Audio: Raul Hilberg’s Censored PBS Admission


Why did PBS censor the most fascinating part of Professor Raul Hilberg’s speech about the Holocaust? What could the “father of Holocaust history” possibly have said to make PBS lop off his big opening anecdote? And what does this say about our fear of the “gray areas” that lurk in all historical fields? Hear the audio for yourself, and read my pithy commentary, in my latest piece at Taki’s Magazine.


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  1. Greg Gerdes says:

    David Cole/Stein:

    ” And in every discipline, far too many professionals feel that the best way to keep out the “fringe” is to suppress the gray areas. Personally, I say embrace them, and let the chips fall where they may.”

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    What an incredible hypocrite Cole/ Stein is.


    Cole/Stein – who literally refers to himself as “Mr. Physical Evidence”

    and who has made the following extraordinary boast / claim about Belzec, Chelmno, Sobibor and Treblinka II:

    “regarding my belief that the camps were one-way stops for the majority of jews sent there, that I can prove with exceptionally strong evidence”

    has been challenged by – The National Association of Forensic Historians to answer their:

    40 Definitive Questions About 4 Dubious WW II Era “Huge Mass Grave” Sites

    (See The N.A.F.H. website – – to view said questions.)

    But even with a reward of up to $10,000.00 for doing so – Cole/Stein refuses.

    Why? – Because he’s afraid that he will be exposed as a hypocrite and liar if he does.

    Cole/Stein is also running from the following very simple question:

    David; how many of the 74 so-called “huge mass graves” claimed to exist at Belzec, Chelmno, Sobibor and Treblinka II can you prove – with the utmost certainty – contain the remains of at least 19 bodies?

    What are you waiting for David?

    What are you so afraid of?

  2. John McGrane says:

    The revisionists you refer to as deniers are head and shoulders, in terms of their intellectual integrity, above the likes of Mr. Hilberg. Perjury is the least of his crimes.

  3. JAMIE says:

    I am listening to a Josh Blakeney interview with David Cole and I am, again, deeply
    impressed with Mr. Cole’s marvelous clarity of thought and speech. His vocalizations on
    the matter of the historical record relating to the putative Jewish Holocaust are the are the equivalent
    of the phrase “nutrient dense” in matters of food. David C’s verbal utterances are fact and information
    rich and compelling to the ear interested in genuine information and not the logical fallacy dense
    verbiage the mass media and not infrequently the alternative media deliver to a profoundly truth starved
    American public. [David C. would not use the word ‘putative’ but would require a definition of the term before discussion commenced to be sure all are on the same page as to what is actually being discussed]
    I love David Cole because he has marvelous qualities of acquiring and articulating truthful fact based information
    on this psy-op on not just America but on the West and ever more on the world beyond; a psy-op that is a pigeon gussied up to be a golden goose that lays endless golden eggs for a [in my opinion] psychopathic Zionist world agenda; a goose that renders the Gentile masses mere rubes at a Zionist Carnival of looting while contriving war/carnage between the Gentile nations.
    I hasten to add that Cole probably would not be sympathetic to this view. But I am sympathetic to Cole’s difficult
    predicament. He comes from a Jewish family that is, like most of his Jewish friends, not contriving in psy-ops on
    America or looting America etc. although they are likely sympathetic to the notion of Israel as a Jewish homeland.
    Also, through his personal skill and acquired knowledge plus a clear logical and quick mind on the open marker
    without any academic credentials was able to find a position of significance in the political apparatus and movie industry environment of Los Angeles. Clearly, as an excellent and insightful historical researcher into the taboo’d holocaust’s factual basis, for which he could garner no financial compensations, yet made him a target of verbal ad hominem excoriation and physical assault/intimidation. Trapped by the implications of sharing the truth he so effectively sought because the power behind suppression and endless, opportune, exploitation of the suppression of the truth are vindictive and ruthless and very powerful. And Jewry in general will at least tacitly support the
    Jewish power organization matrix in it’s ruthless suppression of such truth tellers as Davie Cole whom they would like to see penniless and begging on street corners if not in prison.
    I salute David Cole and I admit that I, even if I had the requisite qualities to do what he has done in his research
    and evaluation of the factual underpinnings of the Jewish holocaust, I might not have the courage to try to
    bring it to the attention of the public whose lives and society have been exploited by the use of falsified history.
    I don’t think I have the depth of courage to tolerate the negative pressure/feedback that exposing the truth entails.

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