NAACP Leader Defends Dallas Shooter

Playmate of the Year Kennedy Summers Visits Cole’s Bunker!

Editor of Top Conservative Site Praises Holocaust Revisionist!

Dept. of Defense “Training” Video: Man-on-Man Groping!

Times of Israel Scrubs Revisionist David Cole’s Work!

A Hooker, a President, and a Holocaust Revisionist Walk Into a Bar…

Coming Soon: “The Gospel of Gibson”

To what extent can Mel Gibson’s spectacular fall from A-list superstardom be traced to the views he was raised with, and to which he still adheres, in the anti-Vatican Catholic sect/cult founded by his father? This in-depth interview with Mel’s dad – the only on-camera interview he’s ever granted – attempts to answer that question.

Michael Shermer Tries to Ban My Book; Demands I Recant!

New Video Blog! (and update from CODOH)

So Here’s the Deal About My Book…

What Folks Say About Cole/Stein

Emmy-Winning Democrat Creates Anti-Christian “War on Christmas” Store

If you’ve ever wondered where those anti-Republican and anti-Christian jokes come from – the ones you see at the Academy Awards, on late-night talk shows, and pretty much everywhere else in Hollywood, look no further than David Feldman, a multiple Emmy Award-winning comedy writer (one of his Emmys was for his joke writing for the […]

New Everything Coming January 1st!

Thank you for visiting this site. 2013 was a surreal year for me, to say the least. Politics had been my life for the past five years, but after being banned from local GOP organizations, I found myself very much adrift and, frankly, unsure of how to proceed. I was fortunate to find spiritual awakening […]

Apologize My Ass

EXCLUSIVE! The Dept. of Defense to Women: Use “Humor” and “Dialogue” to Stop a Rape

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Trader Joe’s Price Increases Due to California Taxes and Fees

* Hey California hippie liberals – if any of you dare to complain about the fact that Trader Joe’s iconic $1.99 “Two Buck Chuck” wines are no longer available in California at that price, you deserve to choke on your own sour grapes. Because it was you morons who gave the Dems in this state […]

New Letter Shows Prominent “Anti-Zionist” Collaborated with Holocaust Deniers

“Anti-Zionists” love to claim that they’re not anti-Semites: “Just because we’d like to see the destruction of Israel doesn’t mean we have anything against Jews!” That line is gospel to the far-left, and to ever-increasing swaths of the “mainstream” left. The enemies of Israel love to trumpet the works of Israel-hating Jews. And no Jew […]

Speaking of Foreign Policy, WHY Is This Venezuelan Diplomat Still in the U.S.?

“Persona non grata” is the official term for a foreign diplomat who is deemed no longer welcome. There is no single standard for what can get a diplomat expelled. Indeed, countries are given great leeway as to the type of behavior that can be considered worthy of slapping the “persona non grata” label on a […]

Ya Seen the Obama Admin. “Class Warfare” Military Indoctrination Course?

“It Gets Mitter,” Dedicated to Combating Obama’s Bullying, is Online!