The Left Slanders Paul Ryan (in other surprising news, my cat enjoys tuna)

* “PILE ON! FINISH ‘IM OFF!” the torch-wielding villagers demand. “He’s not dead enuff yet!” As The Great Kahane pointed out regarding Sarah Palin, the left is never satisfied with a mere victory; it demands a vernichtungskrieg, a war of extermination. The left has seized upon the fact that Paul Ryan dared to use the […]

Hollywood Lib Group Uses S&M Stripper to Blast GOP for “Misogyny”

Dementia frequently precedes death. And in the days before the November 6th election, the left has gone from typical lunacy to full-blown dementia. Take the organization “A is For…”, a feminist “reproductive rights” organization run by musician/writer Maureen Herman, actress Martha Plimpton, and the always-grating Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show. “A is For…” […]

OUCH! “Green Energy” Guy Abandons Obama Fundraiser for Lack of Interest

Poor Jay Cole. The Duluth “green energy” advocate (and local TV producer) had a beautiful dream: He was going to launch a 50-day fundraising quest, leading up to his 50th birthday, with the goal of raising one million dollars for the reelection of President Obama. He created the “Jay Cole for Obama” PAC, loaded his […]

My Letter to Yahoo News

Dear Yahoo News, I’m writing to you regarding your August 8th article, “Veepstakes: The political striptease of choosing a candidate,” in which you criticize Mitt Romney for “milking” the vice-president decision like “a striptease.” I did mention that your story ran on August 8th, right? Because, in 2008, Barack Obama didn’t announce his VP choice […] is Casting for Actors…Non-Union Only!

(Update below) Well, this is rich. Uber-liberal is apparently casting an uproariously funny and deeply insightful PSA (wait, I meant to say a tritely-clichéd and inanely superficial PSA), but – according to the URGENT casting notice placed today on the website, the noble progressives at MoveOn are only accepting submissions from non-union talent. […]

Pelosi Redefines “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness;” Obamacare Lets You Be a “Painter”

* Speaking last Thursday at the national conference of the leftist organization “Campus Progress” (an arm of the Center for American Progress), Nancy Pelosi (who received the organization’s “Champion of Change Award”) rather creatively reinvented the meaning of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” According to the former House speaker, the phrase applies perfectly […]

Reuters Caught in Race-Baiting Lie

Reuters, the international news agency perhaps best-known for its official “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” editorial policy, and its unofficial editorial policy of using doctored images to slam Israel, demonstrated this week why it should never be confused with a journalistically-credible entity. On July 3rd, Reuters journalist Thomas Brown penned a standard […]

5 Rejected Google July 4th Logos, Before They Decided on Woody Guthrie

By Rochelle Radzinowitz-Xochiquetzal-Odom, Associated Press Staff Writer * (AP)  Yes, those fascist conservatives are once again raising racist fascistic hell, all because Google chose Woody Guthrie’s song “This Land is Your Land” as its official “holiday doodle” for July 4th. Needless to say, the right-wingers have a problem with the fact that Guthrie was a […]

NBC Affiliate Contradicts MSNBC’s O’Donnell on Horse Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis

Dante popularized the concept of concentric circles of hell. And while I’m no Dante, I’d nevertheless like to introduce my own variation, the “concentric circles of asshattery.” The outer circle is inhabited by leftists. That leftists are asshats is my opinion, to be sure. But, as someone with many old-school Depression-era Brooklyn leftists in my […]

CNN/ABC Pro“deuce”er Gets Free Pass After Putting Dog Poop in Gay Neighbors’ Mailbox

This is a little confusing…Mitt Romney pulls a dumb stunt against a fellow high school student almost fifty years ago – a student who would later come out of the closet as a gay man – and the media proclaims him the new poster boy for “gay bullying.” But a media insider harasses a gay […]

Network News: “Pink Slime” More Important Than Murdered Jews

Ever wonder if you possess the savvy to be a producer for a nightly news program on one of the “big three” networks? Well, wonder no more; this simple quiz will let you know if you have the right stuff. Which of the following do you think should have been the lead story on the […]

The L.A. Times, Leon Klinghoffer, and the “Lunatic Lobby”

For twenty years, the L.A. Times has been tirelessly championing the controversial opera, “The Death of Klinghoffer.” It’s news to no one why the opera, based on the hijacking of the cruise ship Achille Lauro in 1985, is controversial. By the admission of its creators, the opera seeks to humanize the Palestinian terrorists who hijacked […]

FLASHBACK: Breitbart, the Media, and “Punking” the NAACP (video)

Cowardly Knight: L.A. Times Art Critic Christopher Knight’s Gutless Response to David Stein

I’ll begin this article by copping to a bias: my hatred of the L.A. Times borders on pathological. As a native-born Angeleno, I am both infuriated and ashamed that my great city can do no better for its “paper of record” than that childishly biased and legendarily inaccurate rag. True story: when I used to […]

Paradise Lost: David Stein Responds to HuffPost Writer’s Attack

Last week, to my surprise, I found myself the subject of a smug, condescendingly snarky op-ed in the online version of the L.A. Jewish Journal (the largest Jewish weekly outside of New York), written by a gentleman named Mitch Paradise. You’re probably asking, “who the hell is Mitch Paradise?” At least, that’s what I asked. […]

The OTHER “Niggerhead Rock:” Named by Democrats, Erased by Republicans

Morgan Freeman Doesn’t Want to Get Rid of Racism (Video)

1 Year Later, Will the Media Recall Obama’s “Mission Accomplished” Moment?

Terrorist to the AP: “Stop Making the ‘Arab Spring’ Look Pro-Democracy!”

Left-wing mom uses kid as “ventriloquist dummy” to heckle Rick Perry (video)