Playmate of the Year Kennedy Summers Visits Cole’s Bunker!


Editor of Top Conservative Site Praises Holocaust Revisionist!


Times of Israel Scrubs Revisionist David Cole’s Work!


TakiMag: A Jewish Holocaust Revisionist Justifies His Existence

NEW - Surveying Auschwitz from a guard tower

Find David Cole at Taki’s Magazine!

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A Hooker, a President, and a Holocaust Revisionist Walk Into a Bar…


2015 got off to a rollicking start with a wild week that involved ol’ Dave being thrust back into the national spotlight in a story involving the Holocaust, Bill Clinton, and a high-priced hooker…

The Night the Anarcho-Libertarians Called the Cops


Larry Elder: An Elegy

Another with Larry Elder

Progress Report on My Book (and LOTS of Pictures!)


My Unintentionally Negative Impact on Holocaust Revisionism

Essential 2 - A necessary establishing shot of my Auschwitz trips

Cole (Again) on Treblinka and the “Reinhardt” Camps


Déjà Vu: Newspapers Are Rejecting Paid Ads for My Book

1994 IHR speech - better pic

Michael Shermer Admits to Lying About Me and Misleading His Readers

Essential 6 - The original JDL threat

Saturday Musings: Skeptics, Censorship, and Pig Noses


“Conservatives Hate Biracials” MSNBC Loon Changes Her Online Name to Hide!


My Site Got Hacked!

From "South Park:" The Man with No Life. He plays World of Warcraft, and apparently, he also hacks my site.

Apparently I have attracted the attention of some folks who routinely do this to revisionist sites. Some charming individuals conducted what’s called a “denial of service attack,” which is engineered to slow a website to a crawl. Some well-meaning friends have attempted to alert me to the identities of the perpetrators, but the truth is, […]

Hollywood GOPs Ankle Holocaust Jew at Boffo Samarra Fest


There’s an old tale, popularized by W. Somerset Maugham, but with roots in ancient times, called the “Appointment in Samarra.” I’ll summarize it. A wealthy dude sends his best servant to the marketplace to buy groceries. While picking out vegetables, the servant turns around to see the Grim Reaper.

“Spicy ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch, Spicy ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch”


In 1989, when I decided to go public with my views on the flaws in the “standard” version of Holocaust history,

NY Dem Strongarms Credit Cards to Ban “Racist Speech”

Assemblyman Hikind with Noah J. Hanft, General Counsel for MasterCard Worldwide (L) and Richard Santoro, MasterCard Worldwide’s VP of Government Affairs.

Race-Baiting at the L.A. Times: Still Race-y After All These Years

I stopped reading the L.A. Times in 2005, as a health precaution. My blood pressure was too high, and coming face to face every morning with the grotesque example of what passes for the “newspaper of record” in the city of my birth was not helping. Prior to going cold turkey, I had penned a […]