Streicher’s Last Laugh

This ol’ site continues to get daily views, so I might as well keep posting on it! Every week from now on, I’ll upload my Taki’s Magazine column. This week’s column is about the Nuremberg Trial (it was exactly 70 years ago that the verdicts were handed down), and in it I discuss why the worst of the defendants, Julius Streicher, is (sadly) the most relevant one today.

Enjoy (or not…but CLICK THE DAMN LINK).

Read it here!

Defendants At Nuremberg Trials

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  1. Ructions says:

    Not a bad idea. (Although I’m sure most of us read it at Taki’s.) But why not put other things here as well? Links to your podcast. Other sundry bits. Get a bit of Kevin Kelly’s 1000 True Fans going.

  2. apollonian says:

    I don’t get it. If a propagandist, esp. an effective one, is integral part of a gang supposedly responsible for 6 trillion deaths of God’s most precious angels, then isn’t this horrible, and why wouldn’t or couldn’t such a monster of a propagandist be held responsible as accessory?

  3. Matthew Hoylander says:

    David , David,.oh ,David, trying to touch base, but base has fallen through ,LOL, oh how it pains me to type like a youngster , my spelling mistake mean shit though, hah!

  4. Matthew Hoylander says:

    By the way David, WE want more videos, you do the comedy shit better than most of these ten a penny Youtubers, fuck em , we want Stein!

  5. JohnTyler says:

    Joe Stalin exterminated more USSR citizens than did Hitler’s invading armies.

    In fact, BEFORE WWII even began, Stalin has already exterminated about 20 MILLION people.
    And by signing the Hitler-Stalin Pact, it gave Hitler the green light to invade Poland in Sept. 1939 and for Stalin to invade Eastern Poland (two weeks later), as well as Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

    And the USSR was part of the prosecution at the Nuremberg trials.
    Give me a F’n break.

    Stalin and his top henchman as well as Hitler’s top guys all should have just been shot.

    Woodrow Wilson, W.G.Harding , Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover all refused, while President, to formally recognize the USSR. They, and EVERYBODY knew of the mass exterminations and intentional mass starvation’s being carried out first by Lenin and then Stalin.

    But this did not stop FDR (the most destructive president in US history) from formally recognizing in 1933 (6 years before the outbreak of WWII) Joe Stalin’s USSR.
    Frankly, this is no different than if FDR and Hitler has signed some sort of trade, military and other formal agreements.

    FDR admired the economic programs of fascist Mussolini and the controlled economy of Stalin’s Russia, Indeed, his “New Deal” was modeled after these economic programs, all helped along by many pro-Stalinist “fellow travelers” who held high positions within the FDR administration.
    (That fellow, Joe McCarthy was barely out of law school at this time; he was totally unknown).

    WWII was not the “good war;” by any stretch of the imagination. And having the USSR be one of the presiding judges at Nuremberg was really a sick joke.

    The USA never, ever should have sent massive military support to Stalin beginning in 1939 and should have allowed Hitler and Stalin to destroy each other. This aid was instrumental in helping Stalin defeat the Nazis and doomed ALL of Eastern Europe – until 1989 !!! – to live under the Nazi-like, Stalinist gulag.
    In reality, when it came to exterminating people, Hitler was a rank amateur compared to Stalin.

    FDR and his fellow communist sympathizers at the highest level of the US government should be seen for what they were; fellow travelers of Joe Stalin; one of the worst mass murderer in world history.

  6. Monte says:

    I think this section is where I’m supposed to give everyone reading this a lecture on my interpretation of certain aspects of or my alternate view of historical events, or either kiss your ass or curse it, but I’ll just say the article was a good read.

  7. Matt says:

    Hiya David It’s Donald the monkey, I’ve NOT lost my way, but on my way met more ARSE clowns, if you could get in touch that would be great, I mean I’ve got a shit load of new ideas, the train don’t roll with out the stock.

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