hors d’oeuvre.


Yes, she actually writes poems about her food.



3) “They said you are a Holocaust denier. But I read the book, and I read what you actually said in the 1990s, and you never denied the Holocaust.”

You are correct. The image of me as a Holocaust denier was engineered in the early ‘90s by those who need to continually manufacture enemies. I’m talking about groups like the ADL, and the “mainstream” press, which my former conservative buddies claim to be skeptical of, in every instance except the one in which I was called a “denier.” All of a sudden, the media was now 100% trustworthy to these “conservatives.”

4) “I saw some videos of you on Youtube…is that your real voice, or are you doing a character?”

The Big Guy upstairs saw fit to couple my Dinklage body with a seriously screwed-up voice. It’s all real; I don’t do performance art. What you see is what you get. I’m amazed myself that by sheer strength of personality and intellect I got as far in life as I did. Seriously…women have actually had sex with me. What the fuck’s up with that?

5) “WHY WEREN’T THERE MORE PICTURES IN THE BOOK?” (and yes, this question is almost always screamed at me in all-caps).

Space limitations, pure and simple. The book was already 132 pages in ten-point type. My publisher knew he was taking a risk on the book, so the photos were kept to a minimum. This is the number one beef I’ve received in my fanmail, with many readers expressing a desire to put faces to the various characters who inhabit the pages of my book. There were quite a few pics that didn’t make the final cut. Here they are. Enjoy!

Irv Rubin: Giant ugly Golem, the original “Bear Jew.” Burner of books, smasher of faces, my attempted murderer. Rest in peace, you Jewish version of the rock creature from “The Neverending Story.”



Bradley Smith: Whenever people tell me to quit drinking, I bring up this Holocaust denying hack who was a friend of mine for 25 years. This lard-assed lifetime drinker is in his late 80s, and he’s survived a stroke, two bouts with cancer, chemo, personal tragedy, poverty, and even Mexican drug gangs. Dude can’t die. I’m not saying it’s always genes, but sometimes it is. And sometimes it’s luck. And sometimes it’s bad luck for the rest of us. In 25 years, this bastard has done more damage to my property via his drunken antics than I can recount. There is barely a chair, carpet, microwave oven, or wall that doesn’t bear his mark. But my favorite drunk Bradley story was the time he drove back to Mexico without his pants. That was in 2004, and it marked the beginning of my favorite personal meme, “Pantsless Bradley Throughout History.”




Offended? Fuck you. You’re getting off easy. I had to know the actual person.


Dr. Michael Shermer: Definitely dishonest and sleazy, and possibly a rapist. In other words, the Bill Cosby of the skeptic movement. He’s made a small fortune by reassuring smug arrogant jackoffs that the Loch Ness Monster isn’t real. What would the world do without such a genius? I used to avoid swimming in the ocean for fear of plesiosaurs. But thanks to Mikey Shermer, I can now swim worry-free!

Below: Shermer hanging out with denier Robert Faurisson. Behold: the original Beavis and Butthead. “Heh-heh…heh-heh…heh-heh-heh.”

Shermer and Faurisson


Rosie Tisch: I’m not saying she’s Satan. That would be silly and infantile. I always attributed the burnt sulfur smell that followed her around to a medical condition called “soul rot.” It also might have been severe flatulence.

“No, Rosie, I’m not gonna pull your finger. You already got me with that one yesterday.”


UPDATE: Rosie is apparently getting married next year, on the two-year anniversary of the night she outed me in 2013. Yes, she chose the exact two-year anniversary of the one thing she managed to do successfully in life. Well, we all have to have pride in something. Her husband-to-be is accomplished boxboy Robert Maxhimer (aka “Tex” Maxhimer), an “art crater.” No, not an art creator, an art crater. He takes the art of talented people and he boxes it up. In his spare time, he apparently thinks he’s Matthew McConaughey:


Julia Garlington: Judging by my fanmail, the most-requested photo is of Rosie’s Blake Shelton-touring country-rockstar high-priced hooker sister. Now, I’ll be honest…this was the one person whose inclusion in the book sparked an internal debate. She has suicidal tendencies, and there was some concern on my part that revealing her as a prostitute could worsen her mental state. I reflected on Richard the Third, and the reticence expressed by the assassin sent to kill Clarence. Asked what he’s afraid of, he replies “Not to kill him, having a warrant for it; but to be damned for killing him, from which no warrant can defend me.” Translation: “yes, it’s legal, but will I be damned for it?” And so too did such hesitation creep into my mind as I wrote the book. But then I remembered her poor Jew husband who had no idea that the wife he sold his two houses to support was boning wealthy foreign businessmen in Atlanta every night as he was living in a shack in San Diego. So, in the name of sheepish pussy-whipped Joos everywhere, here’s the whore.

Essential 12 - Rosie’s sister Julia – Important to get one of country-star Julia


Rosie, her sister Julia, and in the kitchen of the Eiffel Tower restaurant in Vegas

Follow her on Instagram! (I am such a dick. And yes, she is wearing a shirt on Instagram that says “hooker”)


Michael Walsh aka David Kahane: Writer for National Review and the New York Post. The guy who carried out my “outing” on Rosie’s behalf. In my book I refer to him as a “fat lisping pervert,” but in all honesty he’s much worse than that; I was just trying to find the least objectionable way to describe him. As hard as it is to tell from this photo, he’s not actually mentally retarded. I feel a need to point that out, lest people think I’m mocking the handicapped.



Gary Sinise: A fine actor, who was always very kind to me. But, as I write about in the book, there’s some bad stuff roiling beneath. Oh, and his Friends of Abe group cheated the IRS. Still and all, his devotion to our troops is genuine and admirable, and it kind of sucks how things turned out between us.

Sinise evangelizing


Larry Elder: Bestselling author and KABC radio host, Larry was a good friend and business partner. Upon learning of my history, Larry and his publisher, World Net Daily, stiffed me for editing work I’d already done. For all of his folksy homilies about the free market and how he was raised to believe in hard work, for all of his whining about being “censored” for being a black conservative, he had no problem ripping someone off simply because they have different beliefs. Since Larry and I parted ways, he’s descended into an insanity pit of chemtrails, Bilderbergers, and anti-vaccination lunacy. But I’m the fringe wacko. Amazing.

Larry Elder


Scott Edwards: I was disappointed that I couldn’t include in my book a photo of Scott “Scatty” Edwards, the ginger septic tank cleaner who was my partner in the early years of the Republican Party Animals. No rancor here, just a desire to let readers put a face to the name. Poor bastard; I really do feel bad for how things worked out for him. But then again, how many of us have as assured a paycheck as a guy who cleans poo for a living? Technology becomes obsolete, fads come and go, but there will always be poo. And Scatty Edwards will always be there, to relieve you of yours.



Michael Thompson: “Tipjar Mike.” This 40-something Wolverine-sideburned flat-broke spotlight-hogging musician found out the hard way that when you lead with your loins, you get burned…sometimes from hot sulfur. No grudges, mate. I’ve been there.

Below: Mike playing at my house party for Rep. Thad McCotter.

Tipjar Mike backed up by Congressman McCotter and his brother


Stacia Goodloe: I brought Stacia into the Republican Party Animals circle, and she soon became my right-hand woman. Rosie made her “acquisition” a priority. It’s difficult for me to dislike Stacia; she has severe (and totally unwarranted) body-image issues. However, she’s now taken to trolling my female friends on Facebook, and that’s just classless.

Stacia before she realized I'm Hitler, as Emilee looks on

Below: Stacia and I with the popular conservative blogger “Iowahawk.”

Stacia, me, and notoriously anonymous blogger Iowahawk


Emilee Wilson: Emmie is family to me. Without her and her entrepreneurial spirit, I never could have launched the Republican Party Animals. Her dance troupe put us on the map – pole dancing and sexy acrobats at GOP functions! Beautiful women are a force to be reckoned with, but a beautiful and brilliant woman can move the earth itself.





The VertiGirls: Emmie’s dance troupe. Never before has GOP politics reached that level of cool, and I doubt it ever will again. For a blessed couple of years, we shook off the shackles of Pat Boone. It was nice while it lasted.


After my virtual assassination, the Hollywood Congress of Republicans put on a barn-burner to demonstrate how hip and youth-oriented they can be without evil old “denier” Stein. These are actual pics from the event. Twenty-three skidoo, hep cat!


Here’s their DJ, the world-famous Metamuskrillex:



Beverly Zaslow: Cougar extraordinaire! Like a sterile Jewckoo, she cannot create but instead parasitically latches on to the projects of others. In this picture, she’s only kissing the pig because it promised her an executive producer credit.

'Tudors' Zaslow finds a date


Chris Noll: There has been much interest expressed in the man who I describe as the Fisher Price Grim Reaper, the meek white-guy toy company exec who fires people by day and kills animals by night. Well, here he is. Rick Astley and Edgar Winter had a baby, which inherited everything but the musical talent and decent hairline. BTW, of all of the folks I mention in my book, Chris is the most likely to actually kill me. The other Second Amendment conservatives I write about are typical gun collectors – it’s just for show. But Chris really does like killing things. He’s probably just biding his time, waiting for his hairline to finally recede to the point where he won’t have to worry about leaving little blonde hairs at the crime scene.



John Romano: Richard Nixon was always at his finest when ranting about his prejudices. In a 1973 White House tape recording, Nixon said of Jews, “The Jews are just a very aggressive and abrasive and obnoxious personality.” Well damn, he sure pegged me! And about Italians, he said “The Italians, of course, just don’t have their heads screwed on tight. But they are wonderful people.” And that’s John Romano for ya. A really cool guy, but screwy as Woody Woodpecker. Plagiarist, ADD poster child, mediocre musician, and great drinking buddy. “Goombah” John Romano has apparently abandoned the news website I used to edit for him, (the URL now forwards to CNN). Last year, he had the bright idea to use my “outing” to reignite the dying site (which had been on par with the Breitbart sites, traffic-wise, during my year there). Sadly, he chickened out, thus proving that not all Sicilians have a pair of stones hanging. Based on recent photos, he’s apparently decided to devote his time these days to eating a shitload of cannolis and never working out. Mangiare, Goombah.



Jon Voight: A happy, happy drunk. Dates women who resemble his daughter. A little loopy, but, like Clint Eastwood, he is entitled to be whatever and however he pleases. He’s earned the right. And unlike Eastwood, he’s socially engaging and not physically made of granite.

Another of Voight at the Abes


Nick Searcy: I will forever miss his drunk 1am phone calls. “Peabody Award-Winning International Film and Television Star” Nick Searcy (of TV’s “Justified”) was a good friend. He’s lovably cagey, which is endearing (as opposed to Nicolas Cagey, which is annoying). But for all of his bluster as a curmudgeon, he redacted anything I’d ever done to help him on his projects, thus appearing more coward than curmudgeon. But I love him all the same. Check out “Acting School.” Even my leftist friends love it.

Nick Searcy


Germar Rudolf: Silly chemist! He thought that he could prepare a solid and unassailable assessment of chemical traces in the walls of the supposed gas chambers at Auschwitz. But he failed to understand that there is no “science” regarding Auschwitz – just blind belief. I met Germar in Germany in 1994, when he was young and optimistic, and whatever I may have gone through as a revisionist, his ordeal has been much worse. The governments that conspired to imprison him, take him from his family, and burn his books (literally), and the so-called “human rights” and “free speech” advocates who remained silent about his case, are worse than maggots. Maggots at least perform a vital function in nature.



Ernst Zundel: How do you teach a man about the values of liberal democracy? Why, lock him in an isolation cell for having posted an opinion piece on his blog. That’ll learn him! It’s a good thing Ernst never became a Canadian citizen, because I HATE Canadians. Speaking of which…



Sarah May: Ah Sarah, you crazy Canuck. The girl wot broke me. Sarah asked me not to use her current, married name in my book, and I agreed. I’m not entirely sure why I suspended my bitter dickishness in this one instance, but I did. She’s a mom now, with several beautiful kids and a googly-eyed French Canadian husband. The children, however, don’t have googly-eyes, thus finally settling the debate over whether the googly-eye gene, if carried by the father, is inheritable. Science marches on!

Here she is in her one and only feature film, Disney’s “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” with Jessica Biel and “Home Improvement” midget Jonathan Taylor Thomas.



Boris Zelkin: Boris “Bobo” Zelkin, Emmy-winning atheist-Jewish “Friend of Abe,” went from being a best friend of mine to an arch enemy when he found out that I had violated the tenets of his true faith (“thou shalt not blaspheme the Auschwitz gas chambers”). Bobo won his Emmy for composing the “touchdown music” you hear when watching game highlights on ESPN. It’s always been amusing to me that most beer-swilling sports fanatics don’t know that the rousing music they hear during their favorite games was composed by a jittery Woody Allen wannabe who would always gripe about how much he hates sports because “oy vey, you could get an eye poked out with the pushing and the shoving and the kicking. Stop with the kicking already!”

Boris 'Bobo' Zelkin


Stephen Kruiser: Sometimes, when people say “I don’t dislike Christianity per se, I just don’t like the hypocrites who claim to practice it,” they’re just rationalizing an all-encompassing dislike for Christianity. But other times, they’ve met “conservative comedian” and former Fox personality Stephen Kruiser, exactly the type of Christian hypocrite who gives the faith a bad name. As pious as he is funny (as in, not at all), this self-righteous Catholic fraud can be seen here drinking from a twenty-year-old’s breasts after ditching his date and telling me to “get rid of her.” I made the mistake of taking his order too seriously. Damn…where the hell did I put the body? Her parents deserve closure.

Stephen Kruiser drinking shots from a woman’s cleavage

Here’s his face without boobs blocking it.

'Conservative comedian' Stephen Kruiser


Larry Thomas (the “Soup Nazi”): What is it with me and Nazis? This guy was even more ill-tempered than his character’s namesakes (and I’m referring to both the real-life soup guy, AND the real-life Hitler). As recounted in my book, Larry’s ill temper would change my life forever.



“Fat Frank:” Frank Roel (aka Francisco Roel) was my production partner. Having grown up in L.A., I respect the Mexican-American community for being hard-working and industrious. Sadly, I partnered with the fattest and laziest illegal immigrant Mexican since El Santo discovered Dunkin Donuts. Frank makes Jabba the Hut look like Jesse Owens. Frank used to bum tacos from the immigrants working the 2am shift at Last Call Tacos in Silver Lake. And even they wished he’d be deported. Which proves that sometimes we CAN come together in agreement on the illegal immigration issue.



Young Jeremy Boreing: The head of Friends of Abe (FOA). Decent enough feller. Sincere, a good Christian, meek, and easily bullied and confused. Good luck in the movie biz, Jeremy, you’ve got all the right traits – a marquee-ready name that is in no way a comment on your personality (*cough*), and no backbone. Yep…ingredients for success in this game.


Some examples of Jeremy’s stellar judgment calls:

Mykelti Williamson: “Bubba” from “Forrest Gump” stalked his ex-wife and carved up her boyfriend with a butcher knife. Result: NOT banned from Friends of Abe. Me? Asked some questions about the Holocaust, with my skepticism backed up by facts and sober analysis. Result: Banned from FOA.

Victoria Jackson: The SNL alum wrote an essay about how “white men” built this country and everything good about it comes singularly from the white race. Result: NOT banned from FOA. Me? Asked some questions about the Holocaust, with my skepticism backed up by facts and sober analysis. Result: Banned from FOA.

Kevin Sorbo: “Hercules” accused “the Jews” of killing Jesus. Result: NOT banned from FOA. Me? Asked some questions about the Holocaust, with my skepticism backed up by facts and sober analysis. Result: Banned from FOA.

Jerry Bruckheimer: Produced the mega-bomb “Lone Ranger” reboot with Johnny Depp as Tonto. Result: NOT banned from FOA. Me? Asked some questions about the Holocaust, with my skepticism backed up by facts and sober analysis. Result: Banned from FOA. (okay, I agree, comparing the “Lone Ranger” flop to Williamson, Jackson, and Sorbo is unfair. It was WAY worse than anything they did)


Henryk Cymerman: Cinematographer and archives director for Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation, and cameraman on such films as “Star Trek: First Contact” and “An American Gothic.” I used Henryk as director of photography on my “mainstream” Holocaust films. Henryk is married to superstar casting director Deborah Aquila (“Dexter,” the “Twilight” films, “A Good Day to Die Hard,” etc.). Henryk’s is the only case in which I left an anecdote out of my book, as juicy as it is. It would have been my defining Hollywood “dirty laundry” story, and my publisher okayed it, but…this Polish-Israeli former IDF brute would have bulldozed me like a house in Gaza. I’ll risk my life for my Holocaust work, but not for a salacious anecdote. Plus, the guy has kids, y’know? But damn, it’s a good story.

Here’s Henryk barely containing his desire to murder me.

full (5)


Budd Schulberg: Here’s the Oscar-winning screenwriter (“On the Waterfront,” “The Harder They Fall”) at the premiere of my film “Nuremberg.” I was blessed to get the chance to produce the final film in this Hollywood legend’s storied career, and he got an even better blessing – he croaked before Rosie revealed my past.

full (6)


Dr. Franciszek Piper: Historian and director at the Auschwitz State Museum in Poland (as opposed to the Auschwitz State Museum in Topeka). Poor Dr. Piper…he certainly learned the hazards of passing off a fake gas chamber as genuine and then admitting as much in a two-camera interview with a gravelly-voiced Jewish Dinklage.



Michael Hausam: Claiming to be a “reporter” for Independent Journal Review is like claiming to be a reporter for Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer. You know that your “work” will be seen by millions, but there’s no connection to actual journalism. The GOP bought-and-paid-for IJ Review buys online views like a French whore buys perfume to cover her stank. One could say that Hausam is the official dildo for the French whore that is IJ Review. I mean, look at his head…don’t you just want to put a condom on it? Initially, he claimed he was still a buddy of mine after my outing. As proof of his intellectual acumen, his rejoinder after being told by his superiors to dislike me was to all-caps scream “SIEG HEIL” at me online. Truly, he is a man of great mental prowess. Oh, and much like Stacia, he enjoys harassing my female GOP friends. What fine folks I used to know!



Stephen Pavelski: This guy is a piece of work. A visual artist on such blockbusters as “The Avengers,” “Avatar,” “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,” and the “Iron Man” films, he attended my RPA events (at which he knew there would be many devout Christians) wearing satanic symbols, just to cheese people off. I made excuses for this asshole because he was a friend of a good friend. Fascinatingly, this guy who had no problem attacking other people’s beliefs just for the sheer sadistic fun of it was the first guy after my outing to threaten violence against me because of my views on Auschwitz. A genuinely worthless moron. I hope his next job takes him to Liberia for a film about puss-filled sores.



Sean Stone: Oliver Stone may be one hell of a coked-up conspiracy-mongering loon, but his son Sean manages to outdo him in just about every department. Covering every crazy base, from sex to batshit, Sean Stone devotes his time to trolling for blowjobs, traveling to Iran to insult American women for being easy with blowjobs, converting to Islam to get submissive blowjobs, and attempting to summon ancient demons (I’m assuming to cast blowjob spells, but I’m only guessing). Sean, by any definition a dashing fellow, finally came to blows with me online during a debate over whether my Holocaust revisionism was in the same league as his demonology and UFO infatuation. What a waste of a tall body and handsome face.

full (13)



11 Responses to “Progress Report on My Book (and LOTS of Pictures!)”
  1. Sweet Jane says:

    Congrats on the book doing so well! I’ll confess that I was one of those people who wished there were more pictures. So thanks for this post! If those pics really show Rosie’s daily food intake, JEEEZUS, that’s insane! The other big surprise is that I never imagined “Goombah Romano” to look so much like Ron Swanson.

  2. CB says:

    Robert. Maxhimer’s “alright, alright” catchphrase will undoubtedly make him a star.

  3. Al from OC says:

    You’ve been getting serious on us with your last few posts, Colestein. It’s good to see you back to being balls-out funny. Cheers!

  4. Katie Wolfe says:

    Three takeaways:
    1. “Metamuskrillex” is fucking brilliant, but most folks won’t get it.
    2. Ditto the “sterile Jewckoo.” That one is stellar!
    3. The Robert Maxhimer video is painful to watch. So, so painful.

  5. Babidi says:

    Funny thing about Zundel is that he actually does seem pretty liberal in the modern sense. I remember listening to an interview of him before, and when asked about his thoughts on Obama as president, he said it would be a good thing for the U.S., race relations, etc – he seemed to have a good impression of him. He also said Germany would have been better off if modeled similarly to the U.S., with individual states and representation. I don’t know much about Zundel, but from what I’ve heard, and maybe he is skeptical of Jews as a people, but he doesn’t come off as a fascist. Ah well.

    Nice to hear a real update concerning the book. When the most stomach-churning gore is a click away, you can see fethists stomping on diapers full of feces, and Japanese anime statues drenched in crusty ejaculant, it’s not really shocking when someone says, “Considering (x), Auschwitz was probably not a gas chamber.”

    Is a book tour in the works? Or is that postponed for when you Jew us with the second edition of RPA?

  6. I’m just grateful that Hollywood actors would never debase themselves and collude with the military industrial complex to make fiction to sell wars and false terror.

  7. There are a few of us at 8chan plugging your book and your work generally. I imagine it doesn’t help that alcoholism thing to know that so many of your fans are antisemites and antizionists, but meh. If *I* have to live with it . . .

    You aren’t forgotten. You won’t be forgotten. And I second the call for a book-tour. It’ll get you out of Los Diablos and kickstart your circulation. Go for the Barnes & Nobles; they carry your book, so they’re not total arseholes.

  8. Steven Stern says:

    Thanks for the update and the photos. It’s nice to have a face to put with a name as I read about these people in the book. One thing I’m curious about that I don’t believe I’ve seen anywhere is, when did Rosie find out about your revisionist days? It seems to me that all the RPA people who have cut off contact with you because of your past would be pissed off at Rosie for not tipping them off sooner. Plus, if being a revisionist is bad, isn’t knowingly associating with a revisionist almost as bad?

  9. Greg Gerdes says:


    “Me? Asked some questions about the Holocaust, with my skepticism backed up by facts and sober analysis.”

    But now people are skeptical of Cole/Stein’s holohoax claims (mostly about Belzec, Chelmno, Sobibor and Treblinka) and he’s now the one being exposed by questions, facts and sober analysis.


    Cole/Stein – who literally refers to himself as “Mr. Physical Evidence”

    and who has made the following extraordinary boast / claim about Belzec, Chelmno, Sobibor and Treblinka II:

    “regarding my belief that the camps were one-way stops for the majority of jews sent there, that I can prove with exceptionally strong evidence”

    has been challenged by – The National Association of Forensic Historians – to answer their:

    36 Definitive Questions About 4 Dubious WW II Era “Huge Mass Grave” Sites

    (See The N.A.F.H. website – – to view said questions.)

    But even with a reward of up to $8,000.00 for doing so – Cole/Stein refuses.

    Why? – Because he’s afraid that he will be exposed as a liar if he does.

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