NAACP Leader Defends Dallas Shooter

Playmate of the Year Kennedy Summers Visits Cole’s Bunker!

Editor of Top Conservative Site Praises Holocaust Revisionist!

Times of Israel Scrubs Revisionist David Cole’s Work!

Michael Shermer Tries to Ban My Book; Demands I Recant!

New Everything Coming January 1st!

Thank you for visiting this site. 2013 was a surreal year for me, to say the least. Politics had been my life for the past five years, but after being banned from local GOP organizations, I found myself very much adrift and, frankly, unsure of how to proceed. I was fortunate to find spiritual awakening […]

EXCLUSIVE: Van Der Sloot’s “Guardian Angel” is Leftist Author, Activist

UPDATE: In an exclusive telephone interview with David Stein, van der Sloot’s “guardian angel,” Dr. Mary Hamer, confirmed that in the tidal wave of media coverage following the revelation that she is van der Sloot’s benefactor, Stein was the only journalist to cover her history of left-wing political activism. She told Stein that, starting in […]

Taxpayers Pay to Honor Advocate of Cop-Killing, Anti-Semitism, and Jihad

Your tax dollars at work, as a prominent state university dedicates a special exhibit honoring a relatively obscure black radical who advocates cop-killing, Islamic jihad, anti-Jewish and anti-Asian racism, and the defeat of the U.S. in Afghanistan. And the best part? The exhibit is located right alongside exhibits that honor George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and […]

Occupy Wall Street Finds Its Defining Orator (video)

Incoherent hippie chicks…providing unintentional humor for over forty years.    

OWS Spokesman: Protesters Should Follow the Example of the Iranian Hostage Takers

As OWS protesters around the country are served their eviction papers, many Americans are wondering what comes next in the OWS war against those who dare to bathe, pay taxes, and work for a living. Well, according to Occupy Vancouver spokesman (and virulent anti-Semite) Joshua Blakeney, the next step is to emulate the Iranian students […]

As OWS Protesters Are Dispersed, We Demolish a Leftist Lie: “The Cops Wouldn’t Hassle Us If We Were Conservative”

I rarely lose my temper with dolts who send me angry emails or leave grammatically-deficient comments on my stories or videos. I either ignore that kind of stuff, or use it as fodder for jokes. But I did lose my temper recently with a liberal blogger who sent me an email in which he castigated […]

KKK Grand Wizard David Duke Teams Up with OWS Protester Patricia McAllister

“Are all the people mad?” – Sebastian, Twelfth Night Last week, I was chatting online with a friend of mine who’s a conservative blogger, and we realized that we both occasionally have moments in which we wonder whether a large portion of the world has gone completely insane. “Every few months I have this same […]

“Occupy Hartford” Speaker Reads Message from Hard-Core Anti-Israel Extremist (video)

Wait a minute…I thought the “Occupy Wall Street” movement was all about fighting “corporate fat cats” and “banksters” and protesting the lack of available credit and jobs. I thought it was supposed to be “inclusive” of the entire so-called 99%. Message to Jews – if you’re not virulently anti-Israel, GO HOME! Because more and more, […]

The OTHER “Niggerhead Rock:” Named by Democrats, Erased by Republicans

Prof. Applauds “Reckless” Child Endangerment at Wall Street Protest

Government Thugs Gun Down Animals at Rehabilitation Farm (Video)

Morgan Freeman Doesn’t Want to Get Rid of Racism (Video)

1 Year Later, Will the Media Recall Obama’s “Mission Accomplished” Moment?

Epitaph for Salon and Pam Geller’s Discredited Rick Perry Meme

Terrorist to the AP: “Stop Making the ‘Arab Spring’ Look Pro-Democracy!”