NY Dem Strongarms Credit Cards to Ban “Racist Speech”

Race-Baiting at the L.A. Times: Still Race-y After All These Years

I stopped reading the L.A. Times in 2005, as a health precaution. My blood pressure was too high, and coming face to face every morning with the grotesque example of what passes for the “newspaper of record” in the city of my birth was not helping. Prior to going cold turkey, I had penned a […]

So Here’s the Deal About My Book…

What Folks Say About Cole/Stein

Duck Dynasty and Free Speech: “I Am the Maggot”

As the Republican Party Animal Says Goodbye, a Final Post: A Cat Tale that Deserves to Be Told

The Trayvon-Zimmerman Circus: “Racists” Have Rights, Too

It’s fairly clear that the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman circus is not going away any time soon. “Civil rights” leaders and leftist politicians will no doubt milk Zimmerman’s acquittal for all it’s worth, and riots (which always translate into mainstream media-speak as “mainly peaceful protests”) and reprisal beatings will probably continue in fits and starts, especially […]

“Obama Porn” Flops at the Box Office

* Human beings have some odd sexual fetishes. My friend of over twenty-two years, Liz Lightspeed (no need to hide her identity – she’s very proud of, and public with, what she does) makes her money choking guys unconscious and being paid to pose with other women pretending to fight. Not entirely my thing, but […]

So, You’ve Decided to Join a Lynch Mob

Apologize My Ass

It Has Been a Pleasure

* [There have been many updates since I wrote this piece back in April. Please visit my new home page, and check out my new book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Walmart] * It Has Been a Pleasure. I have run the Republican Party Animals for almost five years. During that time, I have not only proven that […]

How Phony “Post-Massacre” Memes Are Created (and PLEASE stop falling for them)

* Want to learn a magic trick? Cool, here’s a real simple one, incredibly basic. Take a deck of cards – any deck – and palm one particular card (that is, cradle it in the palm of your hand). Have your “mark” shuffle the deck, cut the deck, basically do whatever they want to the […]

My Letter to Convicted WTC Bomber Ramzi Yousef

* Dear Mr. Yousef, I hope this letter finds you well (arguably, this is the least-sincere opening sentence I’ve ever written). Having just read the text of the federal lawsuit you filed arguing for your release from solitary confinement in the “Supermax” penitentiary, I thought I’d correspond. And, as your boredom at Supermax is part […]

Looking to Sci-Fi Films for a Solution in Afghanistan

Let’s face it – when it comes to Afghanistan, we’re screwed. There’s no happy ending, no solution in sight. If we leave, the Taliban and al-Qaeda will simply repopulate the areas we chased them out of, and we’ll be back to square one. If we stay, we’ll keep losing American lives as we continue the […]

Masturbating Conservatives

Well, it’s Friday, and ol’ Dave is working blue. I remember reading an article in some highfalutin’ behavioral science journal many years ago about how chronic masturbators make lousy lovers. Something to do with how chronic tallywacking leads to a single-minded focus on self-pleasure, making any attempt at a union with a partner less than […]

On Gun Violence, Dustin Hoffman is an Excellent Hypocrite

* If Hollywood turned out as many good movies as it does lousy hypocrites, I’d actually spend a few bucks to go to a theater every now and then. But no, most movies fail at being good, and most actors fail at having any integrity (with some notable exceptions). “Rain Man” Dustin Hoffman surely lacks […]

Dept. of Interior Loon: “Policy Intervention” Needed to Save Mice from Cats (this is NOT satire)

Yesterday, I wrote a satirical post about “Anthropogenicists,” the pseudo-scientists who believe that humans are the cause of all earthly problems, from weather and climate anomalies to earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and species extinction. To an Anthropogenicist, humans are the sole root of all evil. Because nothing bad – no earthquakes, no floods, no […]

The Top Eight Things FrackNation Did Right

* As a documentary filmmaker since the mid-90s, I will say without hesitation that FrackNation is one of the best documentary films to ever come from conservative circles. As good as “2016” was, FrackNation is better. As I’m down with the flu right now, going stir crazy around the house, and as I’m always looking […]

Top Ten Reasons to Stop Using the Holocaust in Anti Gun Control Memes

* The Top Ten Reasons to Stop Using the Holocaust in Anti Gun Control Memes: 1)  It’s not relevant. The Jews of Germany represented less than 1% of the pre-war German population (less than 500,000 people in a nation of 67 million). Even if every single Jew had a rifle, the Nazis had A F*CKING […]

How We’re Going to F**k Up the Gun Control Debate

* Last week, as I was reading my friend Kurt Schlichter’s piece on Townhall.com, I realized that there are two emerging views among conservatives regarding what 2013 will bring in terms of new gun legislation. On one side, there are the doomsayers who are predicting “Disarmageddon,” and on the other, there are those who say […]