TakiMag: A Jewish Holocaust Revisionist Justifies His Existence

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It is the tragic reality of my being that I’m forced to justify myself every time someone learns what I did in the past and what I’ve been thrust back into doing in the present. When I’m fortunate enough to be in a room with people who have no idea who I am, if I’m asked what I do for a living, I always answer “ceramic lobsters,” because there’s no better way to ensure dead silence and zero follow-up questions.

But more often than not, I’m forced by my infamy to give an honest answer: “I attempt to correct the historical record regarding the Holocaust, primarily by sniffing out and exposing fake artifacts and fraudulent or improperly-used documents.”

And that’s when I get the almost inevitable response: “Why?”

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3 Responses to “TakiMag: A Jewish Holocaust Revisionist Justifies His Existence”
  1. Max Fix says:

    Hello, Mr. Cole

    I have been following you “career” for well, twenty years (with an obvious Stein hiatus). I despise Holocaust denial but I think you should have been left alone. And not physically threatened or abused to begin with. That was wrong and repulsive. If I despise Holocaust denial, it’s because I did my homework. Read most of the english speaking Holocaust history scholar litterature (including many many peer reviewed journals articles), some in other languages (german, of course) AND Holocaust “revisionist” litterature. Most of it. Yeah, that’s a lot. I also went into archives to check primary sources. Well, you know, my homework… The way Holocaust deniers brush away documents is as astounding and dishonnest as they brush away testimonies. Documents do prove Hitler and the nazis wanted to get rid physically, by murder, of all of the european jews and that they did it. Documents and testimonies illustrate how this was accomplished, in many different ways, among them gas chambers, including in Auschwitz. That point beeing made, you are a peculiar brand of a “denier”, since, if I read you well, you only “deny” that Jews were killed “en masse” in gas chambers in Auschwitz. You are well aware of the Operarion Reinhard death camps. I don’t know if you aknowledge the reality and the scope (huge) of the Mobile Operation Killing Operations by, among others, the Einsatzgruppen, mostly (but not only) in the USSR and baltic states, but I’ll take it that you don’t doubt that. The problem about your views about Auschwitz is that you are wrong on your two arguments: One. Auschwitz I, Krema I gas chamber is not a fake and Two. Leuchter and Rudolf’s works are worthless. The strange thing is that it’s quite easy to find resources on the internet to understand those two points. The gas chamber shown in Auschwitz I is NOT — indeed — in its original state, but it’s not a “fake”. If you read Jean-Claude Pressac Auschwitz: Technique and operation of the gas chambers (New York: Beate Klarsfeld Foundation; 1989. It’s online), you’d see it. It’s also explained all over the web: to make it short: the Krema I Auschwitz I gas chamber was not used after the beggining of 1942 (or about). It was converted, by the nazis, through the addition of several walls and the walling of previous door openings into air raid shelters. Soviet and Polish people wanting to put it back in its original states destroyed those additional walls, and destroyed one wall they should have left (which was there before). They also cut a new door opening but at the wrong place. Well they did several mistakes BUT it’s not a “fake”: it’s the original building, it’s the original walls, and roof. Indeed for decades the polish authorities abused the visitors by not explaing the differences. Indeed, it was necessary to expose that abuse. BUT this mispresentation cannot be used as an illutration that this gas chamber is a fake or that Auschwitz was not used to kill people by gas. The more so that many reliable testimonies are available about it. Point two is even more easy. Leuchter was a freak and an incompetent crook (see nizkor leuchter faq about it). Germar Rudolf had a scientific training, but among his many flaws (that you can check on holocaust-history.org) one stands out: his methodology for mesuring HCN traces in walls is crap. Leuchter by the way made the same mistake. Leuchter and Rudolf measured *prussian blue* traces (a product that *can* appear after HCN gassing) BUT HCN gassing does *NOT* automatically produce prussian blue. Rudolf was never able to prove otherwise (and Richard Green, from holocaust-history.org) did prove otherwise. Moreoever a polish team did measure HCN traces (rulling out the prussian blue family), and guess what : they found significant traces in every place where people were gassed. The 1993 Markiewicz-Gubala report can be easyly found on nizkor.org. So your often repeated argument that scientific studies could not find HCN traces in Auschwitz is wrong. Come on Mr. Cole, stop a minute and try to consider the *possibility* that you may have been wrong on those two points. Try to reevaluate the very very strong body of evidence that Auschwitz *was* used to kill jewish people by gassing. I don’t knwo if it’s psychologicaly possible to accept that one has been so wrong for son long, in a way that shaped ones life so spectaularly. But I was always convinced that you were sincere (not like most of those other deniers) and had just misused your very sharp wit… Try…

    Sincerely yours,

    Max Fix

  2. Scott says:

    Apparently Germans are not human at all.. they must be gods to be able to wage a war on several fronts whilst simultaneously killing 2.3 jews a minute for 5 years straight.. But hey, lets stick to the heresay and buy the most profitable lie in recent history..

  3. Rob Harrison says:

    Take the tinfoil hat off Scott. Killing people is easy when you have the guns. Take a look at the US troops cowering to the Iranians once their guns are taken away, or how about the endless videos of ISIS victims being paraded around en masse by a small group of ISIS members with guns. One of the first things the Nazis did was to disarm the jewish people so to ensure they couldn’t fight back. Let’s see how brave you are when a couple of thugs with guns are ordering you, your wife and children to march somewhere or leave your home. You’d be peeing your pants Scott. Probably fall to your cowardly knees and ask them to shoot you right then and there. Guys like you always talk big when hiding behind a computer screen and posting nonsense online, but in real life you’re the biggest pussy there is and we all know it.

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