Coming Soon: “The Gospel of Gibson”

To what extent can Mel Gibson’s spectacular fall from A-list superstardom be traced to the views he was raised with, and to which he still adheres, in the anti-Vatican Catholic sect/cult founded by his father? This in-depth interview with Mel’s dad – the only on-camera interview he’s ever granted – attempts to answer that question.

The Gospel of Gibson

The story of Mel Gibson, his family, and his beliefs, as told by his father. 

In late 2003, as the soon-to-open “Passion of the Christ” was attracting excitement and controversy, rumors began swelling about Mel Gibson’s attitude toward Jews and his views regarding the Holocaust. At the time, Mel was regarded as one of the genuine good guys in the business; clean living, family-oriented, charming, and down-to-earth. Scandal-free, in fact.

But there were stories about Mel’s father, Hutton, and the anti-Vatican, and supposedly anti-Semitic, sect (others would say cult) that Mel was raised in. However, the dad wasn’t giving interviews. 

Well, I was curious. Although I was living quite happily as David Stein the 100% legit Holocaust documentary filmmaker, my past as David Cole, the Jewish Holocaust revisionist, gave me a direct line to Hutton Gibson. I wrote him a letter. He was familiar with my work, and he invited me to come out to Tomball, Texas (near Huston) for an exclusive, no-holds-barred on-camera interview. And off I went, with a cameraman and equipment for a two-camera shoot.


Hutton gave me over two fascinating hours, covering all aspects of Gibson family life, and addressing every controversy, from the Holocaust and Jews to the Pope, Muslims, and why he broke from the Vatican and started his own sect (hint, it might not be entirely for the reasons you think…let’s just say it has a direct bearing on Mel’s “female troubles”).

Returning to L.A., I sat on the footage for a good year, as I didn’t consider it time-sensitive. After all, Mel would always be an A-lister, right? What could possibly knock him down in status?

And then they started coming…the scandals. One after another. And then came the phone call from Hutton. He’d moved from Texas to Southern California to live with Mel, and Mel was not happy to know about the interview he gave me. “Mel doesn’t want that interview ever released,” Hutton told me matter-of-factly. And whereas with each scandal, the crux of the interview – Mel’s upbringing – became more and more relevant, I decided to acquiesce to Mel’s request. Hutton even offered me a trade – sit on the footage, and, in exchange, I could take Mass at the Gibson family church. It was a tempting offer, but I declined (I think it had something to do with me not being Catholic, to start with, and not a member of the Gibson family sect, on top of that). 

But I ended up sitting on the footage anyway, because I felt bad for the position Mel’s dad was in.

And then, in 2013, I was “outed” as Cole. I lost everything I had built up over fifteen years, and my life was reset to 1998. So at this point, there’s no reason not to release the Hutton Gibson interview. It’s a solid piece of work; informative, wide-ranging, and not exploitative. At the time, Hutton was as sharp as a tack. This was not a case of taking advantage of an elderly or mentally-compromised individual. The footage is a testament to that. Hutton wanted to tell his story. All I did was sit back and, as a surrogate for the audience, ask follow-up questions. 

The interview will be released as a documentary in early 2015. “Like” our Facebook page for updates as they come in. 


Teaming up with a fellow film editor referred to as “Fat Frank,” Cole eventually re-enters his old turf to do some shadow revisionist – or quasi-revisionist – work, shooting a still-unreleased interview with Mel Gibson’s dad(!), making a short documentary about the persecution of Ernst Zündel and Germar Rudolf, and ghostwriting an important free-speech manifesto entitled “Historians Behind Bars.”
Inconvenient History
Cole/Stein was able to score another exclusive — an interview with Mel Gibson’s father. “Mel’s dad had never before granted an on-camera interview,” explains Cole/Stein. “I sat him down to ask him the questions that are on everyone’s mind, questions like how deeply does anti-Semitism factor into Gibson family life, and what does Mel think about his dad’s outspoken Holocaust denial. The answers I got were sometimes very shocking.” David hopes to have his film ready by early 2015.
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  1. Who+dares+wings says:

    This bit of background history of Vatican II maybe relevant to those interested in the Gibson family’s Sedevacantism. The memoir Clerical Error by Time reporter Robert Blair Kaiser is also relevant especially to Art Bell’s Coast-to-Coast show that featured the Jesuit exorcist Malachy Martin. The Maurice Pinay blog is where to find scans of documents proving Fr. Malachy Martin was an agent of influence at the Vatican II convocation for the AJC (American Jewish Congress). “Holocaust denial” is now deemed a grave sin among Catholicis.

  2. Robert Woods says:

    Welcome back to the fray David. May the good Lord watch over you and protect you, from your enemies, as you zealously pursue revisionist truth.

  3. Greg Gerdes says:

    “zealously pursuing revisionist truth?” – You’ve got to be kidding.

    Cole/Stein (The self described “Mr. Physical Evidence”) claims that Belzec, Chelmno, Sobibor and Treblinka II were actually killing centers where hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of jews were killed.

    Pursuing? Ha! – He’s tucked tail and is running away. He’s been stymied by forensics and now cravenly refuses to answer even the simplest of questions regarding his boasts / claims.

    Specifically, he refuses to answer – The National Association of Forensic Historians:

    36 Definitive Questions About 4 Dubious WW II Era “Huge Mass Grave” Sites

    (See The N.A.F.H. website – – to view said questions.)

    Even with a reward of up to $8,000.00 for doing so – Cole/Stein refuses.

    Why? – Because he’s afraid that he will be exposed as a liar if he does.

    • Nick says:

      The National Association of Forensic Historians? LOL YOU’VE got to be kidding! Where are they located? Who are their members? What objective criteria do you have to use to collect this alleged reward? HOW are you supposed to collect this reward? IS there even a reward? Have you been to their website? Oh yeah, a really prestigious organization. They don’t even have an e-mail account on their website that you can use to contact them. Instead they have a Yahoo account. Once more, with feeling…LOL

      • Twaine says:

        ROTFL! Don’t hold your breath waiting on that response! The entire set of “Poor poor Jew” talking points are garbage in the the attacks on Jews were financed by JEWS! (It’s a business model we saw in Gaza recently when 3 Jewish boys were sacrificed to allow THOUSANDS of Semitic children to be sacrificed!

        1) Kill or arrange for someone else to kill some Jews.
        2) Cry “Poor poor Jews!”
        3) Holocaust MILLIONS of gentiles!

        (Holocaust means Burnt offering or blood ritual and in WWII too there was a holocaust!)

  4. Neil says:

    Any update on this?

  5. cameron says:

    David is committed. I like that.

  6. Max says:

    Any news about the interview ?

  7. Tyler London says:

    What’s the status on this film? Did Mel buy the rights? And why the change of heart about releasing it?

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