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  1. Otto Lund says:


  2. Nick says:

    I have a question for Dave (or anyone else who answer it). I have read that none of the witnesses for the prosecution at Nuremberg were allowed to be cross-examined by the defense. This was expressly forbidden. I am NOT a Holocaust denier but this was thrown in my face by a denier as “proof” there was no Holocaust. Any thoughts on this?

  3. JohnnyFive says:

    Nuremberg was a complete and utter farce. Extracted “confession” under extreme torture. The folklore surrounding the Hollow Hoax is because of that trial. 80% of what you were taught about ww2 is complete and utter BS.

    5 year history major – focus on ww2/Holocaust final paper
    2.5 years research about the “losers” side. Took me five minutes to debunk Holocaust. About one year to realize that Hitler was lied about, and biggest savoir since Jesus.

    • Dawn says:

      Hitler was Jewish no? I feel they called it the pacific theater for a reason!! A stage to play the folks! And lets talk about how you will go to jail in Germany or in many other countries if you deny the holucust, you can deny Jesus but go to jail if you deny the holocaust, wtf? Truth doesn’t need a law to uphold it! Thanks David,be safe

  4. Alexandra Tax says:


    Um….how does debunking the Holocaust equate to Hitler being like Jesus? Sounds to me like you are still in the good/evil dichotomy which was part of the original propaganda. The historicity of WWII is overwhelmingly shadowed by the Cold War, which accounts for the majority of its bias. Seems to me that you need to brand out a bit in your research.

  5. Jason says:

    Hey would u be willing to do a podcast ? please email me

  6. No Mo Messiahs says:

    Dear Mr. Cole

    I was sixteen when a man came to my high school and told us about the Nazi’s making soap out of the left over fat from burning the Jews in ovens,he even had a bar of something he presented as an actual bar of “Jew Soap”,I was sickened for a few days at the thought of humans doing that to each other and now I come to discover that was a lie.

    I am curious if there is or should be a class action lawsuit against whoever was responsible for sicking this guy on a bunch of students and committing abuse for the sole purpose of subjugating a generation people.

  7. David says:

    Hi, I just watched your `1994 IHR banned speech on Youtube. You strike me as 101% gay. How handsome you were back then – and unfortunately,how different you look now!

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