Playmate of the Year Kennedy Summers Visits Cole’s Bunker!


Playboy Playmate of the Year Kennedy Summers visits me in my mattress-fortified underground bunker for a novel demonstration of how a simple magic trick involving three coins, misdirection, and lots of BS can teach us a lesson about how politicians, ideologues, and all types of sociopaths mislead and manipulate.

Please view the video (and the accompanying article) here at Taki’s Magazine.



5 Responses to “Playmate of the Year Kennedy Summers Visits Cole’s Bunker!”
  1. Mr Matthew James Hoyland says:

    Mr. Cole, you are a hard man to get in contact with bud 😉 , will speak soon , well,at least you now have my email too.

  2. Mad Matts says:

    Hiya David, I know I’m not in your good books, but heh, when do books last the course , indeed ,when does anything, I think a break has been giving ,and when I have time to think, I produce good art. Not for the masses ,but for something good, and I hope I can work with you in the future, no charge. I do it for the buzz , not the cash, never trust someone who’s just in it for a buck, one day some day, maybe, I’m away. Work this one out with match sticks, there’s only one person who’s sent me here……!

  3. Matthew , Matty, Hoylander, Hoyland says:

    Some things work, sometimes not, but a cloud is not so dark, with views, and minds so clear we steer clear of storms and with skill , the man a shore directs the ship to safety. I see the harbour clear, a bar with lights on, and where friends stand, not always on the same words, but the same page. Time to speak up , time to take time to explain a sentence, that comes hard for others in a different world, whether be it mind or fantasy, it’s all real to someone.

  4. Les says:

    New documentary about war crimes against Germans during and after World War 2 –
    Where are the war crimes trials for those who committed these atrocities?

  5. g says:

    Some life advice, sometimes people aren’t ready for the truth. Let this be a lesson to anyway. Innocent as sheep but cautious as wolves.

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